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Pretty Victorian Girl Names

Are you looking for a beautiful vintage name for your new baby girl? This list of Victorian girl names will help you find the perfect baby name for your new daughter!

Victorian Names

The Victorian era lasted throughout the reign of Queen Victoria, from 1837-1901. Because Social Security only started compiling baby name in the 1880’s, I’ve compiled the top 200 baby girl names from the 1880’s as a sample of the most beautiful Victorian girl names.

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Pretty Victorian Girl Names


Ada is a vintage name originating from Germany. It means ‘nobility’ or ‘noble’. It’s a pretty vintage name that hasn’t been overused yet, and might be the perfect name for you!


Addie is a shortened form of Adelaide, meaning ‘noble and kind’ or other names beginning with ‘Ad’.


This is the English version of the Germane name Adalhedis. Like Ada, this name means ‘noble’ or ‘nobility’. Addie would make a great nickname for Adelaide.


Agnes is a name stemming from the Greek name, Hagne, meaning ‘pure’. Agnes is a very old name. Saint Agnes was a popular Christian saint. Ines/Inez is the Spanish and Portuguese version of Agnes.


The feminine form of Albert, Alberta means ‘noble and bright’. Prince Albert was the king consort of Queen Victoria, and their daughter was named Princess Louise Alberta, making Alberta a popular name in Victorian times.


Alice is an Enlglish baby name that has gone through several transitions, but originally stemmed from the German name Adelaide, meaning ‘nobility’. Alice is a simple, but pretty vintage name that isn’t overused. It became very popular after Alice in Wonderland was published in the 19th century, but has fallen in popularity over the past few decades. If you’re looking for a recognizable, but uncommon baby name, Alice might be perfect for you!


Alma originally comes from Latin and means ‘nourishing’ or ‘life-giving’. Its popularity peaked around the 1880’s and is due for a comeback!


Alta is a Latin name which means ‘elevated’. Its popularity peaked in the 1890’s. Alta is the perfect baby name for someone who is looking for an undiscovered but elegant vintage name.


Amanda was first used in the 13th century in Britain. In Latin, it means ‘worthy of love’. Amanda is a classic name, popular from the Victorian times right up to today. 


Amelia is a variant of Amalia, a Germanic name meaning ‘work’, ‘industrious’, or ‘striving’. It was made popular by the daughters of George II and III, as well as the aviation icon, Amelia Earhart.


Amy comes from the French baby name, Amee. It means ‘beloved’. Amy was a popular character in Louisa May Alcott’s book, Little Women, which was published in 1868-69. As such, the name grew in popularity in the late Victorian times.


Variant of Hannah, a Hebrew name meaning ‘grace’. This was the name of the Virgin Mother’s own mother, making it a classic name. 




Ann is the English spelling of the name, Anne is French. Anne, like Anna, is a variant of Hannah, a Hebrew name meaning ‘grace’.  Annie makes a cute nickname, but it also stood as a name on its own .


Augusta is a Latin baby name which means ‘majestic’. Augusta was a popular character in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, which was published at the end of the Victorian age. Augusta was the middle name of Queen Victoria’s daughter, Princess Helena.


This name originally comes from the Greek word, barbaros, meaning ‘strange’ or ‘foreign’. Saint Barbara was a popular saint and its popularity was revived in the 19th century.


Beatrice is a beautiful French/Italian baby name, stemming from the Latin word Beatrix, which means ‘she who makes happy’.


Belle can be a nickname for Isabelle, meaning ‘God is my oath’, or can come from the French word belle, which means pretty. 


Bertie is a nickname for Alberta, which means ‘noble and bright’. Prince Albert was the king consort of Queen Victoria, and their daughter was named Princess Louise Alberta, making Bertie a popular name in Victorian times.


Bessie is a nickname for Elizabeth, which means ‘God is my oath’. It can be used as a nickname or stand as its own name. 


