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Adorable Girl Names with Boyish Nicknames

Are you looking for a cute name for your little girl with a unisex or boy nickname? This list of adorable girl names with boyish nicknames will help you find the perfect name!

Boy Nicknames for Girls

Two trends are rocking the baby name industry right now. The first is naming your baby girl a ‘grandmother’ name, you know, an old fashioned, long and frilly name like Olivia, Sophia, Isabella, etc. The second trend is giving your child a unisex name that either a boy or girl could have.

If you love both these trends, there is a simple solution: Choose a ‘grandmother’ girl name with a boyish nickname. Plenty of these old fashioned names have adorable nicknames that are unisex. I love a pairing of a long, frilly girl name balanced out with a short, simple, boyish nickname.

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Unisex Nicknames for Girl Names

Well, without any further ado, here is my list of cute girl names with boyish nicknames. 


As far as naming your child after a location, Alabama is such a fresh take with a slight rustic edge. It’s a really unique name, which is balanced out by a more common, but still adorable nickname. 


A more unique take on the classic Alexandra, Alessandra is sophisticated name. The nickname Sandy fits perfectly and balances the more formal Alessandra. 


Amanda was first used in the 13th century in Britain. In Latin, it means ‘worthy of love’. Amanda is a classic name, popular from the Victorian times right up to today. Mannie is a fresh take for a nickname, instead of the traditional Mandy. 


Andie is the feminized version of Andy or Andrew. Andie is a very chic name for a little girl!


Antonia is a super sophisticated name. Toni is a cute shortened version that sounds androgynous, but Ann could be another, more classic, option.


Bertie is a nickname for Alberta, which means ‘noble and bright’. Prince Albert was the king consort of Queen Victoria, and their daughter was named Princess Louise Alberta, making Bertie a popular name in Victorian times. Check out more Victorian girl names here.


Augusta is a Latin baby name which means ‘majestic’. Augusta was a popular character in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. It’s a gorgeous vintage name with a regal feel. Gus is a casual nickname that would be super quirky but cute nickname!

girl names with boy nicknames: baby girl with headband


Bernie is a great androgynous option for a very girly name like Bernadette.


Meaning ‘petite’, this French name is the feminized form of Charles. Charlotte is the name of several queens and princesses, as well as Charlotte York from Sex and the City. Charlie is a new nickname for Charlotte, but has gained popularity quickly over the past decade. Charlotte is one of my favorite classic girl names. Check out more classic names here.


Christina means ‘follower of Christ’ or ‘anointed’ and has its origins in Greek and Egyptian. Chris is more traditionally associated as a male nickname, but is not uncommon for girls as well.


Evangeline is an elegant vintage girl name which stems from the Greek. Meaning ‘bringer of good news’, Evangeline is a lovely choice for your daughter. This name is synonymous with Longfellow’s infamous poem of the same name. Eva is the traditional nickname for Evangeline, but Van is a fresh and more unusual nickname option.


Flick is a little known, but super cute nickname for Felicity. If you prefer something a little more common, Liss is another great option.


I’m really loving the trench of unisex nicknames. Freddie is a great way to get in on that trend, while still using a formal name with a vintage appeal.

girl names with boy nicknames: baby girl piggyback


Georgia is a particularly lovely vintage girl name that I personally adore. The feminized form of George, Georgia means ‘farmer’ or ’tiller of the soil’. Georgie is a super cute, informal nickname for a beautiful and elegant name. Although certainly not as popular today as it was in the 19th century, Georgia is on the rise and is a common vintage name today. Check out more beautiful vintage names here.


From the purple dye or the colour. Indigo is a lively boho name that is just perfect for a little girl with a hippie spirit. Indie is a more unusual nickname which can be used for boys or girls. 


One of my all-time favorite names, Josephine has a great vintage feel without being overused like Olivia and Sophia. Joey is a cute way to shorten it and makes a great homage to Dawson’s Creek, 


Jules is a more modern and edgy nickname that the traditional Julie. The perfect complement to Julianna!


Leona is the feminine version of the name Leon, meaning ‘lion’. It’s a cute French baby name from the Victorian era. Leon, or even shorter, Leo, makes a great nickname!


Louisa is the Latin feminine form of Louis, meaning ‘famous warrior’. Louie is  very cute boy name, but makes a perfect nicname for the very feminine Louisa.


MacKenzie was originally a Scottish surname. Kenz is another unisex, modern nickname with a bit of an edge. Definitely unique!

girl names with boy nicknames: baby smiling


The name Magnolia comes from the flowering tree of the same name.  It’s a great uncommon flower name for girls! Nol is a very chic and simple unisex nickname for a flowery, feminine name.


I simply love the name Matilda, which has German roots and means ‘strength in battle’. Mattie makes a cute and casual nickname for this heavy, but lovely, given name.


Mikayla is the feminine version of Michael, which means ‘gift from God’. Mikey would be one nickname option, but I prefer Kayle. A twist on the classic name, Gail, Kayle is more modern and pays homage to one of my favorite leafy greens! Eco-chich at its best!


Oaklynn combines the name Oakley and the name Lynn to create a pretty nature-inspired girl’s name. It appeared on the top 1000 name charts in 2017. Last year its position rose from  888 to 452 on the Social Security charts. Oak is a nickname which can be used for either boys or girls and is super cute!


The meaning of Olivia is rooted in the olive tree, a sign of peace in Ancient Greece. Ollie makes an adorable boyish nickname for Olivia.


Paulina, meaning ‘little’ or ‘younger’. Paulie is a really cute nickname for a more formal name like Paulina. 

girl names with boy nicknames: girl on beach with sunglasses


If you’re looking for a truly unique name and nickname combo, this is it. Persephone is about as unique as you’ll find, while the androgynous nickname Percie is a really cool pairing!


Like Persephone and Percie, the pairing of the very dainty and uncommon Philomena becomes super cool with an androgynous nickname like Phil.


Meaning ‘foliage’ in Greek, Phyllis is a heavy name, rather old fashioned name. Phil is a simple yet cool nickname. 


I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear the name Becky (Rebecca’s usual nickname), I think of two things, Aunt Becky, or Becky with the good hair. Neither Becky is one you want associated with your baby daughter. Bex is a more edgy and fresh option for Rebecca.


A nickname for Wilhelmina, meaning ‘resolute protector’. What a cute and fresh Victorian girl name!

Well, those are my favorite cute girl names with boyish nicknames. I hope this list helps you find the perfect baby name! Happy name hunting!

Name meanings from Behind the Name.

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Cute Girl Names with Boyish Nicknames

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