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Cutting Edge Hipster Girl Names for 2020

Are you looking for an effortlessly cool name for your baby girl? This list of hipster girl names for 2020 will help you find the perfect unique and hip baby name!

What Makes a Hipster Name?

So what exactly makes a hipster name? Well, it’s a name that is new, fresh, or old enough to feel fresh again. Hipsters often set trends in everything for food, to music, to clothing. Now that hipsters are becoming parents, they’re also setting trends in baby names!

Many hipsters love the trend of using vintage names for babies. But not any vintage name will do. Lily and Sophie are far too common for a true hipster. They are looking for a unique vintage name that will help their baby stand out from the crowd.

Hipsters also love special baby names with unique, but not weird, spellings. Again, a name that will set their baby apart is key for hipsters.

Finally, hipsters love to use gender neutral names, or boys names for girls. Adding a unique spelling, like Emersyn instead of Emerson, is a common trend hipsters love.

Hipster Girl Names for 2020

So without further ado, here is my list of hipster girl names.


This is the English version of the Germane name Adalhedis. Like Ada, this name means ‘noble’ or ‘nobility’. Addie would make a great nickname for Adelaide.


Ainslee or Ainsley was originally a Scottish surname derived from the place name for a meadow.


Alice stems from the Germanic elements ‘noble’ and ‘truth’. It’s a simple vintage name that has not yet regained the popularity of other vintage names.


A combination of the names Amber and Kimberly. 


Welsh name meaning ‘hill’.

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Cadence is a unisex name meaning ‘rhythm’. It’s gaining in popularity but is not yet super-common!


Calliope is a very sophisticated name, meaning ‘beautiful voice’. The nickname Callie has a more casual feel.


Carsyn is an alternate spelling of Carson, which originally a boy’s name, meaning ‘Carr’s son’.


Clementine is the female form of Clemens, meaning ‘mericful’. It can also refer to the fruit.


Ellis is another name that was originally a boy’s name, but is becoming quite popular as a girl’s name. It means ‘benevolent’ in English and Welsh.


Eloise comes from the French and means ‘healthy’ or ‘large’.


Alternate spelling to Emmerson, which literally means ‘Emery’s son’. It can also mean ‘brave’.

baby girl hipster names


Evangeline is an elegant vintage girl name which stems from the Greek. Meaning ‘bringer of good news’, Evangeline is a lovely choice for your daughter. This name is synonymous with Longfellow’s infamous poem of the same name.


Everly was originally a surname, which was a combination of two names meaning ‘boar’ and ‘woodland clearing’. It’s often used to honour The Everly Brothers, a popular band from 1951-73.


The name Fern comes from the plant of the same name. This name’s popularity peaked at the dawn of the 20th century, but is surfacing again. It’s the perfect combination of vintage and earthy-boho!


The Anglicized version of the Scottish name meaning ‘white warrior’. This was originally a boy’s name, but is gaining popularity for girls.


The female version of Francis, Frances comes from the Latin word for France, or ‘free one’.


Freya was originally an Old Norse name, spelled Freyja. Freyja was a goddess of love, beauty, war and death in Norse mythology.

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Originally an English surname, Gray, or Grey is a very chic and modern baby name.


This pretty vintage name stems from the brown colour, or the hazel tree. It’s been in use since the 19th century. This name is another example of a perfect cross between a vintage name and an earthy, boho name for a baby girl.


Pronounced ‘Eye-la’, this stylish baby name is originally Scottish. It means ‘rocky place’. Isla also means ‘island’ in Spanish. 


A shortened form of Judith, made popular by the Beatles song, “Hey Jude”.


Juliet is the English spelling of the name Juliette (also very cute!). It is the feminine form of Julius, which refers to a Roman family name.


A type of tree, symbolizing good health or healing.


Kenna is the feminine form of Kenneth, the anglicized form of a Scottish King.


Hebrew origins, meaning ‘cassia, cinnamon’, from the name of a spice tree.


Luca is traditionally a boy’s name, but has been becoming more popular for girls as of late. It originally refers to someone from Lucania. 


Lula can be its own name or a nickname for any name that starts with ‘Lu’ (Think Lucille, Lucy, etc.).


Lyric is a cute boho name that literally means ‘song-like’.

One-year baby girl playing upside down on the street


The German version of Maria, Maren means ‘sea of sorrow’.


Matilda is a German name meaning ‘battle-might’. I love that this frilly sounding name has such a strong meaning behind it!


Marlowe was originally a surname, which refers to a placename. It means ‘remnants of a lake’ in Old English. 


This Irish name refers to the warrior queen of Ireland and means ‘the cause of great joy’ or ‘she who intoxicates’.


Matilda is a German name meaning ‘battle-might’. I love that this frilly sounding name has such a strong meaning behind it!


Mila is a sophisticated girl’s name which stems from Slavic and means ‘gracious, dear’.


Millie can be a shortened form of several names, including Amelia, Camilla, Melissa, Mildred or Millicent. It means ‘industrious’.


Oakleigh was originally a boy’s name, but is now becoming a very stylish girl’s name. It means ‘meadow of oak trees’.


Palmer was originally a surname. It means ‘pilgrim’ and originally refers to a palm tree, as pilgrims to the Holy Land  brought back palm fronds.


Naming your daughter Poppy honours the poppy flower, which symbolizes ‘peace’.

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Presley is a chic unisex name. It usually honours the 50’s rock pioneer, Elvis Presely. Traditionally it was used as a surname meaning ‘preist’s meadow’.


Resa is a Persian baby girl name which means ‘eloquent’ or ‘wise’.


This stylish girls name refers to the rowan tree, which symbolizes courage, wisdom and protection.


Sadie is a beautiful hispter name that means ‘princess’ in Hebrew.


Scotia is the Latin name for Scotland. It’s a beautiful name to honour the nation of Scotland.

hipster baby girlSenna

Senna comes from a lovely plant, or is derived from Arabic name, Sana, meaning ‘splendour’.


From the English surname meaning ‘thicket’.


Sutton was originally a boy’s name, but it now being used for girls as well. It’s meaning is ‘southern settlement’.


Meaning ‘knowledge’ in Sandskrit.


Waverly is a lovely English girls’ name that means “meadow of quivering aspens”


The English term for the songbird.


Wynne is one of my favorite hipster names for baby girls. It’s Welsh for ‘blessed, or ‘fair’.

Name meanings sourced from Behind the Name.

Those are my favorite hipster girl names! I hope this helps you on your search for the perfect effortlessly chic baby name!

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