Bette is another vintage name that evokes Old Hollywood glamour. Bette comes from the French and can be a nickname of Elizabeth, meaning ‘my God is plentiful’. Betty and Bettie are English versions of the name.


Birdie means ‘bright, famous’ or ‘little bird’. It has roots in English, German and Swedish. This name is making a revival as some celebrities, including Busy Philips and Maura West, have named their daughter’s Birdie.


Callie is a variant of Calista, meaning ‘beautiful, lovely’.


Carrie is a twist on the name Carol or Caroline. Cary was originally a male name (think Cary Grant), but is more commonly associated with females. Carrie means ‘free man’.


Feminized form of Carl.


All three spellings of this classic name made the top 200 girl names in the 1880’s. Their origin comes from the Greek word for ‘pure’. Interesting fact: Catherine is spelling with both a C and a K because when the name came to Britain, the Anglo-Saxons did not yet have a K in the English alphabet.


This Latin name is the feminine form of Caelius, which comes from the Latin word for heaven. Celia is a particularly lovely vintage name that has not been overused in the last decade. 


Meaning ‘petite’, this French name is the feminized form of Charles. Charlotte is the name of several queens and princesses, as well as Charlotte York from Sex and the City.


Christine means ‘follower of Christ’ or ‘anointed’ and has its origins in Greek and Egyptian. 




I love the simplicity of the name Clara, which is related to the more common name, Claire. It comes from the Latin word for ‘clear’ or ‘bright’.


Cora was first used in the 19th century novel, The Last of the Mohicans. It comes from the Greek name, Kore, which means ‘maiden’.


Cornelia is a Latin girls name meaning ‘horn’. It is the female form of Cornelius.


Daisy is a super cute vintage name that you don’t often hear these days. The name is, of course, after the flower of the same name. The flower name comes from the Old English word meaning ‘day’s eye’. It is also a common nickname for Marguerite, the French name for the flower.


Delia is a beautiful name whose meaning refers to the Ancient Greek moon goddess. It can also be a nickname of names ending in -delia, such as Cordelia, Adelia, etc. Delia is the perfect Victorian name that has not yet been over-used in the recent decades.


Della is the feminine form of the name Dell, and refers to a dell, or small valley. Della was quite popular in the 19th century. It’s a lovely vintage name that hasn’t regained popularity as quickly as many other. 


Dollie is a nickname for Dorothy, meaning ‘gift of God’. In the Victorian times, it also stood as a name on its own. 


Dora is a shortened form of Dorothy (meaning ‘gift’ in Greek). It was very popular in Victorian times. One of the main characters in Dicken’s David Copperfield was named Dora. Dora is a fun alternative to Cora, Flora, Nora, etc.

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Dorothy is a pretty vintage name that hasn’t seen a resurge in popularity like many other vintage girl names. Dorothy originates from the Greek word for ‘gift’. Dottie makes a super cute nickname for Dorothy!


Effie means ‘pleasant speech’ in Greek and is the shortened form of Euphemia. It’s another vintage name that is not over-used today.


Eleanor stems from the old French name, Alienor. Eleanor of Aquitaine, the 12th century queen, made the name well known.


A popular name among queens and royals, coming from a Greek form of Hebrew, meaning ‘my God is an oath’.


Ella seems like a modern name, but it was actually the 17th most popular name of the 1880’s! It can be a nickname for names that end in -elle, like Isabella, but also as an homage to the fairy tale, Cinderella.


Eleanor is a English baby name meaning ‘bright shining one’ in Greek. It was derived from the French name, Alienor.


Variant of Helen or Eleonora (both meaning shining light).


Eliza is an English name meaning ‘my God is an oath’. This is a great Victorian girl name that hasn’t regained its popularity as quickly as others.


Meaning ‘whole’ or ‘universal’. Emma has been quite popular for the past few decades and was in the Victorian times as well.


Emily was originally a variant of the Latin name, Amelia. It means ‘to strive or excel’.


