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30 Perfect Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Babies

Are you a new mom in need of baby stocking stuffer ideas? It probably seems like a breeze to stuff a stocking for a toddler who love toys, but what do you get a baby? Stuffing a stocking who is not yet playing and interacting can seem tricky! Finding stocking stuffers for babies doesn’t have to be a  quandary. Below is my list of great stocking stuffers for babies under the age of one!

This post was sponsored, and I received some items featured as gift. Like always, all opinions are my own!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

Are you wondering what to put in your baby's stocking for their first Christmas? This guide has thirty practical and fun stocking stuffer ideas for babies!Are you wondering what to put in your baby's stocking for their first Christmas? This guide has thirty practical and fun stocking stuffer ideas for babies! Are you wondering what to put in your baby's stocking for their first Christmas? This guide has thirty practical and fun stocking stuffer ideas for babies! Are you wondering what to put in your baby's stocking for their first Christmas? This guide has thirty practical and fun stocking stuffer ideas for babies! Stocking Stuffers for Babies Are you wondering what to put in your baby's stocking for their first Christmas? This guide has thirty practical and fun stocking stuffer ideas for babies!

Are you wondering what to put in your baby's stocking for their first Christmas? This guide has thirty practical and fun stocking stuffer ideas for babies!

So it’s baby’s first Christmas and you’re so excited to incorporate your new little one into your Christmas traditions (read about my favorite heartwarming Christmas traditions to add to your family’s holidays here). Undoubtedly, a stocking is an important tradition and one you can’t wait to start right away with your little one. You’ve probably lovingly chosen a special stocking for your new son or daughter to use each year. But you may be wondering what they heck you’re going to get them.

The most important thing about finding baby stocking stuffers is to look into the future and imagine what your little one will be doing in a few months, not just what they’re interested in now. Babies change and grow so quickly and soon your newborn will be teething, eating real food, and even crawling!

Don’t be afraid to buy items that baby will need in the future. Things that you didn’t receive for your baby shower, or items that may be lost or ruined by baby (sock and pacifiers anyone?).

Finally, don’t let any anti-Christmas fuddy-duddies ruin the fun of your baby’s first Christmas! I heard a lot of comments like “Oh, don’t buy them anything, they won’t even know what’s going on.”

You know what? if you’re excited for your baby’s first Christmas, not to mention your first Christmas as a mommy, go for it and enjoy yourself! Get the cute hat or the adorable teether. Enjoy new role as head present-buyer and enjoy this very special Christmas season!

If you’re looking for ideas for bigger presents for babies & toddlers, check out this post on Amazing Educational Wooden Toys for Babies and Toddlers. If you want to give your baby beautiful Christmas books you can read together as they grow, I have some recommendations for you!

Practical Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Babies

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If you’re still Christmas shopping, you will definitely want to have Amazon Prime! Two day (or faster) free shipping means you don’t have to worry about loong deadlines for holiday shopping. Not to mention a ton of perks! If you don’t have Prime, get it today! 


This RaZ-Berry training toothbrush was gifted to me this year and is AH-DOR-AH-BUL! It’s never to young to start brushing your babe’s teeny tiny teeth (well, once they have teeth). Bonus: this toothbrush doubles as a teether!


Even is baby is not yet eating, they soon will be! A set of utensils can make a great chew toy for now, and baby will be all ready when it’s time to eat. Try this beautiful Baby’s First Christmas keepsake spoon, some practical ones like these, or this super cool starter spoon for babies who are just learning to use utensils.

Sippy Cup

As baby grows, you will need about a thousand sippy cups, so it’s best to start collecting now! We loved this one when our oldest started to drink water, or how cute are these holiday themed cups?

Swim Diaper

Even though it’s cold out, a swim diaper is a great choice for a gift! A reusable swim diaper is wayyy more economical than buying a pack of disposable swim diapers and so much cuter! Try these adorable patterns.


If your babes are anything like mine, they looove using their pacifiers. Give your baby AND yourself a gift by buying glow in the dark pacifiers (no more searching in the crib at night!) We also love the Wubbanubs, which have an adorable stuffed animal attached to the end of the pacifier.  This Reindeer Wubbanub is the perfect holiday-themed pacifier!

Teething Toy Stocking Stuffer for Baby's First Christmas

Teething Toy

Every baby loves teething toys (or will love them once they start teething). This adorable teething butterfly was gifted to me by Baby Bear Designs and it is the perfect stocking stuffer for baby. I love the clip so baby won’t be able to throw it on the floor and get it dirty. Too cute!

Bathtime Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Babies

Bath Toys

Nothing makes bath time more fun than toys! Try squirt toys, pouring cups or a classic rubber duckie!


There’s nothing wrong with having a few basic toiletries in a stocking. We love Burt’s Bees products for our babes.

Baby Stocking Stuffer Ideas to Wear

Chew Necklace stocking stuffer for baby's first Christmas

Chew Necklace

A gift for baby AND you. This chewable jewelry is stylish and useful. A wayyyy better alternative than baby chewing on your hair! This chew necklace from Baby Bear Designs was gifted to me and is made of non-toxic beads. I love that it comes in sophisticated colours that compliment your outfit all while being fun and stimulating for baby! A must-have for your babe’s first stocking!

Christmas Onesie

Every baby needs a cute Christmas outfit. A Baby’s First Christmas onesie is a perfect way to fill the toe of baby’s stocking!


