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The Best First Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls and Boys

Are you looking for a perfect first birthday gift for your little boy or girl? The list of toys below will delight any birthday girl or birthday boy.

First Birthday Gift Ideas

Your child’s first birthday is such a big deal. It’s time to celebrate your little one’s first year in this world (and the fact that you kept a baby alive for a year!). Along with the perfect theme, decor and cake smash, you’ll also need to get some presents. In fact, you likely have grandparents, aunts, cousins and friends all asking what to buy for your little one. 

If you need some ideas, look no further. I’ve rounded up the very best list of gifts for first birthdays.

My little one turned one just a few weeks ago and I’m fresh off a birthday shopping spree. The birthday gifts below are ones we’ve received that she loves, or are insanely practical (so I love them).

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First Birthday Gifts for Boys and Girls

A personal pet peeve of mine is distinguishing birthday gifts for boys and birthday gifts for girls. To me, a birthday gift shouldn’t have a gender, especially toys.

Boys can play with ‘girl’ toys, and girls can play with ‘boy’ toys. There should be no distinction made between the toys. I know lots of little girls who love trucks and play tool-sets, and lots of boys who like dolls and kitchen sets.

Since at one, your child most likely isn’t even aware of boy and girl toys, you should expose them to all kinds of toys. You never know if you’ll have a daughter who plays with blocks and will grow up to be an engineer or carpenter, or a boy who plays with a kitchen set or dolls and may is a chef, or even better, a great father!

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The Best Ideas for First Birthday Gifts

Ok, so without further ado, here is the list of perfect first birthday gifts for girls and boys!

Toys for First Birthday Gifts

Ride-On Toy


This ride-on/push toy is perfect for your new walker. This toy will last. My four year old still loves to zoom around the driveway on hers!

Race Car Ramp Toy


At this age, children love to watch toy cars move down a ramp. But hey don’t have the dexterity to place traditional dinky cars on their ramp (and they’re not really baby-friendly anyway).

This wooden set is perfect. I love that the cars are two sided, so baby doesn’t have to worry about getting it in the correct position. This is on my one year old’s Christmas list!

Little People


Little People are the perfect toy for one to five year olds. They are a truly a toy that will grow with your child.

My one year old has been chewing on Little People since she was old enough to get toys on her mouth. We’re now teaching her animal names with their farm animal set. She loves to press the buttons on the sets and vehicles to make the sounds play and dances to their songs.

My four year old recieved her first Little People set for her first birthday, and still plays with it all the time! They make for great open ended pretend play for preschoolers. 

We have pretty much every Little People set on the market for good reason. They hold up and can easily go through multiple children. They have a great re-sale value as well!

Klip Klop Ponies Stable


The Klip Klop Pony Stable is a Little People toy both my one year old and four year old are obsessed with right now. There is something about these ponies clip-clopping down their ramp that is mesmerizing and fun. I highly reccomend this toy!

Teething Toys

Although your baby likely has a few teeth by now, they’ll continue teething for a while now. Teething toys will continue to get lots of use after baby turns one!



As your new toddler becomes more steady on his or her feet, she/he will have lots of fun pulling a toy along with them! I love that this snail pull toy has a shape sorter and is also made of gorgeous wood. Or try the classic telephone pull toy for a throwback to your own childhood!



Babies, toddlers and preschoolers all love crawling through tunnels! This tunnel is the exact one we have at home. It’s a little bigger than some tunnels on the market, meaning your kids can play with it for years (and you can crawl through it too!). This is another great toy that will last for years!



You can’t have enough books in our baby’s life. One year olds love lift-the-flap books and touchy-feely books. Photographic books with a vocabulary are perfect for one year olds too! Or choose a favorite from your own childhood (there are board book versions of all the classics now) and bond together while you read.



A one year old is the perfect age to enjoy a jack-in-the-box. My little one giggles with excitement each time we play with it!

Corn Popper


The Corn Popper is another great toy, perfect for a kiddo just learning to toddle around. You probably had one when you were young. As far as toys go, it’s a classic!