Essie is a beautiful baby name meaning ‘star’. It makes a great nickname or standalone name for a little girl!


Esther means ‘star’ in Persian. Queen Esther is a notable woman in the Old Testament.


Estelle/Estella come from the Latin word meaning ‘star.’


Etta is the shortened form of Henrietta (meaning ‘estate owner’). It’s often associated with Etta James (whose given name was actually Jamesetta), the matriarch of soul, which gives it a cool, retro vibe!


Eva comes from the Hebrew word for ‘life’. It was the 35th most popular Victorian girls name. 


Evangeline is an elegant vintage girl name which stems from the Greek. Meaning ‘bringer of good news’, Evangeline is a lovely choice for your daughter. This name is synonymous with Longfellow’s infamous poem of the same name.


This lovely old fashioned name originates from the British surname, Aveline, and is associated with peace and harmony.


Felicity is a beautiful vintage name meaning either ‘happiness’ or ‘good fortune’. Either meaning is as lovely as the name is!


The name Fern comes from the plant of the same name. This name’s popularity peaked at the dawn of the 20th century, but is surfacing again. It’s the perfect combination of vintage and earthy-boho!


From the Latin for ‘flower’ or ‘flower-like’. Flora was the Latin goddess of spring and flowers.

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Florence is a name derived from Saint Florentia, a Roman martyr. Florence means ‘blossoming’ in Latin.


Frances held the 41st place for popular names in the 1880’s. Frances is the female version of Frances. It comes from the Latin word for France, or ‘free one’. 


Genevieve has roots in French or German meaning tribe woman. It’s popularity peaked in the early 20th century, but is on the rise again today.


Georgia is a particularly lovely Victorian girl name that I personally adore. The feminized form of George, Georgia means ‘farmer’ or ’tiller of the soil’. Although certainly not as popular today as it was in the 19th century, Georgia is on the rise and is a common vintage name today.


Gloria is a pretty old fashioned girls name meaning ‘glory to God’. 


Goldie can be a nickname for Golda, a Yiddish name meaning ‘gold’ or simply a nickname for someone with gold hair. Goldie makes a super-cute name that is recognizable, but unique. Its popularity peaked at the beginning of the 20th century.


From the English word, grace, and the Latin, gratia, meaning God’s favour. Grace Kelly, later Princess Grace of Monaco, popularized this name in the 1950’s, but it was also quite common in Victorian times.


From the Hebew word for ‘favour’ or ‘grace’.


Feminized form of Harry, meaning ‘land owner’ was popular in the 18th century.


Hattie is a nickname for Harriet, the female form of Harry (a nickname for Henry) which means ‘home ruler’. Hattie was the 33rd most popular girls name in Victorian times. 


This pretty vintage name stems from the brown colour, or the hazel tree. It’s been in use since the 19th century. This name is another example of a perfect cross between a vintage name and an earthy, boho name for a baby girl.


Helen means shining light. It peaked just after the Victorian era finished in the 1910’s.

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Ida is a name that comes from several different cultures including the German (meaning ‘to work’), Old Norse (after the goddess, Iounn), and the Anglicization of  the Irish saint, Ide.


Imogene was first recorded in Shakespeare’s play, Cymbeline. It’s thought to stem from the Gaelic word inghean, meaning ‘maiden’.


Ina comes from the Anglo-Saxon name for ‘home’ or ‘to entertain’ and means ‘queen’. Ina is also a nickname for any name ending in -ina, such as Marina and Christina.


Inez is the Portuguese form of Agnes, which stems from the Greek name, Hagne, meaning ‘pure’.


Irene comes from the Greek word for peace. 


A form of Elizabeth, popular in Spain.


Isadora is a great alternative to the more common Isabelle. It stems from Greek and Latin and means ‘gift of Isis’ (Isis was the principal goddess of Egypt). Izzy or Dora would both make cute nicknames!