Either scratch mittens for a newborn or winter mittens for an older baby (believe me, you will want more than a couple pairs of these) are a perfect AND practical stocking stuffer.


One thing I have learned as a mom is that you can never have too many winter hats! They, like mittens, seem to disappear at the most inopportune times! This reindeer hat is absolutely adorable and festive!


Keep baby’s toes toasty in the chilly winter months. These adorable boots are stylish and are oh-so-cozy!


There is nothing cuter than sweet little baby shoes. I am dying over these adorable reindeer shoes. Bonus: they are soft-soled and perfect for babies who are just learning to walk!


A festive headband is a great stocking stuffer and can be used for baby’s Christmas outfit, or an accessory for anytime. I love these unique floral headbands, but a Christmas bow is always a winner too!

Amber Teething Necklace

If you’re worried about teething pain, many parents swear by a teething necklace. If you are concerned about wrapping anything around baby’s neck, try looping it around their ankle a few times instead.


Like hats and mitts, socks are always in high demand and are so easy to lose. Stash a few pairs in your babe’s stockings. Try some festive pairs like these for baby to wear over the holidays.

Pacifier Clip

A gift for you and for baby. Stop picking the pacifier off the floor a billion trillion JILLION times a day. These ones are so cute and stylish!

Toys and Fun Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Babies

Baby Paper Stocking Stuffer Idea for Baby's First Christmas

Baby Paper

This amazing invention was gifted to me and I absolutely love it!. Every mom knows how fascinating the crinkling sound of tissue paper to a baby. And every mom knows what a challenge it is to prevent the baby from trying to put the tissue paper in their mouth! Baby Paper solves this problem. A chewable, reusable crinkly paper square that is sure to hold baby’s attention and delight! I SOOOOO wish we had one of these when my oldest was a babe. It even comes in book form with many sheets and fun designs!

Textured Sensory Toy

It’s great for babies to experience multiple textures. This Bumpy Ball has several different textures, as well as bright colours and a rattle sound when you shake it!


Bibs are essential for any baby. Drool bibs, waterproof bibs or full sleeved bibs, all are needed!


A classic baby gift! This Oball shaker is easy to grap and makes fun sounds. Plus, you can’t beat the price!

Squeeze Pouch

Babies loooooove squeeze pouches! Give baby a special treat for Christmas morning. Any treat with veggies is a win for me!

You could put a store bought squeeze pouch in the stocking, or for the gift that keeps on giving, add these re-fillable pouches that you can use over and over (isn’t the design adorable?)


A stuffed animal or lovey is something all babies adore. Be sure that it is suitable for babies with no loose parts or button eyes that might fall off and be swallowed. This snowman lovey would look perfect peeking out the top of baby’s stocking!

Fabric Book

It’s never too early to start reading to your baby (Kindergarten teacher here!) Fabric books have different textures to stimulate baby’s senses and won’t be ruined by a drooly baby. Bonus: it’s easy to roll up and fit in the stocking!

For a very young baby, crinkle books provide lots of stimulation (my girls loved them as early as 3-4 months). Older babies will enjoy fabric books with multiple textures, sounds and flaps to open like this one.  This Lamaze brand book is interactive and has peek-a-boo flaps, perfect to entertain your 6 month + baby. This adorable Hungry Caterpillar fabric book even has a teether attached!

Egg Crayons

Before you know it, you babe will be a budding artist. These egg shaped crayons are designed so babies can maneuver them perfectly!

Sophie the Giraffe

To me, this is a must-have for any baby. Sophie is made from all-natural rubber and is painted with vegetable-based paint. The shape makes it easy for baby to grasp and maneuver into their mouth.

It was the first teething toy my daughter could manipulate by herself (yay for mommy not having to hold it in her mouth!). It was a lifesaver for car rides, so much so we ended up having a travel Sophie AND a home Sophie, so she would never be without one!

Sophie also has her own line of interactive board books, which are so sweet. We have several and my three and a half year old still loves to read them, even though Sophie has been in storage with the rest of the baby toys for a couple years.


Babies love noisy toys. Instead of a battery operated toy that lights up and make sounds, try a toy babies can manipulate on their own, which teaches them about cause and effect and gross motor skills. These Rockin’ Maracas let babies make music, but are soft so they don’t bump themselves while shaking!

Keepsake Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Babies

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

A  Christmas ornament is a beautiful way to remember your child’s first Christmas, whether is be a classic Baby’s First Christmas ornament, or something more unique.

This can be the start of a beautiful Christmas tradition of giving your child an ornament each year. My own mother did this for us each year. When we moved out and had our own Christmas trees, she presented us with 18+ ornaments so our own tree wouldn’t be bare and we would have a little bit of home to decorate it.

We are doing this with our own daughters and my three year old adores HER ornaments and hangs them on our tree with pride.

This silver ornament makes a perfect keepsake, or this one which has room for a photo!

Looking for more gift recommendations? I’ve got you covered!

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Stocking Stuffers for Babies

I hope this gift guide has helped you come up with some fantastic ideas for baby’s first stocking. Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas!


What are you getting your little one for Christmas? Will you be going all out, or keeping Christmas low key this year?

Are you wondering what to put in your baby's stocking for their first Christmas? This guide has thirty practical and fun stocking stuffer ideas for babies!

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