15 Amazing Wooden Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Christmas is coming and parents everywhere are trying to think of the best toys for their children. Wooden toys are becoming very popular and for good reason. There are many advantages to purchasing wooden toys. Listed below are the top wooden toys for babies and toddlers that are educational AND fun!A great list of fun and educational wooden toys for babies and toddlers. There are so many advantages to wooden toys. Check out this list for your next birthday or your Christmas list!

Advantages of Wooden Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Wooden toys may seem pricier than their plastic counterparts, but there are lots of advantages to buying wooden toys for your baby or toddler.

The biggest advantage of wooden toys is simply what they are not: plastic. Parents who want to avoid their children being exposed to extra toxins may prefer wooden toys. This is especially important for parents of babies and toddlers, who frequently put toys in their mouths. What parent doesn’t want the best for their child?

Another advantage of wooden toys is that they are often more eco-friendly. We know that wood decomposes MUCH more quickly than plastic. If your toy ends up in a landfill, it won’t be there in 500 years, unlike its plastic counterparts.

Wooden toys are generally quality, developmentally stimulating toys. They are usually passive toys (not ‘child entertainers’ a.k.a. battery operated toys with flashing lights or loud) which are far better for children’s development than their counterparts. Passive toys make active children!

Finally, the last advantage to wooden toys is their durability. Wooden toys are sure to last through childhood, and often can be handed down from generation. In that way, they are cost-effective, although they may seem pricier at first.

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Best Wooden Toys for Babies and Toddlers

Rainbow Stacker

These beautiful rainbow stackers are a great twist on the traditional stacking toy. Not only are they brightly coloured and great for spatial awareness, but this toy will easily grow with older children. Big kids can add the pieces to other block building endeavors, use the curved pieces to make designs, or even incorporate it into pretend play sessions. This is such a versatile and worthwhile toy!

Treetop Adventure Activity Center

A step up from the classic activity cube, the Manhattan Toy Company created this activity tree. Beads, graspers and gears encourage young children to explore motor skills. As your child grows, the Treetop Adventure Activity Center can be used as a setting for imaginative play. I am planing on giving this to my youngest for Christmas, but I know my almost four year old will want to use it as a tree house for her dolls and action figures!

Wooden Train Busy City Rail Set

What child doesn’t love a train track? This one from Hape Toys has lots of realistic additions, like a real moving crane!  

Rainbow Bowls Sorting Game

I love that this toy incorporates sorting by colour along with fine motor skills! This open-ended toy will keep your child busy with multiple possibilities to sort, count and explore colours and shapes.


We’ve owned the Manhattan Skwish since my oldest daughter was five months old and there has not been a single person who has entered my house, adult or child, who has not failed to be mesmerized by this toy! It is the ultimate fidget/sensory toy. Not only does it in fact squish, but the beads are movable and make a hypnotic clinking noise. My oldest still loves to play with it and it’s easy for my four month old to grasp and get into her mouth, where she will happily suck on one of the rounded ends. An all around winner!

Wooden Play Table

So many activity tables sold these days are full of flashing lights and electronic buttons that play loud, jarring music. I love that this activity table has lots of sections for the child to manipulate, rather than just pressing buttons. This is a great way to stimulate the senses!

Wooden Foods

Learn about the food groups with these realistic and durable wooden foods. 

Wooden Ramp Racer

So many children absolutely love playing with cars. This Car Ramp Racer looks like a ton of fun for young toddlers!

Name Puzzle

It’s never too early to introduce your child to the alphabet. What could be a better way than a concrete and tactile puzzle of the word that is most relevant to them, their name!

Wooden Push Bike

This is a beautiful four wheeled balance bike, perfect for any new walker. It improves motor skills, muscle strength and balance. The rubber rimmed wheels are safe for indoor floors. The wood is sustainably sourced and the paint, non-toxic. Your toddler will be able to make use of this for years.

Balancing Block Barnyard Playset

This activity set allows toddlers to test out STEM concepts like gravity and balance. It also doubles as a beautifully painted imaginative farm play set! A great opportunity to allow children to learn the names and sounds of familiar animals while incorporating stacking and fine motor skills. This activity set covers so many basics you would be hard-pressed to find another activity that does it all for such a reasonable price!

Pounding Bench 

Another classic toy to improve motor skills. This pounding bench is extra fun because of the peek-a-boo faces that baby will enjoy exposing. The pegs are non-removable, which means you won’t spend hours searching for them!

Rainbow Stacking Rings

Stacking rings are a classic toy for babies and young toddlers. This durable set features a penguin and brightly coloured wooden rings. This toy build spatial awareness and fine motor skills for babies.

Wooden Blocks

A classic toy! Every child should have a set of wooden blocks for construction and building play.  I love the bright colours of this set, which contains a variety of alphabet and building blocks.

Wooden Kitchen


Every child should have a play kitchen! It’s a wonderful imaginative play opportunity. Kids love to emulate mom and dad (pro tip: house it in your kitchen so they can “cook” alongside you and keep busy during meal prep!). I love that this one is gender neutral. You may also want to invest in some accessories like place settings, food to cut up, and maybe even a stand mixer!

There you have 15  wooden toys for babies and toddlers that are educational AND fun! Add a few to your Christmas list today!

What toy do you think your baby or toddler would enjoy the most?

A great list of fun and educational wooden toys for babies and toddlers. There are so many advantages to wooden toys. Check out this list for your next birthday or your Christmas list!



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