Funny Dog Pregnancy Announcements That Will Crack You Up

Are you expecting a baby and wondering how to announce it to family and friends on social media. Lots of mom and dads-to-be who are also dog moms and dog dads want to incorporate their canine pals into their pregnancy announcement. Below you’ll find a list of hilarious dog pregnancy announcements you can use on Facebook, Instagram, and social media!

Pregnancy Announcements 

When I was pregnancy, I was already a devoted dog mom. I was so excited to grow our family, but even more excited to include our pouch in our growing family AND our big announcement. We took a photo of our doggie, some baby booties and a sign that read “Mom and Dad are getting me a human. Baby Smith, expected Dec 2014. I couldn’t have been happier with the way it turned out

Since then, I’ve loved reading other people’s pregnancy announcements, especially when they, like me, include their pooch. 

I’ve collected a few of my favorite dog pregnancy announcements below. I hope this list helps you find the perfect way to announce your pregnancy!

Pregnancy Anouncements with Dogs

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Dog Pregnancy Announcements

Here are some of the cutest announcements floating around instagram these days. Check out te amazing feeds of these mamas-to-be because they are stellar!


Lots of these announcements use a letterboard, but this is the perfect way to make a pregnancy sign without a letterboard (if you’re one of the five people on earth that don’t have one, jk).

I love the guard dog bibs these pups are sporting! So cute! You can find similar ones here!

Again, these guard dog bibs are just killing me! So much cuteness!

What’s better than a good pun? A pun with a puppy! Doesn’t hurt that my favorite dog is a lab! If you have a retreiver, this sign is for you!

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If you can convince your dog to wear baby shoes, this would make an adorable announcement! Look at that smiling face!

I love the caption of this pic even more than the picture itself! Poor Ghost! Being a big brother isn’t so bad!

Fancy balloons + letterboard + dog in bowtie = very on trend announcement!

This sign is very similar to the one I used to announce my first baby (the caption says ‘We’re getting a human”). So cute! I love their serious mugs

More fancy ballons. So cute!

What a sweet way to include dog and new parents in the same photo! 


Even More Pregnancy Wording Announcements Featuring Dogs

If you’re looking for more wording ideas, try these captions, perfect for a letterboard!

  • If you think I’m trouble now, wait til you meet my partner in crime… Arriving June 2019
  • We can’t stop wagging out tails. Baby Smith is coming June 2019
  • We’re expecting the arrival of our new best friend. Baby Smith is expected June 2019
  • The battle for mom’s attention begins June 2019
  • So you’re telling me I’m losing my spot on the bed? Baby Smith June 2019
  • Official toy tester, Baby Smith Arriving June 2019
  • Adding one more to the pack… Baby Smith expected June 2019
  • More shoes to chew. Baby Smith arriving June 2019 (dog + baby shoes)
  • Some bunny is going to be a big brother/sister! (dog in bunny ears)

Well mamas, I hope these ideas help you to find the perfect way to announce your pregnancy and include your doggie too! Happy planning and congratulations!


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