15 Tasty and Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

Are you looking for some yummy Halloween treats for your kids that aren't full of sugar? These healthy Halloween snacks are perfect for class parties or to enjoy at home on Halloween Day!

Are you looking for some yummy Halloween treats to share with your kids without feeding them junk food non-stop? Below is a great list of healthy Halloween snacks perfect for Halloween class parties or for you and your kiddo to enjoy at home on Halloween day (or all month long)! Keep reading for some great healthy Halloween snacks for kids! Continue reading “15 Tasty and Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids”

Indoor Energy Burning Toys for Kids

Indoor Energy Burning Toys

Christmas is an exciting time for kids with all kinds of traditions, visits and fun. But after Christmas stretches a looooong cold winter. With snowstorms and sub-arctic temperatures, kids are cooped up inside with a ton of energy. A recipe for disaster, right? Well moms, there is a solution. Add a few of these awesome indoor energy burning toys toys to your kiddo’s Christmas gifts and they will be burning off that extra energy in no time, with no damage to your house! Continue reading “Indoor Energy Burning Toys for Kids”

Am I Producing Enough Milk? 5 Myths About Milk Production

Am I Producing Enough Milk?

One question that is constantly on every new mother’s mind is is my baby getting enough breast milk? Even worse, there are several signs that can have you doubting your milk supply, but do not actually indicate you have a problem with your milk supply. Read on to learn about these false warning signs that you are not producing enough milk. Continue reading “Am I Producing Enough Milk? 5 Myths About Milk Production”

How to Stop Swaddling Baby

When and How to Stop Swaddling Baby

Are you dreading making the transition out of a swaddle? This is one of the more difficult transitions for moms and babies. Just when your newborn has gotten the hang of sleeping for a few hours at a time, and you’re finally feeling semi-rested (maybe), it’s time to stop swaddling and make a change that could ruin the precious sleep you’re actually getting! Read on to learn when and how to stop swaddling baby and not lose (too much) sleep! Continue reading “How to Stop Swaddling Baby”

Mess-Free Colour Mixing Activity For Preschoolers

Mess-Free Colour Mixing Activity for Preschoolers

Are you looking for a colour-mixing activity, but dread the mess? Look no further. This mess-free colour mixing activity for preschoolers couldn’t be simpler, but still is super fun for little ones! With no prep, simple ingredients you probably already have in your house, and easy clean up, this colour mixing activity is a winner for moms and kids!

Continue reading “Mess-Free Colour Mixing Activity For Preschoolers”

Busy Boxes Toddlers Can Use Independently

Busy Boxes Toddlers Can Use Independently

Have you jumped on the Busy Box train? A quick search on Pinterest will show you tons of busy boxes toddlers and preschoolers can use.  They claim that busy boxes will occupy your child so you can fold the laundry, cook dinner, or do the million other things you need to get done in a day. Maybe you can even have five minutes to put your feet up and rest!

Sounds great, right? But wait, tons of moms are finding that the busy box activities they create actually need a lot of adult guidance and the quiet time they were desperately craving is no where to be found

So what’s a mom to do?. Continue reading “Busy Boxes Toddlers Can Use Independently”