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Four Syllable Girl Names with Adorable Nicknames

Are you looking for a beautiful and sophisticated name with a short and sweet nickname for your baby girl? This list of beautiful three syllable baby names with cute nicknames will help you find the perfect name!

Why Choose a Long Name

A long baby name is a trend we see growing year by year for baby girls. Many long names have a vintage feel, another huge trend! Long names sophisticated and lovely.

However, you may not want your little girl to carry such a long moniker in their baby and childhood. The names below have cute nicknames that are perfect for little girls.

As your child grows up, they can choose to stick with their nickname, or switch back to their formal name. Some may choose to use their formal name professionally, but go by their nickname with friends and family.

Whatever the reason, giving your child a long, sophisticated name with a cute nickname is a great choice!

Four Syllable Girl Names with Short Nicknames

So without further ado, here is the list of three syllable girl names with short nicknames!


From Hebrew, meaning ‘My father is joy’. Popular in England in the 16th and 17th centuries, its popularity was revived in the 20th century.

Acacia-Cia, Sia, Casey

Acacia is a beautiful Greek girl name which honours the thorny tree of the same name. Casey is a more traditional nickname for Acacia, while Sia is more edgy and modern. 


As far as naming your child after a location, Alabama is such a fresh take with a slight rustic edge. It’s a really unique name, which is balanced out by a more common, but still adorable nickname. 


A more unique take on the classic Alexandra, Alessandra is sophisticated name (both are feminine forms of Alexander and mean ‘defender of men’). The nickname Sandy fits perfectly and balances the more formal Alessandra. 

Amalia-Amy, Molly

Amalia comes from the Hebrew and means ‘toil, labor’. Molly is a super cute nickname for this lovely four syllable name!


Antonia is a super sophisticated name. Toni is a cute shortened version, but Ann could be another, more classic, option.

Amaryllis-Lyss, Rilla

Giving your name a floral-inspired name is a tradition that has been around for hundred if not thousands of years. Amaryllis is a more unique option than Rose or Lily, and the nickname Lyss gives it just a bit of edge. 


I personally love nicknames that come from the end, not the beginning of the name. Bella is a sweet name that gives a bit of playfulness to a frilly name.

Araminta-Mintie, Minta

Araminta is a lovely English name that means ‘prayer’ or ‘protection’.


Callie can also be a shortened version of Calliope (Ka-lie-op-ee). Calliope is a very unique name, but the nickname Callie has a more casual feel.


Some would choose Cordy as a nickname for Cordelia, but that reminds me way too much of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Delia is a more sophisticated choice for a nickname. Either way, this four syllable girl name is beautiful!

Dorothea-Dotty, Thea

Dorothea is a fancier version of Dorothy. It comes from the Greek and means ‘gift of God’.

Elizabeth-Betty, Libby, Beth, Lizzy, Liz, Liza, Eliza

Elizabeth is a classic name that has been used by royalty for hundred of years and still is popular today. It means ‘God is my oath’. Elizabeth has a plethora of nickname options. Betty is a great retro nickname instead of Liz. Libby is another cute and unique option!


Esmerelda is another veeeery fancy four syllable girl name, meaning ’emerald’. Esme is still elegant, but also fresher and simple.


Effie means ‘pleasant speech’ in Greek and is the shortened form of Euphemia. It’s another vintage name that is not over-used today.

Emmanuelle: Ella, Emmie, Mannie

Emmanuelle is the feminine version of Emanuel, both of which mean ‘God is with us’ in Hebrew. 

Felicity-Liss, Flick

Flick is a little known, but super cute nickname for Felicity. If you prefer something a little more common, Liss is another great option.


Gabriella, meaning ‘woman of God’, is a very pretty name, but I loved the shortened version, Brielle, or Briella, even more!

Isabella-Ella, Izzy

Ella seems like a modern name, but it was actually the 17th most popular name of the 1880’s! It makes a great nickname for names that end in -elle, like Isabella.


January is a modern English name which honours the first month of the year. Jan makes a cute nickname!


Jules is a more modern and edgy nickname that the traditional Julie. The perfect complement to Juliana!


Lavinia is a Latin name meaning ‘woman of Rome’. Vinnie is a great, unisex nickname to pair with this very feminine name!

Luciana-Lucy, Ana

Luciana is an unusual four syllable girl name that we don’t often hear. Lucy is a more accessible name that will be familiar to most.


Although Maggie is a traditional nickname for Margaret, I just adore the name Magnolia, which is another great option that pairs with Maggie.

Octavia-Tavia, Ava

Octavia is a regal sounding four syllable name which comes from the Latin for ‘eighth’. It was popular in Victorian times and is making a comeback. 


Olivia is currently one of the most popular names for girls. Livy is a great way to mix things up and find a nickname that is a little more unique.

Olympia-Ollie, Lola

Olympia comes from the Greek and refers to Mount Olympus, home of the gods in Greek mythology. Ollie is a particularly cute nickname and Olympia is a nice alternative to Olivia or Olive for this nickname. 

Penelope-Penny, Poppy, Nelly

Penelope can be a heavy, though lovely moniker. Penny is the sweetest little girl version!


If you’re looking for a truly unique name and nickname combo, this is it. Persephone is about as unique as you’ll find, while the androgynous nickname Percie is a really cool pairing!


Petronella is a very frilly vintage name. It’s a very unique option (you can be sure there won’t be two Petronella’s in your daughter’s kindergarten class!). Nellie is a perfect simple, but still uncommon nickname to balance it out.


Like Persephone and Percy, the pairing of the very dainty and uncommon Philomena becomes super cool with an androgynous nickname like Phil.

Theodosia-Theo, Dosia, Dosha, Dosie

Theodosia has become more popular after Hamilton featured a song with the same name. It has Greek origins and means ‘God’s gift’.

Valentina-Tina, Val, Valli

Valentina is a name with Latin roots. It means ‘healthy’ or ‘strong’.


Although many would shorten Veronica to Ronnie, I think Nica is much more chic and unforgettable!


Wilhelmina is another super fancy and frilly name. Willa is a lovely, simple alternative, while still remaining lovely and unique!


Well parents-to-be, I hope this four syllable girl names with cute nicknames helps you on the search to find the perfect baby name! Happy name hunting!



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Name meanings sourced from Behind the Name.






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