How to Prepare for Baby While Staying at Home

Are you expecting and worried about being pregnant and giving birth during the current climate of staying at home and distancing yourself from other people? You may be wondering what to do to prepare for your baby while staying at home. This post will walk you through how you can prepare for your baby while staying home.

Pregnancy in the World of Distance and Isolation

The world has changed so much in just a few short weeks.

Just a month ago you may have been  getting ready to prepare for your baby by taking a prenatal class at your local hospital, registering at a baby boutique, attending prenatal yoga classes at your local studio, or attending a baby shower full of loved ones.

Instead, you’re probably hunkering down in your home, preparing to stay there for the foreseeable future.

You’re probably feeling confused and, quite frankly, overwhelmed about how to go through your pregnancy and prepare for your baby while stuck at home. 

As a mom of two, I’m here to offer some practical suggestions on how to make life easier as a pregnant woman and help you prepare for baby while staying at home. 

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Control What You Can Control

This is a stressful, trying time for all of us, and pregnant women have it extra hard, as you have an extra reason to stress: your baby!

In times like these, it’s helpful to think about what you can control and focus on it. Below is a list of steps you can take to control your situation.

Follow Recommendations of Health Professionals

First and foremost, you’ll want to heed the advice of your doctors and your national health authority. Stay at home as much as possible, distance yourself from others while out of the house and WASH. YOUR. DANG. HANDS!

Being informed and following these steps will lower your risk and hopefully give you some piece of mind.

You’ll also want to speak to your own doctor about any recommendations or protocols to follow during appointments and when it’s time to give birth. Express your concerns and fears to your doctor, who can give you science-backed advice and their own expert opinion and experience, which can give you piece of mind. 

Mental Health Care

Pregnancy is a time when your mental health needs tending to, just like your physical health. With surging hormones, pregnant women feel emotional, stressed and overwhelmed at the best of times, let alone during a crisis. 

Be sure to follow best practices for caring for your mental health. These include:

  • taking breaks from new consumption
  • spending time exercising outdoors
  • spending time connecting with others (virtually or at a distance)
  • reaching out if you need help

Educate Yourself While At Home

A big part of preparing for baby is taking a prenatal course. Being educated about birth is an effective way to calm fears about birthing at the best of times, and having that peace of mind right now if more important than ever.

You may be concerned about a prenatal class or breastfeeding class you were planning on taking. They likely have been cancelled or postponed indefinitely.

You can absolutely prepare for birth while being stuck at home. There are online resources that can ensure you are educated and prepared to go into your birth.

The Online Prenatal Course for Couples is offered by Hilary Erikson from Pulling Curls. Hilary is a registered nurse who has worked as a labor and delivery nurse since 2001. She knows her stuff. And right now she’s offering a beginning prenatal course, absolutely FREE!

I love her signature course because it’s specifically geared towards couples. Especially during this trying time, you’ll want your husband or partner on board with you. And, since you’re probably stuck at home together, you’ll likely both have extra time right now to do the course together!

I would highly recommend giving her FREE beginning prenatal course a try, to see if it resonates with you.

Be Prepared for Your Birthing Experience

Creating a birth plan is an important step in being prepared for your birth. A birth plan is simply a document that states your wishes for your birth (recognizing that these are your preferences; things may need to change depending on how your labor goes). 

Writing your birth plan is one step you can take in preparing your birth right from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll want to prepare your birth plan soon. Don’t wait until the last minute like me (yes, I was writing out my plan while in labor…NOT fun!).

If you’re looking for a template for your birth plan, this easy to use one is free!

Birth is Natural

You may be anxious that your birthing experience may not look exactly like you had imagined nine months ago. Hospitals may be limiting the number of birth partners able to join you in the hospital, or may need to make other adjustments in their staffing. 

I highly recommend reading some materials on natural birth. Even if you plan on having an epidural or an elective c-section (totally valid choices), it may calm your nerves if worst case-scenarios are running through your head.

It was a huge comfort to me during my pregnancy once I began reading Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth or Giving Birth with Confidence by Judith Lothian. Both books made me feel very empowered and reduced my fears about giving birth dramatically. I highly recommend them, no matter what kind of birth you prefer. 

