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Hot and Trendy Baby Names for Girls in 2022

Are you looking to for a baby name that is on trend and growing in popularity for this year? This list of trending baby names for 2021 will help you find the perfect name for your new baby girl!

Hot Trending Baby Names for 2022

So, how can we tell which baby names will be exploding in popularity in 2022? Well, of course it’s impossible to predict the future, but there are some key signs that certain names are growing in popularity, while the popularity of other names are waning.

The US Social Security website provides amazing baby name data. It provides not only name rankings, but also allows you to see changes in the popularity of every baby name from year to year. 

So, I’ve done the legwork for you and have rounded up the top baby names that have significantly jumped up in popularity over the past year. It also includes baby names that have been on the rise for several years. You can bet that most of these names will continue to rise this year, making them very popular for 2022. 

I’ve chosen trending baby names that have made major leaps in the rankings (some by hundreds of spots!), or popular names that have risen steadily for several years.

This list is perfect if you’re interested in naming your daughter a name that is very trendy right now.

It also could be helpful if you want to avoid naming your child something that is too common (if you want to avoid having 4 Mila’s in the same class, for example).

Either way, I hope this list of popular and trending baby names helps you find the perfect on trend baby name for your little bundle of joy.

Top Trending Girl Names This Year

So, without further ado, here are with top trending baby names for girls for 2022.


The shortened form of Adelaide, Ada means noble and kind. It moved from 319 to 251 two years ago, and again to 209 last year and then to 184 this year.  Ada has risen steadily each year since making its debut in the top 1000 list in 2004. Click here for more lovely vintage names for girls. 


A names are very trendy right now, and Alaia (or alternate spelling Alaya/Alayah) is no exception. Two year ago Alaia rose a whooping 400 spots on the Social Security baby name charts from 583 to land at 183 and last year rose again to spot 120. Alaya, the alternate spelling, also rose strikingly, jumping from 617 to 392 then to 339. Another alternative, Alayah, rose from 351 to 283 this year. This name is sure to continue its rise in popularity in 2022.


Alani has several possible origins, but often stems from a Hawaiian name that means ‘fragrant’. It can refer to the orange tree. Like many ‘A’ names, its popularity grew last year from 347 to 303 and again to 221 this year.


Ariella is derived from Ariel, but is a little fancier. It also differentiates your baby from the red-headed little mermaid of Disney fame. Last year it rose in the charts from 283 to 216 and again to 152 this year.


Aspen is a great unisex baby name meaning ‘quaking tree’. It’s an American baby name which has grown in popularity as of late. It’s been growing in popularity consistently this decade and two years ago it rose from 329 to 269, and rose again to 253 last year to rest at 224 this year. 


Ayla is a Hebrew and Turkish name, and means oak tree or moonlight. It it the name of the heroine in The Clan of the Cave Bear and moved from 231 to 189 on the chart two years ago, and rose again to 162 last year, then to 131 this year, marking its highest spot as of yet.


Blakely was thought to originate as a surname, like Blake, meaning ‘fair one’ or ‘dark’. Last year it rose from 250 to 182 on the Social Security charts for girl names and again to 167 this year.


Callie has long been a nickname, but is becoming a popular name in its own right. This year it rose from 180 to 165 on the charts.


Catalina is a Spanish form of the name Katherine. It means ‘pure’. Two years ago , it rose from 260 to 235 then again to 189 last year to reach 178 this year.


Cecilia was a 2nd/3rd century martyr. The name was brought to England by the Normans. This name is beautiful and sophisticated. It’s crept up steadily on popularity moving from 155 and to 153 to a high at 147 this year.


Charlie is another name which was originally male, but is quickly becoming unisex. Charlie can be a nickname for Charlotte, which means ‘petite one’, but can also stand as a name in its own right. Last year it rose from 153 to 132 on the charts, then again this year to 122.


Delilah is a Hebrew baby name, meaning ‘delight’. Delilah was Samson’s mistress in the Old Testament. It’s seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years, rising from 102 to 94 on the charts two year ago and again to 86 last year and again to 69 this year. 


Eden refers to paradise in the bible. Last year it rose from 145 to 130 on the charts.


Elenor may just be the most popular trending baby name of the year. It finished out the year in spot 27 and moved up a whomping 5 spots to 22nd most popular baby name this year. That’s a huge jump for a name already hovering in the top 30. 


Elena froms from the Greek name, Helen, and means ‘light’ or torch’. This name was popularised by the Disney cartoon, Elena of Avalor and entered te top 100 name chart after it was released in 2016. This year it rose from 60 to 55 on the charts. 


