The Very Best Indoor Energy Burning Toys for Kids

Christmas is an exciting time for kids with all kinds of traditions, visits and fun. But after Christmas stretches a looooong cold winter. With snowstorms and sub-arctic temperatures, kids are cooped up inside with a ton of energy. A recipe for disaster, right? Well moms, there is a solution. Add a few of these awesome indoor energy burning toys toys to your kiddo’s Christmas gifts and they will be burning off that extra energy in no time, with no damage to your house!

The Best Indoor Energy Burning Toys

Indoor Energy Burning Toys

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Do you have an active kids who has tons of energy to burn? It can be difficult to entertain your little ball of energy all day long, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Whether it’s summer and way too hot to play outside, or if you live in the North like me and have extreme winter cold to contend with for months at a time, your kids can’t always get outside to burn off that excess energy.

That’s where toys like this come in. Energy burning toys that can be played with inside make the perfect birthday or Christmas gift, or just a sanity-saving gift for any time at all! 

I’ve rounded up my favorite indoor energy burning toys for kids. There are lots of toys that your little one can play with alone, and some they can play with along with others. They’re sure to keep your little one having fun without running wild!

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Indoor Energy Burning Toys to Play With Alone

Toddler Trampoline

Chase n Go Ball Popper

I love this trampoline made especially for toddlers. It has a sturdy handle to prevent injuries and is low to the ground. Bonus: it folds up to make storage easy!

Inflatable Bouncy Animal

This sweet toy will keep the youngest toddlers busy watching balls pop out and returning them. There is also a setting to cycle balls instead of pop them out, to entertain even pre-crawling babies. Encourages hand-eye coordination and is easy to store between play times!

Clip Cloppers

Your kiddo can bounce all around the house without leaving a mark anywhere. My daughter loves her Bumble Bee Bouncer and plays with it all the time! It comes with an air pump and blows up very easily. Bonus fun: if you have two kids, get them each one and have races!

Monkey Balance Board

These mini-stilts are shaped like horse hooves and provide lots of imaginative fun AND exercise! Made from durable plastic and strong ropes, this toy was built to last and the textured surfaces will prevent slips and falls.

Foam Pogo Jumper

This is a super cute wooden balance board. Your kiddo will improve their balance and stability when using it. It’s perfect for littles (three and up), but can be used by anyone up to 200 lbs so bigger kids can join in on the fun!

Crawl Through Tunnel

This is a variation of the classic pogo stick but with enhanced features that make it the perfect indoor toy. With a foam base that will not damage flooring, your little one can hop around the house to their heart’s content. LED lights and a fun squeaky sound provide a multi-sensory experience that encourages core strength and dexterity!

Stepping Buckets Balance Builders

What kid doesn’t love a tunnel? This is a great toy to encourage the youngest kids to crawl, but still provides lots of entertainment for older kids as well. This Melissa & Doug tunnel is brightly coloured and has a hide ‘n’ seek door. It folds up easily for storage too!

Stepping Stonez

Create your own obstacle course with these balance builder buckets. Each bucket is attached with a super-strong nylon rope and has rubber grippers on the bottom, so you don’t have to worry about slips and falls. This toy encourages balance and coordination and is open-ended enough for your kids to create their own games!

Scooter Board

Remember playing hot lava with your mom’s couch cushions and pillows? This is the perfect modern version of this game! These vinyl cushions promote balance and coordination while providing different tactile sensations.


Everyone remembers these scooter boards from elementary school gym class. You knew it was going to be a great class when the gym teacher pulled these babies out. Give your kiddo that joy everyday with this super fun toy. The handles will protect little fingers from getting jammed and the plastic wheels will not scuff floors.

Indoor Energy Burning Toys for Groups

Sunny Patch Tootle the Turtle Target Toss Game

This is a fantastic game from Melissa & Doug. This bean bag toss game has velcroed bean bags that will stick to the super cute turtle board. Not only does this game promote hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills, but you can also incorporate number recognition, counting and basic addition skills! Now that is a versatile toy!

Crocodile Hop Floor Game

This giant board game allows the kids to be the game pieces. They can hop, skip or jump around the extra large game board (100 x 30 inches). This game incorporates colour, shape and number recognition in combination with gross motor skills.

Move Your Body Fun Cards

This set contains 58 cards. Each one gives an example of a different animal-inspired movement for your child to imitate. Your kiddo will practice balance, strength and coordination skills, all while having fun!

Bowling Play Set

This foam version of the classic game will provide hours of fun for your kiddos, without the noise! This brightly printed set of pins will allow your kids to practice hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and balance. You an also incorporate math skills like counting and segmenting numbers!

Each one of these indoor energy burning toys will let your child have a blast while enhancing their gross motor development. Add a couple of these toys to your Christmas shopping list and you’ll be guaranteed a tired kiddo by bedtime!

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Indoor Energy Burning Toys

Indoor Energy Burning Toys

Indoor Energy Burning Toys


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