Iva means ‘God is gracious’. Its often a nickname for names beginning with Iv, including Ivana, Ivy, etc.


Feminine form of John, meaning ‘Jehovah has been gracious’.


Jean is a unisex name meaning ‘God is gracious’.


Jennie was another surprise for me on this list of Victorian girls names. I think of the name Jenny being quite modern, but actually, the alternate spelling was the 32nd most popular name in the 1880’s


Jessie was originally a nickname for Janet or Jean. Nowadays Jessie is often the feminine form of Jesse (Hebrew for ‘gift’) or a nickname for Jessica, which also means ‘gift’. Jessie was the 40th most popular name in Victorian times.


Josephine is the feminized form of Joseph and means ‘God increases’. The wife of Napoleon, was a notable Josephine. Josephine’s popularity peaked around 1910, but is making a comeback. It’s a great choice for those looking for a vintage name that has not been overused, but isn’t uncommon.

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Josie is a French name that means ‘God increases’. It can be a nickname for Joanne or Josephine, or can stand alone.


Julia is the feminine form of Julius, a Latin name meaning ‘youth’. Julia was the 36th most popular name in the Victorian era. 


The name June is inspired by the month of June, or the Roman goddess, Juno, the protector of women and marriage.


Kate and Katie are diminutives of Catherine/Katherine, which mean ‘pure’, regardless of the spelling.


The root of Laura is the laurel plant, which was associated with victory, honor and fame in the Roman and Greek times. 


Leila stems from the Arabic word meaning ‘night’, or ‘dark beauty’. Leila rose to popularity in the Victorian times after George Byon’s poem, “The Giaour”, was published in 1813. 


Lelia is a variation of the name Eulalia, meaning ‘well-spoken’.


Lena is the shortened form of Elena or Helena, meaning ‘torch’ or ‘light’.


Leona is the feminine version of the name Leon, meaning ‘lion’. It’s a cute French baby name from the Victorian era.


The name Lillian is a form of Lily, which honours the lily flower.


Named from the flower, a symbol of purity.


A nickname for Elizabeth, but can also stand as a name on its own.


Lola is a nickname for several names. In Spain, it’s a shortened version of Dolores, which means ‘sorrows’, while in German, it’s short for Aloisia, a form of Louise, meaning ‘warrior’. Lola seems like a very modern name, but actually is a Victorian girl name!


Lela is another version of Lelia, originating with the Persian word for ‘dark beauty’ or ‘night’. 


Lois is originally a Greek name, which means ‘better’. 


Loretta is a beautiful Italian baby name, meaning ‘laurel’ or ‘bay’.


This is often a nickname for Charlotte, meaning ‘petite’, but can stand on its own as a name.


Louisa is the Latin feminine form of Louis, meaning ‘famous warrior’.


Louise was the 38th most popular name in the 1880’s.  It’s an old German name meaning ‘famous warrior’. Queen Victoria’s fourth daughter was named Louise, making it a popular choice in the Victorian era.


Lucille is the French form of Lucia, which means ‘torch’ or ‘light’.


Lucy is the English form of Lucia and means ‘torch’ or ‘light’.


Luella is the combination of two popular baby names, Louise and Ella, combining to mean ‘famous warrior’.


Lula can be its own name or a nickname for any name that starts with ‘Lu’ (Think Lucille, Lucy, etc.).


The name Lulu stems from Persian and means ‘pearl’.


Lydia stems from the Greek and means ‘kind, kindred spirit’. It peaked in the 1880’s and is steadily making a comeback in the 21st century.


This English name originally stems from the Latin, and means ‘lovable’.


Mae can either be a shortened form of Mary or Margaret, or after the month of May (originally after the Roman goddess, Maia).


This Irish name refers to the warrior queen of Ireland and means ‘the cause of great joy’ or ‘she who intoxicates’. This is one of my favorite Victorian girl names!


A nickname for Margaret, meaning ‘pearl’.