You can also repeat positive birthing affirmations like the following:

  • My body was made for this.
  • This has been done billions of times before me. 
  • I trust my body to know how to birth my child.

Or my own personal mantra: if a chimpanzee alone in a jungle can give birth successfully, I can too.

Keeping Busy

Along with preparing yourself for birth, keeping yourself busy is a great way to pass the time (and keep you mind off the stress of this situation). Luckily, there’s plenty to do to prepare for baby, and most of which you’re able to do from the comfort of your home!

Make a Registry

It’s a great time to prepare your baby registry. Browse catalogs and websites to see what you’ll need when baby comes.

You don’t need to enter a store to make your baby registry! Amazon’s online baby registry is so easy and convenient to use, for both you and your loved ones. Everything can be done from your couch!

Not to mention, Amazon gives a free welcome gift, with a value of $35+ when the first purchase is made! Click here to start your Amazon baby registry right now!

Make sure you are registering for the right things, not junk you’ll never use. See my lists on Unnecessary Baby Items and Nursery Items You Don’t Need.


Take this time while you’re stuck at home to nest, nest, nest! Clean and organize until your heart’s content. 

If you’re not feeling the nesting urge yet, don’t force it. It will come and it will come strong!

Planning your nursery is one fun form of nesting, if you’re not feeling like scrubbing your entire house yet. You can have lots of fun browsing online for furniture and decorations!

Baby Names

Now’s the time to browse through as many baby names lists as you can in order to find that perfect name! I have a tons of baby names organized by theme! Click here to see all my baby name posts!

Pack Your Hospital Bag

If you’re close to your due date, or even if you’re a few months away, there’s no better time than to start packing your hospital bag. In this post I have a list of must-haves for your hospital bag and a printable PDF for you to print off if you’d like. 

Keep a Pregnancy Journal

Now is the perfect time to make a pregnancy journal to record these precious memories at a very unique time in human history! Half keepsake and half historical document, you’ll be creating a one-of-a-kind memory for your little one to cherish as they grow. This one from Pearhead is gorgeous!

Stay Healthy 

You know that taking care of yourself and staying healthy is important during pregnancy. You can certainly keep up healthy habits at home, and perhaps do some extra healthy things in the spare time you’ve now got in abundance. 


I’m the first to admit that sometimes pregnant women just need a good cry. I certainly did. If you’re feeling very overwhelmed, sometimes a good cathartic cry is the most helpful thing and you actually feel refreshed afterwards. 

So if you’re feeling big feelings, lean in a have a good, cleansing cry. You are certainly entitled to one! Just know at the end, it’s time to pull yourself back together, repeat some positive affirmations and focus on what you can control.


Although you’re not able to get to a gym, staying active is one way to prepare for your delivery at home. Taking time to walk outside (in uncrowded areas) can be a great boost to your mood and your physical health.

If you’re not comfortable getting outside, you can still do some easy at home workouts, right from your own living room or bedroom. There are tons of prenatal yoga classes and prenatal workouts available on Youtube.

Eat Well

Since you’re not going out to eat or rushing to and from work, this is an opportunity for you to eat well. Try cooking meals from scratch, eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies and drinking tons of water (you’ll never be far from a bathroom!)

If you’re having trouble keeping healthy food down, due to morning sickness, read this post all about morning sickness and finding relief.

Rest as Much as Possible

If you are in your first or third trimester, you’re likely going to be pretty tired, even if you’re not going out anywhere. Take this time to rest as much as you need. If there’s any silver lining to social distancing, it’s the ability to stay home and get cozy. 

If you’re having trouble getting enough sleep at night, read this helpful post on how to get more sleep while pregnant.


Stay Social

Just because you’re not socializing face-to-face with loved ones doesn’t mean you need to totally isolate yourself. Check in with loved ones, video chat or simply call a friend to chat. Pregnant women need a support system from other moms and that need doesn’t stop during times of distancing.

One great way to celebrate your pregnancy is to have an online baby shower. If you had a baby shower planned that had to be cancelled, you could suggest having an online baby shower instead. Read all about how to plan an online baby shower here.


Well, those are my tips for pregnant women preparing for baby while social distancing! Stay home and stay safe!

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