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5 Reasons You Should be Gardening With Your Kids

Growing a garden has been one of the best decisions of my life. It has given back to me tenfold the effort I have put in to it. Gardening has quickly become a passion of mine and I love that I can share it with my daughter. It is truly amazing to watch Hannah interact in the garden. There have been so many advantages in involving her in gardening and I now recommend gardening to all my mom friends (actually any human being living on the Earth). Today I want to share my top five reasons why you absolutely MUST start gardening with your kids.

Why You Should Start Gardening with your Kids

It’s Educational

Gardening with your kids teaches them a lot! It touches upon so many different topics and subject areas. Obviously gardening teaches children about the life cycle of plants which is often a unit in elementary school science. By gardening yourselves, you are giving your children hands-on learning opportunities to experience what they have learned about in theory. In addition, gardening requires skills like reading comprehension (following directions on seed packages) and numeracy (counting seeds, plants and vegetables, measuring distance between planting seeds, planning by using a calendar). You can touch on so many other areas of study, like nutrition, photosynthesis, composting, earthworms, the five senses, etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on!

It Connects Kids to their Food Source

Gardening with your kids allows them to connect to their food source in a way that is unusual in this day and age. This is perhaps my favorite reason of all.  I love knowing that my daughter knows where her food comes from. It’s becoming a rarity in our society and I love that she can watch her baby plants grow into tall pea plants with pea pods hanging off them. She can pull the peas off and eat them right there in the garden. Is there anything more beautiful than that?

Gardening with Kids
Hannah filling some seed pods with soil.
Gardening with Kids
The results of a hard day’s work starting seedlings!

It Teaches Responsibility

Gardening is a big responsibility that children can take pride in. Gardens need to be weeded daily, watered and fertilized. Children can take part in these responsibilities and will have an authentic reward, homegrown fruits and veggies!

Teach your children to garden
Hard at work watering our tomato plants!

It Encourages Them Eat What They Grow

Teach your children to garden
Picking the first peas of the season

Gardening with your kids will help them to eat healthier! My number one tip for getting children to eat their veggies is by growing veggies in the garden. This have actually been studies that have demonstrated this to be true. For whatever reason, kids are much more likely to eat what they grow (and prepare themselves) than vegetables from the store . Plus, what can beat the taste of homegrown fresh veggies?


You children will become one with the Earth. OK, that’s a little cheesy, but truthfully, gardening is one of the most relaxing and fulfilling activities I have ever done. A number of studies have demonstrated a variety of mental health benefits from gardening. Why not give the gift of wellness to your kids and start gardening young?

Do you garden with your kids? What do you think the biggest advantages are? Drop me a line below!

Gardening with Kids Gardening with Kids Gardening with Kids

8 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Should be Gardening With Your Kids

  1. We LOVE to garden with our kids! Sometimes it’s actually planting, sometimes it’s just watering, and often the kids will just ask if they can go weed 😀 our four year old taught his friends at preschool how to weed and get the roots, haha! Such a wonderful activity for little ones 😀 great post!

  2. This post is right up my alley. I have written it down and I’m going to share it this week on my Facebook and IG stories.

    Right now we live in an apartment, and we cannot wait to buy a house so we can have more of a green space. I have enjoyed doing some urban gardening–we’ve had herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries. My daughters LOVE helping to water the plants, and because of them I have had much more luck keeping the plants alive–they won’t let me forget to water.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I completely agree with all the points. We live in a skyscraper but u do include her in gardening even though we have 5 plants in our balcony

  4. I love this! We have just a small patio but we are growing herbs, tomatoes and carrots along with some flowers. The ToddlerMonster LOVES finding ripe tomatoes on the vine. She planted some of the flowers and the carrots from seed herself and loves watering them and watching them grow.

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