Margaret means ‘pearl’ in Greek. Margaret has often been a name given to members of royalty. It was popular in the early 20th century and is making a comeback!


The French form of Margaret, Margeurite is a tad fancier and gives a unique spin on this beautiful name. 


Martha means ‘the lady, the mistress’, and comes from Aramaic. Martha is featured in the New Testament as the sister of Lazarus. 


Maria is the Latin form of Mary, and means ‘sea of bitterness’, ‘sea of sorrow’ or ‘bitterness’. 


French or Czech form of Maria, Marie was made famous by Marie Antoinette.


Marion is a nickname for Marie, the French version of Mary. Like all forms of Mary, it means ‘sea of bitterness’ 


Anglicized version of Maria, debated original meaning, possibly meaning ‘sea of bitterness’, or ‘beloved.’


Matilda is a German name meaning ‘battle-might’ or ‘glorious in battle’. I love that this frilly sounding name has such a strong meaning behind it!


Mattie seems like a very modern, unisex name, but it’s actually been around for centuries and was the 34th most popular girls name of the 1880’s. It’s s diminutive for Matilda, meaning ‘strength in battle’. 


Maude is a variation of the name Matilda, and means ‘strength in battle’. 

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Millie can be a shortened form of several names, including Amelia, Camilla, Melissa, Mildred or Millicent. It means ‘industrious’.


Minnie is traditionally a shortened form of the Hebrew name, Miryam, meaning ‘sea of bitterness’, but can also be a nickname for any ‘M’ name, including Mary, Margaret, Minerva, etc.


Mollie is a derivative of Mary, meaning ‘sea of bitterness’ 


Myra is a name created by the 17th century poet, Fulke Greville. It possibly comes from myrrh, which is myrra in Latin.


Nell originated a a nickname for Helen, meaning ‘bright, shining one’.


Nelly is another nickname for Helen, and also means ‘bright, shining one’.


Nina has etymologic roots all over the world including Russia, Spain, Babylon, South America and a nickname for many names ending in -nina.


Nora originally emerged as a shortened form of Eleanor, meaning ‘light’ or Honora meaning ‘honour’. This is another of my personal favorite Victorian girl names!


Ola comes from Arabic and means ‘arise’. It also is a nickname for the Polish Aleksandra, or a male name in Norway and Sweden.


Olivia was first used in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, and was a spin off from Oliva or Oliver, both of which are names that honor the olive tree.


This French girl’s name honours the olive tree. It’s a less common alternative to Olivia. Olive has risen in popularity in the past few years. 


A shortened form of Olivia or Olive.


An opal is the name of an iridescent gemstone, which is the birthstone for October. The word opal means jewel in Sanskrit. Like other gemstones, Opal became popular in the Victorian era, peaking in early 20th century. It’s certainly a unique name that is also lovely!


Ora is a beautiful girl name meaning ‘prayer’ in Latin. It’s a lovely and unique Victorian name.


Pauline is the French form of Paulina, meaning ‘little’ or ‘younger’.


Pearl comes from the gemstone. It stems from Latin and is often associated with innocence and modesty. It’s often associated with water and the moon. 


Penelope means ‘weaver’ in Greek. Penelope was the faithful wife who waited at home for Odysseus in the Odessy.

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Rachel is a name with Hebrew origins and means ‘ewe’. In the Old Testament, Rachel is the wife of Jacob.


Rebecca is a Hebrew name meaning ‘join’ or ‘tie’. In the Old Testament, Rebecca was the wife of Isaac and the mother of Jacob and Esau.


Rena is a Hebrew name meaning ‘melody’. It can also be a shortened form of Irene, meaning ‘peace’.


Rhoda is a Greek and Latin name which can mean ‘rose’, or ‘from Rhodes’.


Rosa is a Spanish and Italian vintage girl name that means ‘rose’ in Latin. Rosa is a little more unique than the classic Rose, but is just as sweet.