Ellie is a shortened version of Eleanor or Ellen, but is gaining popularity as a name in its own right. It comes from Hebrew and means “God is my light”. After steady increased for years, It jumped up to spot 35 last year and moved again to 29 this year.


Eliana means “God answered”. It’s risen steadily in popularity since the year 2000 and jumped from 88 to 83 two years ago, again to 62 last year and then finally to 53 this year. Its alternate spelling, Elliana, also shot up the charts, jumping from 188 to 146 to 133 over the past two years.


From Heloise, Saint Eloise was a 12th century saint. Eloise is also a children’s book and makes a lovely choice. Eloise entered the charts at spot 999 a decade ago and has risen steadily for the past ten years. Two years ago it rose from 190 to 167  and again to 151 last year, to rest at 138 this year.


Ember is an English baby name, which means ‘low burning’. It rose from 289 to 209 on the Social Security charts two years and again to 193 last year and 187 this year, after rising steadily since entering the charts in 2008.


Emery was originally a male given name meaning ‘brave’ or ‘powerful’. Recently, it’s been used as a girl’s name. After a few years of steady increases, it broke the top 100 last year rising from 94 to 89 on the charts.


Everly was originally a surname, which was a combination of two names meaning ‘boar’ and ‘woodland clearing’. It’s often used to honour The Everly Brothers, a popular band from 1951-73. Last year it moved from 82 to 53 and again to 43 this year. If you prefer a less common spelling. Everleigh jumped drastically from 386 to 196 in 2018 and again from 196 to 108 again last year and to spot 94 this year.


Freya, the feminine form of Frey, means “the lady, mistress or noblewoman”. Freya was a goddess in Norse Mythology. The name grew in popularity from 305 to 266 two years ago and again to position 200 last year and currently rests at 179 this year. 


The feminine form of George, famous 19th century painter Georgia O’Keefe bears this name. Georgia is lovely old fashioned English girls name that isn’t overused. It ranked at spot 233 two years ago, up to 205 last year and rests at 176 this year.


Gianna has hovered near the bottom of teh Top 100 names for at least a decade. This year, the name gained major steam as it skyrocketed from from 79 to 12 this year and is poised to enter the Top 10 baby names for girls in 2022. Gianna is an Italian name, meaning ‘God is gracious’ and is the Italian version of Joanna.


Hope derives its meaning from the English word. It is a virtue-inspired name. Last year it jumped from from 253 to 229 and again to 204 this year.


Isla, pronounced eye-la, is a baby name originating in Scotland. There is a Scottish island called Islay, or it may be derived from the Gaelic word for ‘rocky place’. Isla is also the Spanish word for island. It’s one of my favorite boho names for girls. It entered the top 1000 in 2008. Two years ago it rose from 103 to 82 and again to 56 last year before landing at 44 currently. 


From the small crawling plant of the same name. Ivy is a beautiful nature-inspired name for girls, which rose from 107 to 86  two years ago and again, to 68 last year, to its highest ranking ever, at 58, this year.


A name honouring the precious green stone, Jade entered the Top 100 in the first time in two decades when it moved from 105 to 97 this year. 


Josie is a French name that means ‘God increases’. It can be a nickname for Joanne or Josephine, or can stand alone. Last year it rose form 193 to 155 on the charts and again to 134 this year.


June is a traditional name that has increased in popularity lately. It has a slightly vintage feel, yet is beautifully simple. Last year it rose from spot 240 to 201 on the charts and again to 182 this year.


A type of tree, symbolizing good health or healing, Juniper is becoming a popular baby name, increasing from 313 to 281 two years ago and again to position 195 last year to rest at 172 this year. Click here to read more plant-inspired names for girls.


Kailani is a beautiful Hawaian name meaning ‘sea and sky’. Entering the charts for the first time in 2013, Kailani has risen dramatically in popularity, and jumped from  350 to 282 just this year.


Kamila is an Arabic baby name with means ‘perfect’. It entered the charts in 2003, and has risen steadily. Last year it rose from 292 to 267 on the charts and moved again to 214 this year.


A beautiful name that only entered the Top 1000 charts in 2016, Kehlani has shot up drastically to 168 this year. 


Leila stems from the Arabic word meaning ‘night’, or ‘dark beauty’. Leila rose to popularity in the Victorian times after George Byon’s poem, “The Giaour”, was published in 1813. Last year it rose from 239 to 225 on the charts and is currently sitting at 205 this year.


From Hawaiian  for ‘heavenly flowers’. Leilani’s popularity grew last year, and rose from 120 to 107 on the charts, then again to 92 this year. 


Originally a surname, Lennon has recently been used as a first name to honour musician and icon John Lennon. Entering the charts for the first time in 2013, Lennon has risen dramatically in popularity, and jumped from  388 to 299 just this year.


