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Strong Middle Names for Oliver

Are you looking for a great middle name for Oliver? This list of the best middle names for Oliver will help you find the perfect middle name!

Oliver: Name Meaning, Origins and Popularity

Oliver is a boys name that originates from the Latin  and French words for the olive tree. The olive tree is a symbol of peace and friendship. Oliver can also have roots in Old Norse, and can mean ‘descendants of ancestors’.

Oliver is a cute vintage name whose popularity rebounded in the past two decades. It was quite popular in the early 1900’s, but fell gradually in popularity until the 1960’s, where it hovered around the 400th spot on the Social Security Baby Name Charts. It began to increase in popularity in the 1990’s and quickly became one of the most popular boys’ names around. For the past two years, it has held the #3 place on the baby name charts in the US. 

What Makes a Good Middle Name for Oliver

Oliver is a longer name, so a short name with one or two syllables would balance it. See: Strong One Syllable Names for Boys You” Adore.

Because Oliver is a vintage name, it would go well with another vintage name. See: Adorably Old Fashioned Boy Names from the 1800s.

You may want to avoid names other names that start with O, in order to not repeat sounds. Likewise, names that end in -er might not be a great fit.

Of course, a name that has meaning to you always makes the best middle name!

The Best Middle Names for Oliver

So without further ado, here are the best middle names for Oliver!


Oliver Elijah

Oliver Henry

Oliver James

Oliver Jace

Oliver Liam

Oliver Lucas

Oliver Mason

Oliver Mateo

Oliver Michael

Oliver Noah

Oliver Parker

Oliver Samuel

Even More Middle Names for Oliver

Still searching for a middle name? Don’t worry! Here are plenty more middle names for Oliver.

Oliver Bennett

Oliver Bentley

Oliver Blake

Oliver Braxton

Oliver Brooks

Oliver Colton

Oliver Daniel

Oliver Dean

Oliver Everett

Oliver Gabriel

Oliver Gael

Oliver Gavin

Oliver Grayson

Oliver Hudson

Oliver Jackson

Oliver John

Oliver Josiah

Oliver Joseph

Oliver Kingston

Oliver Landon

Oliver Lincoln

Oliver Luke

Oliver Matthew

Oliver Maxwell

Oliver Miles

Oliver Nolan

Oliver Sebastian

Oliver Thomas

Oliver Wyatt






Well, I hope this helps you on your search for the perfect middle name for Oliver! Happy name hunting!

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Name meanings sourced from Behind the Name.

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