Rosalie is a gorgeous vintage French baby name. It comes from the Latin word ‘rosa’, meaning ‘rose’. Rosalie is a really lovely alternative to Rose, if you’re looking for something a little more fancy. 


Rose is a classic and beautiful English name. Rose was brought to England by the Normans, it stems from the Germanic word meaning ‘horse’. It is also associated from the Latin word for ‘flower’ or ‘rose’. 


This beautiful vintage baby name means ‘dew of the sea’, after the herb, rosemary. It can also be a combination of Rose and Mary. Rosemary is yet another alternative to the traditional name, Rose. Rosemary has a vintage Holywood feel, as several famous Old Hollywood actresses, such as Rosemary Clooney, had this name.


Ruby is a Victorian girl name after the gemstone of the same name, which means ‘red’ in Latin. Ruby’s popularity peaked around the turn of the century, but is starting to re-emerge as a popular name.


Meaning ‘friend’ in Hebrew, Ruth is a simple, but lovely vintage girls name. This is another name whose popularity peaked in the first decades of the 20th century. Ruth has not made the comeback some other vintage girl names have, so if you’re looking for an easily recognizable, but uncommon name, Ruth could be perfect for you.


Sadie is another gorgeous old fashioned name that is making a comeback. It means ‘princess’ in Hebrew.


Sallie is a Hebrew baby name meaning ‘princess’.


Sarah means ‘princess’ or ‘woman of high rank’ in Arabic, Hebrew and Persian. In the Old Testament, Sarah is the wife of Abraham. 


Meaning ‘wisdom’ in Greek. Sophia Loren was a famous actress of the past.


This vintage baby name comes from Latin and means ‘star’. It peaked in popularity in the 1880’s, but has risen again in the past decade.


Susan means ‘lotus flower’ in Greek. It’s also a variant of the Hebrew name, Susannah, meaning ‘to be joyful’.


Susie is a short form of Suzannah, meaning ‘lily’. It makes a really cute name that would be perfect if you like the nickname-as-name trend!


Suzannah is a Hebrew name meaning ‘lily’. It’s still a fairly uncommon baby name that has not risen in popularity as others have in the past few years. I love the vintage nickname, Suzie, for Suzannah!


Sylvia is a Latin name meaning ‘spirit of the wood’. The Roman god of the forest was Silvanus. Sylvia is the feminine form. 


Tillie is a shortened form of Matilda, which is a German name meaning ‘glorious in battle’.


Theresa stems from the Greek and means ‘harvester’.


This is a super recognizable, but unique vintage name that is very hip at the moment. Vera is a Russian baby name meaning ‘faith’. This could be the perfect baby name if you’re looking for a mix of frill, yet simplicity!



Roman goddess of victory. Queen Victoria popularized this name in the 19th century.


Viola is an Italian vintage girls name. It comes from Latin and means ‘violet. Viola Davis is a well-known actress with this beautiful name.


The name Violet comes from the purple colour, or the small purple flower. It’s been popular in Scotland since the 16th century and in England since the 19th century.


Virginia stems from the Latin and means ‘virginal or pure’. Virginia is a super vintage name that is barely used anymore. It has two adorable nicknames, Ginny or Ginger. 


Viviane means life and comes from the Latin. It’s the perfect old fashioned name that is uncommon, but very recognizable. You have several different spelling options, the conventional English Vivian, or the French Vivianne. 


A nickname for Wilhelmina or a female form of Willian, meaning ‘resolute protector’. What a cute and fresh Victorian girl name!


Winnie is a beautiful nickname for Winifred, or sometimes Edwina. It comes from the Welsh and means ‘fair one’.


Winifred is a Welsh and Old English girl’s name, meaning ‘joy and peace’.

Well, those are my top pretty vintage names for girls. I hope this list has helped you find the perfect baby name for your new daughter!

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200 Victorian Girl Names

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