Londyn is the alternate spelling of London, and rose from 174 to 162 on the Social Security charts. Meanwhile the traditional spelling, London, fell from 165 to 195 this year.


From the Gaelic for ‘intoxicating’, Maeve is one of the most lovely unique one syllable names for girls. It rose from 360 to 334 two years ago, again to 244 last year and shot up again to 173 this year.


The name Magnolia comes from the flowering tree of the same name. After entering the top 1000 in 2013, it has risen steadily. Two years ago it moved from 384 to 314 on the charts and it’s jumped again to 240 last year and flew up to 177 this year. It’s a great uncommon flower name for girls!


Margot reentered the charts in 2013 at place 943, after being off the Top 1000 names since 1966. Since then, this name, meaning ‘pearl’ has quickly rose each year to a high of 234 this year.


Melody is an English baby name. Its musical meaning makes it such a lovely name. Last year it rose from 136 to 118 on the baby name charts and currently rests at 106.


Millie can be a shortened form of several names, including Amelia, Camilla, Melissa, Mildred or Millicent. It can also be a name in its own right and means ‘industrious’. Millie entered the charts in 2009 and has been on the rise ever since. It shot up from from 355 to 304 two years ago and again to 239 last year and currently rests at 190 this year.


Meaning ‘pleasantness’, Naomi is a Hebrew name whose popularity has increased steadily over the past 20 years. It rose to 64, then 59 last year and reached its highest position, 52 this year.


Natalia is the Italian version of the English name, Natalie and is a slightly more sophisticated version of the name, which comes from the Latin word for Christmas. Last year it rose from 114 to 103 on the Social Security charts and again to 84 this year.


Nova means ‘new’ and is a name that has increased in popularity since entering the chart in 2011. It’s a great celestial-inspired name and made a huge leap from 95 to 56 two year ago, jumping again to 51 last year and currently resting at 38.


Oakley is a beautiful name that honours the oak tree. It entered the charts in 2013 and has grown sharply in popularity ever since. It rose from 349 to 281 last year alone and is sure to continue its rise in 2022. 


This French girl’s name honours the olive tree. It’s a less common alternative to Olivia. Olive has risen in popularity in the past few years. It rose from 268 to 213 on the baby name charts last year and again to 197 this year.


Raelynn is a Hebrew name meaning ‘beautiful lamb’.  It entered the charts in 2008 and has grown sharply in popularity ever since. It rose from 113 to 104 last year and is sure to be one of the most popular baby names of 2022 and beyond. 


Remi is a French girl’s name which means ‘oarsmen’. It can be used as a unisex name, but the ‘Remi’ spelling is more commonly used for girls, while the ‘Remy’ spelling is more typical for boys. Remi only appeared on the top 1000 chart about five years ago, but has been skyrocketing up the charts ever since. This cute baby name rose in popularity from 249 to 177 two years ago and again to 154 last year and currently rests at 125 on the charts.


River is a great unisex name. It honours the flowing body of water of the same name. As a girls’ name, River has skyrocketed up the charts over the past ten years, after making an initial appearance in 2009. It was at position 214 last year and it currently sits at position 186.


Rosalie was originally a French girl’s name, and refers to a rose. It’s one of my favorite 7 letter names for girls. Its popularity increased since entering the charts in 2009 and it rose to its highest position, 198, last year. 


Parker was originally a surname or a male given name, which referred to a park keeper. It is gaining popularity as a female given name, and after twenty years of increasing popularity, it reached 162 two years ago, 143 last year and reached  its highest position at 128 this year.


English for the herb, or a wise person. This name rose from 305 to 280 on the charts last year and exploded to 223 this year. This name is gaining popularity quickly and will no doubt break the top 200 next year.


Sienna is a fairly modern baby name. It refers to the colour sienna, which is an reddish orange-brown. It moved from 222 to 186 two years ago, to 181 last year to 166 this year.


Meaning faith in Russian or ‘true’ in Latin, Vera is a lovely Victorian name that isn’t overused. Vera reappeared on the charts in 2009 and rose from 277 to 257 last year and again to 252 to reach a high this year of 243.


Zara is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘seed’. It has risen steadily since appearing on the charts in 2005. It moved from 283 to 253 two years ago, last year jumping to spot 238 and reaching an all-time high this year at 215.


Zuri is a Swahili baby name that means ‘beautiful’ and ‘good’. It entered the Top 1000 chart in 2010 and has grown sharply in popularity ever since. It rose from 278 to 236 last year.


Well, those are the top trending baby names of 2020. Happy name hunting!

Name meanings sourced from Behind the Name.

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