Best Gifts for Teen Boys that Aren’t Video Games

I don’t know about you, but I find teens are the trickiest people to buy for every year! Especially teen boys! It seems like all teen boys are interested in are video games and their phones! To give you a hand with your Christmas shopping this year, I’ve compiled a list of gifts perfect for the teen on your list! Keep reading for the best gifts for teen boys that aren’t video games!

25 perfect gifts for teen boys

Gifts for Teen Boys

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Buying for any teen may have you running to the gift card display. It can be very intimidating to find a gift your teen will deem cool enough. This list of perfect gifts for teen boys will help you check their name off your list in no time!

Despite the stereotype that teen boys only enjoy video games, most teens do have other interests. The key to finding a gift that pleases them is to tap into an interest or hobby they enjoy. Is the teen in your life Outdoorsy? Musical? Enjoys science? There are gifts out there for all kinds of teens.

I also want to say that many teen girls would enjoy the same gifts, and none of these ideas are meant solely for males. I do think that teen boys are MUCH harder to buy for than most teenage girls, so I’m writing this gift guide with that theme in mind, but don’t want to place limitations on the interests of either gender!

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Cool Toys to Get Your Kids Outside This Winter

Outdoor Gifts for Teen Boys

This post contains affiliate links. This means I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if you make a purchase after clicking on a link on this page. Read more here.

Fishing Rod and Tackle Box

If your teen enjoys the outdoors, there is nothing more relaxing than going fishing.


A compass is perfect for a teen who enjoys going exploring. It could also spark an interest in orienteering, hiking or any number of outdoor pursuits.

Swiss Army Knife

We all know how handy Swiss Army Knives are for any number of situations. If your teen is mature enough, this can be a gift that can be enjoyed for many years to come!

Tracking Guide

If your teen has access to the wilderness, or even a larger forested park, tracking animals can be a very interesting pursuit! This guide features animals from across North America and is full of drawings and photographs.

Snow shoes

Snowshoes are the perfect gift for winter, as it can be difficult to enjoy a lot of outdoor activities if you live in a snowy area. You could make this part of a family gift and have the perfect excuse to spend some family time together. It would also be a great couples gift!


Like cross-county skis, a snowboard would be a perfect gift for an athletically-inclined teen.

Archery Kit

An archery kit is a unique and fun gift that any teen boy would enjoy! This kit includes an ambidextrous bow, two fiberglass arrows and two targets.

Cross Country Skis

Cross-country skis make a great gift, because you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment or a pass to a ski hill. You just need a trail! This is a great way to encourage your teen to spend some time outside in the winter and is great exercise to boot!

Snowball Maker and Launcher

This may seem juvenile, but I don’t know many teens who would pass up a snowball fight with their friends, especially with a crazy launcher like this one. This would be the perfect gift for Christmas morning so your teen can have a ‘big kid toy.’ Guaranteed to have an epic snowball fight before lunch!


A scooter is another fun outdoor toy that provides lots of entertainment! This adult-sized scooter supports up to 20 lbs and folds up to save space.

Indoor Gifts for Teen Boys


Lego may seem too juvenile, but most teen boys will still enjoy puttering away at a Lego project. In fact, this is always my 35 year old husband’s favorite gift. Once we have the kids to bed, he cracks open a Lego kit and assembles it. It’s nice to give a ‘toy’ to a big kid who may be getting mostly clothes, gift cards and video games for Christmas.

There are so many varieties of Lego kits, from Star Wars to Harry Potter to architectural replicas like the US Capitol to spaceships like a replica of the Apollo Saturn V to race cars, even robots!

Tool Box and Tools

Give your teen a toolbox and some tools to fill it. This would be perfect for a teen who is handy or has an aptitude for working with his hands. This would also be great for a teen who is soon moving away from home. You never know, your teen may start doing the repairs you’ve been meaning to get to!


A guitar is a great gift for a teen who is musically inclined and guitars are undeniably cool. A beginner’s guitar doesn’t need to be expensive. Pair it with a learn to play guitar book and you’ve got yourself a great gift!


If you have a teen who is interested in the sciences, or perhaps a future engineer, these science kits can provide some great entertainment! There are many STEM kits such as hydraulic arms, smart robot cars, and building your own radio,

Board Games

Board games have really exploded in the past few years and there are some awesome options for teens. Whether your teen enjoys strategy games (Unstable Unicorns, Kings of Tokyo, Pandemic or Catan)or funny social games (try Exploding KittensWhat Do You Meme?, Things, Pick Your Poison or Cards Against Humanity), a board game is lots off fun (bonus they might actually want to play with you Christmas evening or Boxing Day!)

Model Kit

There are so many fantastic model kits to choose from, from classic cars, to airplanes, to spaceships to Star Wars. This is a great gift idea for a teen who likes to work with his hands!

Sketching/Drawing Kit

An artistic teen might enjoy some nice drawing supplies and sketchbooks. Manga art is a popular style for teens. These premium markers in Manga colours and a a guide to Manga drawing  would make a great gift for a teen who enjoys this style.

Record Player

A record player is a cool, vintage gift for a music-loving teen. This version looks retro, but has Bluetooth capability, so your teen can also listen to music from his phone if he runs out of records to play!

Fart Putty

Fart putty may seem immature, but hey, teens are immature. They will use this putty, even if they seem too cool! This is another gift my husband would enjoy far too much!

Dart Board

A dart board makes a great gift for a teen. It’s grown up, but still fun. It’s a competitive game that doesn’t require a great amount of athleticism. You can play with a group, or by yourself. It’s cool, but harmless. Any teen will get enjoyment out of this great gift!

Foosball Table

A foosball table is another great gift for teenagers. It’s a fun competitive group game that doesn’t require much athleticism. Foosball tables don’t have to be expensive if you go for a tabletop version like this one. Another option is a four-in-one table that also includes table tennis, slide hockey and a mini pool table! Plenty of family fun!


If your teen has a favorite series, this is an easy gift. If they don’t, think about what television shows and movies they like. There will likely be a book it was adapted from, or a novelization. Graphic novels also make a great gift if your teen is not an avid reader.

Electronic Gifts for Teen Boys

These gifts will be really awesome surprises for Christmas morning!

Electric Scooter

What’s more fun than a scooter? An electric scooter!


I don’t know a man alive who doesn’t love flying a drone, whether they are 8 or 80. This is easy fun! There’s a wide price range on drones. This one has great value and can take video for less than $100!

Virtual Reality Headset

I don’t know a lot about virtual reality glasses except that the men in my life find them fascinating. This is another item that has a wide price range and don’t have to be that expensive. This pair is under fifty dollars and is compatible with most phones.


If your teen enjoys reading, an e-reader might be right up his alley. My favorite part about an e-reader is that you can buy new books on demand. No more waiting for a drive to the bookstore!

DSLR Camera

Yes, your teen probably has a camera on his phone, but a fancier camera can give a creative teen an outlet for creativity. These Canon Rebels are a great starter camera for someone who is interested in photography and often have great deals around the holidays. Throw in some editing software, and maybe you’ll have your next family portrait done for free!

Buying gifts for teen boys may seem daunting, but doesn’t have to be an impossible task! I hope these suggestions have helped you find a gift for the teen in your life. Merry Christmas!

Who is the hardest person to buy for on your list?

25 perfect gifts for teen boys

25 perfect gifts for teen boys

25 perfect gifts for teen boys

25 perfect gifts for teen boys










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