Textured Balls


Every kid should have a ball. Your one year probably loves to roll the ball to you and will soon start learning to throw (although catching will take a few more years).

These textured balls are perfect for  a little one who is ready to explore textures! They also make gripping the ball a bit easier for your one year old.

Baby Stella Doll


Every toddler (boy and girl) should have a baby doll to love and care for. These Baby Stells dolls are plush and oh-so cute! They are just perfect for one year olds. I love that Baby Stellas come in different hair and skin colours. There are lots of great accessories.

If your husband isn’t crazy about your son having a doll, there are male Baby Stellas (some are called Baby Fellas… how cute!), or even a Baby Stella dressed in your favorite sports team attire. Who could say no?

Pro mom tip: If your child struggles with going to bed at night, have your child put Baby Stella to bed at bedtime to help with a bedtime routine.



Your baby is growing out of his or her baby swing. Now it’s time to give them an outdoor swing. These car-themed ones are great if you have a tree, but if you don’t, this one is a mini swingset that even folds up for storage!

Mega Blocks


Your little architect can build their first masterpieces with Mega Blocks, which are perfect for little hands!

Foam Blocks


Foam blocks are great for building. They are a little less slippery than wooden blocks (perfect for little hands, just learning to stack) and don’t make a huge crash after being knocked down (perfect for moms!).

Pounding Toy


Pounding toys are just so much fun for one year olds. They are also great for fine motor skills. This set has pegs that are non-removable and go up and down to play peek-a-boo!

Latch Board


Toddlers love to undo latches. A latch board like this one will entertain baby for hours and improve fine motor skills to boot!



One is the perfect age to start learning about puzzles. Look for one with chunky pieces or knobs which are perfect for little hands! This farm animal puzzle will also help with vocabulary development.

Egg-Shaped Crayons


Your little artist can start creating masterpieces with these easy-to-hold egg-shapes crayons.

4-In-One Trike


This 4-In-One Trike is the perfect gift for a one year old. You can buckle your baby in and push them for now As they grow, the handle can be removed and  it becomes a fully independent trike!



Now that your baby’s gained good torso control, a wagon ride is a fun alternative to a stroller. Another gift that will last, your kiddo will be taking rides in the wagon for the foreseeable future. 

Clothes for First Birthday

Clothes are a super practical birthday gift that can still be super cute and fun!



I don’t know about you, but sleepers are one thing my kids constantly need, no matter what age. 

Walking Shoes


Now that your little one is walking, or getting close, it’s time to invest in some good walking shoes. Soft-soled shoes are best for baby’s feel, but if you’re outside, a flexible soled shoe will protect baby’s foot. These shoes make a great birthday gift for girls or for boys.



Your baby’s head has grown a ton over the past year. Time to invest in some bigger hats for the year to come. Winter hats and sun hats will both be needed.

Rain Suit Coverall


A rain suit is a must-have for all toddlers! These coverall suits are perfect for new walkers or those who are still crawling. 

Baby Care Gifts for First Birthdays


Your little one will be in diapers for at least another year (unless you’re very lucky). So why not ask for diapers for their birthday? This is the one birthday that they really won’t know what’s going on, why not wrap up a box of diapers? You’ll have to use them anyway!

Sleep Sack with Feet


Now that your baby is walking, it’s important that their sleep sack be suitable for their moving feet! They’ll stay cozy in this sleep sack, but you won’t have to worry about them tripping and falling!

Baby Tooth Brush

Now that your baby has teeth, it’s important to start a brushing routine. My little one loves this raspberry toothbrush, which doubles as a teether!

Experience Gifts for First Birthdays

Your child’s first birthday is the perfect time to give an experience gift because they won’t even be expecting presents or toys! A trip to the zoo, a toddler play place, or a musical show would be perfect for your little one!

Gifts for One Year Olds

I hope this post helps you to find the perfect gift for your one year old boy or girl. Happy shopping and I hope your little one has a very happy birthday!

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