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Celestial Girl Names Inspired by Stars and Constellations

Are you looking for a unique and outerwordly name for your daughter? Using a name inspired by outerspace is a great way to find a unique and mysterious name. This list of celestial girl names inspired by stars, constellations and moons will help you find the perfect name for your baby girl!

Outer Space Names

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If you’re looking for a super unique name, an outerworldly name may be perfect for you. I love that these names are extremely uncommon, but they’re not the kind of names that sound made-up or like you took two more common names and mashed them together. Instead, these names have unique meanings and history. 

These celestial girl names are as unique as you future daughter will be!

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Celestial Girl Names Inspired by the Stars, Constellations and Moons

OK, let’s get to the list of names! Here are my favorite celestial girl names!

Celestial Baby Names


This name is inspired by the second brightest star in the Canis Majora constellation. Adi is the perfect nickname for Adhara


Arabic name of a star in the Canis Majora constellation. Ali would make a great nickname for Aludra.


This is the name of a star in the constellation, Virgo.


Astra means ‘star’ in Greek.


A Turkish name, meaning ‘from the moon’. This name is unisex and super cute for either a boy or a girl!

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The name of the star that marks the left shoulder of the Orion constellation (also a character in the Harry Potter books/films. Bella or Trixie are both adorable nicknames for Bellatrix.


The name of a constellation, meaning ‘keel’ in Latin, and refers to a part of Jason’s ship in the Argo (a Greek myth). Carie would make a great nickname for Carina.


This name means ‘moon’ in Sanskrit. Chandra is an elegant and unique name  for any little girl.


From the Hungarian, Danica means “morning star” or “Venus”. I love the nickname Dani for this name!


Derived from Sanskrit, Dara means ‘star’ in Khmer. 


Originally related to the Greek word ‘helios’, meaning ‘the sun’.


Stemming originally from Latin, Estelle means ‘star’ in Old French.


Esther is a name originally coming from the Persian word for star.


Originally from the Greek, meaning ‘moon’. This is a more traditional name that still pays homage to the moon.


In Latin, Luna means ‘the moon’. Harry Potter fans will recognize this as the first name of Luna Lovegood.


This celestial name is derived from a constellation.


One of the seven stars in the constellation, Taurus. Maia was also the mother of Hermes in Greek mythology.


In Greek, Selene means ‘the moon’. I love that this name has a French flair, but you could also spell it Celine, or use Selena as a variation.


This lovely and unique name means ‘star’ in Welsh. One of the prettiest celestial names I’ve heard!

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This name means ‘star’ in Latin. A classic name, but fresh name!


Tara means ‘star’ in Sanskrit. It’s the name of a Hindu goddess and a Buddhist diety as well.


After two constellations, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. This is a pretty and unique celestial name!


Name of a star in the constellation, Lyra, Vega is a very rare and beautiful celestial girl names!


Well moms, that’s my list of celestial girl names. I hope this helps you find the perfect uniqe and outerworldly name for your little one!

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Names inspired by stars, moons and constellations

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