Super Special Ideas for Celebrating a Kid’s Birthday at Home

Is your child celebrating a birthday in the coming weeks while the nation is isolating itself? A big birthday party with lots of guests probably isn’t an option as this point, but you can still make their birthday special. Keep reading to get some great ideas for celebrating your kid’s birthdays at home!

If you child has a birthday in the next few weeks, or even the next few months, their birthday celebration is probably on your mind. It’s likely that a normal birthday party won’t be in the cards this year. You’ll probably be looking for some unique ideas to make celebrating a kid’s birthday at home extra special.

My daughter’s birthday is coming up this spring and I’m wondering whether it will be possible to have loved ones over for a celebration. Since she’s only two, she likely won’t be too disappointed missing out on a big party, but an older child certainly would!

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While you can postpone your child’s birthday party until it’s safe to socialize again, you’ll still want to make their actual birthday as special as possible. You can also offer to spend the money you would have used on a party to buy them extra presents (because what kid wouldn’t want that???).

There are still plenty of ways to create a memorable birthday without throwing a face-to-face birthday party. In fact, your child may love these ides so much, they may ask for them every year!


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Celebrating Your Kid’s Birthday at Home

Here are some great ideas to celebrate your child’s birthday while distancing/isolating yourself. Choose a few, or do them all!


making a birthday special while distancing

Start the Morning Off With Birthday Surprises:

Balloons in The Bedroom

One way to start your child’s birthday off right is to fill their room with balloons during the night. That way, the celebration will start the moment they open their eyes!

Special Notes to Cover the Door

Another way to make waking up extra sweet is to write love notes and tape them on your child’s door. Try cutting out some hearts and listing the reasons why your child is so special to you. As soon as they open their door, they’ll be filled up with love!

Special Birthday Breakfast 

What kids could complain about their birthday when they’re served cake for breakfast? Switch up your routine and serve your birthday cake to start the day.

If you want to avoid the sugar high until later, you could also serve up your child’s favorite breakfast. Or as a compromise, try an English muffin with cream cheese, sprinkles and a candle to start the day!


Just because you’re not having guests over doesn’t mean you should skip decorating your house! Decorations are one way to show your child their birthday is still an important day. Decorate the night before so your kiddo can be surprised by them as soon as they wake up.

ideas to make birthday special while distancing

Special Birthday Events at Home

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Birthday Scavenger Hunt

For kids, the best part of a birthday is probably the presents. But opening presents can be so short, especially without guests watching you.

To draw out the suspense of present time, try creating a birthday treasure hunt. Hide clues around the house and leave the presents at the end with the last clue (you could also leave one present with each clue). 

We did this with my daughter last year and she had a BALL. It was an absolute hit and she’s asked numerous times for another treasure hunt at her next birthday.

Confetti Bath

Try a special bath bomb to give your child a relaxing, but fun bath. Using a bath bomb is a great way to create a special bath (this could be one of the gifts you give your child). Try an extra special bath bomb like a colour changing bath bomb, a glow in the dark bath bomb, a bath bomb with a toy inside, or, keeping with the birthday theme, a confetti bath bomb like this one

If your child is old enough, dimming the lights and lighting candles is a great way to make bath time special.

For younger kids, dimming the lights and adding glow sticks makes for an extra fun bath, as does letting them paint in the tub (don’t worry-it cleans up super easily)! 

Dress Up

Just because you’re not going to a big birthday party doesn’t mean you can’t mark the special day with a fancy outfit. Encourage the whole family to put on their best clothes to make the birthday boy or girl feel extra special.

Spa Day

If your child likes to be pampered, turn their birthday into a spa day! Do a manicure and pedicure, a face mask and maybe even special make-up!

This special birthday girl spa robe would make a perfect gift for a spa day. Piggie Paint is safe nail polish for kids.

You Pick the Menu

Let your child pick the menu for the day. Make their favorite foods; let them have brownies for supper. No food is off limits!

Bake Together

In addition to choosing the menu, your child might like to be involved in the meal prep! How much fun would it be for them to decorate their own birthday cake?

ideas to make a birthday special while distancing

Celebrating with Friends and Family While Distancing  Yourself Socially

Ask Loved Ones to Send Cards

If you contact loved ones and friends ahead of time, ask them to send some birthday cards to your kiddo to open. Having them all ready for your child in the morning is another way to start your birthday off right!

Facetime with Friends and Loved Ones

Just because you can’t celebrate face-to-face doesn’t mean you can’t be in contact with loved ones. Facetime with grandparents, aunts uncles and cousins, so they can give your kiddo birthday wishes and maybe even sing them Happy Birthday. It’s also nice for grandparents (who are probably missing their grandkids) to be able to watch them open their gifts.

For older kids, you could arrange a Google Hangout or video chat in Facebook messenger with their friends to have a virtual birthday party!

Extra-Special Birthday Tactics for When You’re Stuck at Home

If you have a tight neighbourhood, try asking neighbours to wish your child happy birthday or decorate their porch while you walk/drive around, like this Fort Worth family did. What a great story of a neighbourhood coming together to make a little boy feel so very special!

You could also arrange for loved ones to drive by, with their cars decorated with birthday signs, like this family did.

There are also options for those who don’t have close neighbours to call on. This mom tweeted, asking for fellow Twitter-users to tweet a birthday wish to her son. 


Well, those are my ideas for celebrating a kid’s birthday home! I know you will be able to create a special day for your child!

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