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7 Awesome Baby-Led Weaning Must-Haves You Need in Your Life

Baby-led weaning is an awesome way to introduce solids to your baby. Like everything with babies, the right gear is essential to making things easier on yourself and your child (and way less messy!). Below is a list of baby-led weaning must-haves that will make your journey to eating solids much easier!

Baby-Led Weaning Must-Haves

7 Baby-led weaning must-have items

So you’ve decided to embark on the amazing journey of baby-led weaning. Good for you! There are so many benefits to baby-led weaning for baby and family as a whole!

For most parents, baby-led weaning is a new way of feeding our babies, not what we’ve experienced watching younger brothers and sisters, or even babysitting. This is new territory for many parents! You can read about what to expect in the first week of baby-led weaning here.

You may be wondering just what you’ll need in terms of equipment and supplies for your baby-led weaning journey. I’ve compiled a list of baby-led weaning must-haves so you can be prepared for this new phase in your baby’s life!

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Essential Gear for Baby-Led Weaning

Baby-Led Weaning Books

My number one baby-led weaning must-haves is a book. Knowledge is power and knowing your stuff will help you feel prepared and confident.

There are several books on baby-led weaning to support new moms and dads. I highly recommend Baby-Led Weaning by Gillian Rapely, which is the original and penultimate guide. This book gives great background information, discusses all the benefits of baby-led weaning and walks you through all phases of the baby-led weaning journey.

If you have relatives or friends who are going to fight you on this decision, reading Gillian’s book will prepare you with the knowledge needed to back yourself up. You’ll feel confident in your decision after reading this book!

The second book I would recommend is the Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook. This cookbook is full of baby-safe recipes (low salt and sugar) that are easy to make and nutritious. I love that these recipes are meant to be shared by the whole family and you don’t have to prepare separate food just for baby. After reading this cookbook, I had lots of new ideas and I learned to make a lot of sauces, dips, etc. from scratch.

Here are some other books to help you on your baby-led weaning journey:

Baby-Led Feeding by Jenna Helwig

The Parents’ Guide to Baby-Led Weaning by Jennifer House

The Pocket Guide to Baby-Led Weaning by Ashley Wilkes

Simple Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook by Kevin Walker

Baby-Led Weaning for Vegans by Cathleen Woods

Best Bibs for Baby-Led Weaning

Baby-led weaning is a messy endeavor. The second item on my list of baby-led weaning must-haves is definitely a bib (or five). You will definitely need some heavy duty bibs. I highly recommend this full sleeved bib that will protect baby’s outfit so they can have as much fun as they want while eating and you don’t have to stress.

I used to strip my baby down to her diaper in the summertime during mealtimes, but I actually found it easier to throw one of these bibs on her, rather than bathe her three times a day! Way easier to throw the bib in the sink than the baby in the tub!

Best High Chairs for Baby-Led Weaning

The next items on my list of baby-led weaning must-haves is a specific kind of high chair. Although you could simply hold baby on your lap during mealtime, you will probably want a high chair to avoid getting a mess all over your clothes and to be able to enjoy mealtime yourself.

A simple high chair that’s easy to wipe down is the best for baby-led weaning. Don’t worry about a cushioned seat with lots of folds and crevices. It’s just more surfaces to wipe up!

If you’re looking for a full-sized high chair, this one from Ikea is very streamlined and inexpensive. I’ve heard you can throw it right in the shower/tub if you are in need of a major clean up!

If you’re looking for a smaller high chair to attach to a kitchen chair, We use and love this model. It’s easy to wipe clean. I can even unhook it from the chair and put it right in the sink to wash it!

Best Cups For Baby-Led Weaning

Another essential for baby-led weaning is a water cup, even if you’re breastfeeding. You’ll want to offer water with your meals, as it can help reduce constipation (read this post if you are trying to avoid or relieve baby constipation when starting solids).

Choosing the right cup for your six month old can seem like a daunting task and might need some trial and error.

My first daughter had great success with this weighted straw cup. It was so easy for her to drink without having to hold the cup at the perfect angle. I highly recommend it!

My second babe is very fussy (she won’t take a bottle at all). She has no interest in sucking on a straw. Right now we’re using more of a traditional sippy cup like this one, with the stopper removed. I have to help her drink out of it (read: hold it for her and dribble a few drops in her mouth) It’s a work in progress, but she’s starting to get it!

I’ve also heard great things about this cup, which can help your kiddo train to use a real (non-sippy) cup. My first was too old to use it by the time I discovered it, but I’m excited to use it with my second in the coming months!

Baby-Led Weaning Floor Mat

You’ll definitely want something to protect your floor if you have carpet, or even hard-wood. This splash mat is perfect to place under your high chair to catch any extra messes.

You could also use a plastic table cloth if you have one handy, but I love that the splash mat is BPA-free, PVC-free, vinyl-free, phthalate-free and lead-free. Plus I loooooove the 10 adorable patterns it comes in. Something for everyone!

Best Dishes for Baby-Led Weaning

You can begin baby-led weaning by placing baby’s food right on the high chair tray. However, using a silicone place mat can make things easier because it’s harder for baby to dump all their food on the floor with one big swipe!

There are so many different kinds of mats that are kid-friendly and absolutely adorable (check out this teddy bear one, this dinosaur one, or this monkey one)! I love that silicone plates attach to the high chair tray and stay put!

If you’re looking for a bowl, you can also purchase a silicone bowl placemat.  These are great for when you serve small items like blueberries and cheerios, or later when baby learns to spoon feed themselves items like yogurt or applesauce. The placemat sticks really well so you can be confident the bowl will stay put!

They do sell plastic bowls with suction cups on the bottom, but in my experience, they don’t stick very well and baby will knock it to the floor when you’re not looking.

Baby-Led Weaning Utensils

Although baby will use their hands at first, they’ll soon begin experimenting with using their own cutlery. At first you might pre-load their spoon or fork and then let them bring it to their mouths. We used this set and it suited our purpose wonderfully.

Once baby is ready to begin loading their own spoon, this handy utensil is a great starter that allows baby to feed themselves without frustration.


There you have my list of baby-led weaning must-haves! I hope these items make baby-led weaning easier for you and your little one!

What is your favorite part of baby-led weaning? If you haven’t done BLW, what are your hesitations?

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Baby-Led Weaning Must-Haves

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