Vintage and Elegant Girls Names with Cute Nicknames

Are you looking for a vintage girls name that can be shortened to something super cute? Many parents want to name their child a timeless, more formal name, but use a cute nickname for everyday use. This list of elegant girls names with cute nicknames will help you find the perfect name for your new daughter!
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Vintage Names for Girls

Many parents want to choose a formal name for their child, but don’t want to have their baby bogged down with a long moniker for day-to-day use.

Choosing a name that has a cute nickname that you like is a good idea. If you give your child a long name, someone will inevitably give them a nickname, whether it’s a family member, or a kid at school. Picking a name that already has a nickname you like is a good plan.

This list of vintage girls names with absolutely adorable nicknames will help you find the perfect name for your new daughter.

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Now, on with the list of names!

Elegant girls names with cute nicknames

Elegant Girls Names with Cute Nicknames


Addison has been quote a popular name over the past few decades (Thanks Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice!). Adelaide is a more sophisticated and unique option, and you can still use Addy as a sweet nickname.


As far as naming your child after a location, Alabama is such a fresh take with a slight rustic edge. It’s a really unique name, which is balanced out by a more common, but still adorable nickname. 


A more unique take on the classic Alexandra, Alessandra is sophisticated name. The nickname Sandy fits perfectly and balances the more formal Alessandra. 


Giving your name a floral-inspired name is a tradition that has been around for hundred if not thousands of years. Amaryllis is a more unique option than Rose or Lily, and the nickname Lyss gives it just a bit of edge. 


Annaliese is quite a formal name and the nickname Ann lends some simplicity to a name that could be a bit overpowering. 

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Antonia is a super sophisticated name. Toni is a cute shortened version, but Ann could be another, more classic, option.


I personally love nicknames that come from the end, not the beginning of the name. Bella is a sweet name that gives a bit of playfulness to a frilly name.

Beatrix-Trixie, Bea

Bea is one of my favorite names, which can stand alone or be a shortened form of Beatrix or Beatrice. Trixie is another more edgy option, if that’s your preference.


Bernie is a great androgynous option for a very girly name like Bernadette.


Calliope is a very unique name, but the nickname Callie has a more casual feel.

Small very cute wide-eyed smiling baby girl lying on her tummy on a white background in the Studio, next to the tulips


Cassia is another more unique vintage name. Cassie or even simpler, Cass would work for a nickname.


Charlotte is such a classic name. An androgynous nickname like Charlie is the perfect balance. Lottie is another option if you’re looking for a more original twist.


Clementine is another super frilly vintage name that I LOVE. Clemmie is the perfect cute, but not too cute, counterpart.


Some would choose Cordy as a nickname for Cordelia, but that reminds me way too much of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Delia is a more sophisticated choice for a nickname.


It’s hard to find a more retro name/nickname combo that Dorothy and Dottie. Love, love, love!

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Eleanor is one ‘old lady’ name that hasn’t had much of a comeback. Elle is a lovely nickname that feels more modern, but Ellie and Lea also make perfect nickname choices. 

Elizabeth-Betty, Libby

Elizabeth is a classic name that has been used by royalty for hundred of years and still is popular today. Betty is a great retro nickname instead of Liz. Libby is another cute and unique option!


Esmerelda is another veeeery fancy name. Esme is still elegant, but also fresher and simple.


Some woud use Eve as a nickname for Evangelina, but I think Leena is a more modern twist!


Evelyn is just plain lovely, but for a little girl, Evie suits a sweet personality.

Felicity-Liss, Flick

Flick is a little known, but super cute nickname for Felicity. If you prefer something a little more common, Liss is another great option.

baby girl


Florence is a beautiful, but underused “grandmother” name. I love the nickname Flossie, which is unusual without being weird!


I’m really loving the trench of unisex nicknames. Freddie is a great way to get in on that trend, while still using a formal name with a vintage appeal.


Genny is a cute, but not too common nickname for the beautiful Genevieve.


Instead of the very popular Georgie, Georgina is another super girly name with super cool unisex nickname for your daughter!


If you like “old lady names”, you can’t get any more old fashioned than Hattie, which reminds me of a sweet old grandmother. Harriet is a lovely name that hasn’t regained popularity yet, but is bound to come soon.




Isabelle and Isabella are quite overused, but Isadora has the same feel with a fresh twist. Izzy or Dora would both make great nicknames.


Helena is another example of a very elegant name that might be a tad bit overpowering for a little girl. Lena is still elegant, but a little less sophisticated and a little more sweet.


Etta James (most famous for the song, At Last) is an absolute legend, whose name was, in fact, Jamesetta. What a great way to honour the Matriarch of R&B by naming your daughter after her!


One of my all-time favorite names, Josephine has a great vintage feel without being overused like Olivia and Sophia. Josie is a cute way to shorten it, as is Joey.


Jules is a more modern and edgy nickname that the traditional Julie. The perfect complement to Julianna!

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Luciana is an unusual vintage name that we don’t often hear. Lucy is a more accessible name that will be familiar to most.


Kenz is another modern nickname with a bit of an edge. Definitely unique!


A twist on the classic name, Gail, Kayle is more modern and pays homage to one of my favorite leafy greens! Eco-chich at its best!


While Maggie is the traditional and most common nickname for Margaret, Maisie is a fun and slightly whimsical twist!


You might be wondering how Daisy every became a nickname for Marguerite. Marguerite is actually the French word for Daisy. A super cute and uncommon pair!

picture of baby girl in headband, text reads 50 vintage names with perfect nicknames


You can pay tribute to the beautiful flower and iconic movie star Goldie Hawn in one swoop with this name/nickname combo!


Although Maggie is a traditional nickname for Margaret, I just adore the name Magnolia, which is another great option that pairs with Maggie.


Since I read Roahl Dahl’s famous book, the name Matilda has stuck with me. Tillie is a super sweet vintage nickname that words perfectly with Matilda.


Olivia is currently one of the most popular names for girls. Livy is a great way to mix things up and find a nickname that is a little more unique.


Polly is such a sweet old fashioned nickname and is the perfect way to shorten the traditional Paulina.


Penelope can be a heavy, though lovely moniker. Penny is the sweetest little girl version!

portrait of little baby girl sleeping comfy on fur blanket with flowers around


If you’re looking for a truly unique name and nickname combo, this is it. Persephone is about as unique as you’ll find, while the androgynous nickname Percie is a really cool pairing!


Petronella is a very frilly vintage name. It’s a very unique option (you can be sure there won’t be two Petronella’s in your daughter’s kindergarten class!). Nellie is a perfect simple, but still uncommon nickname to balance it out.


Pippa has been rising in popularity since Kate Middleton’s wedding. Philippa is the perfect more formal version that pairs well with this trendy nickname.


Like Persephone and Percy, the pairing of the very dainty and uncommon Philomena becomes super cool with an androgynous nickname like Phil.




I don’t know about you, but whenever I hear the name Becky (Rebecca’s usual nickname), I think of two things, Aunt Becky, or Becky with the good hair. Neither Becky is one you want associated with your baby daughter. Bex is a more edgy and fresh option for Rebecca.


Rosie is one of the most perfect nickname for a little girl. Rosalie is a great match for it, rather than the more common Rose.


Although many would shorten Veronica to Ronnie, I think Nica is much more chic and unforgettable!


Wilhemina is another super fancy and frilly name. Willa is a lovely, simple alternative, while still remaining lovely and unique!


If you’re looking for a vintage name, Winifred is pretty much the best you’ll et. Winnie, or the even simpler Win, is th perfect pairing with the frilly Winifred.


So there you have my list of elegant girls names with cute nicknames. I hope this helps you on your search for the perfect baby name! Good luck, mamas!

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