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Must-Have Baby Outdoor Gear So You Can Enjoy Summer

Do you have a baby and are feeling like you have to stay inside this summer to keep him or her protected from the heat and sun? Are you longing to get outside and enjoy the summer weather? This list of baby outdoor gear will help you enjoy your summer with baby in tow.

Spending Time Outdoors with Baby


Last summer, I gave birth in early June. It made spending time outside difficult, because I was always concerned about keeping the baby cool and out of the sun. I was so disappointed that we didn’t get to spend as much time outside as we would have liked, especially because summer in Canada is a such short season!

As the summer went on, I learned some tricks to keep baby cool and protected from the sun. There are so many amazing products on the market to keep baby safe and comfortable in the summertime. Whether your baby is a newborn, or slightly older, there are many ways to keep baby safe, healthy and happy outside.

Today I want to share some of my favorite baby outdoor gear & products that made summer not only managable, but enjoyable for us. I hope they’ll be able to help you as well!

Summer Outdoor Baby Gear

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Must-Have Baby Outdoor Gear

Without further ado, here are some amazing items to keep baby safe, healthy and happy while outdoors in the summer.

Baby Gear for Sun Protection

First thing’s first, when spending time outdoors, you’ll need to be sure that baby is protected from the sun. Because it’s not reccomended for babies under six months to wear sunscreen, this means baby needs to be in the shade. 

Stroller with Sun Shield

It’s so important to have adeqaute sun protection for your stroller.  If your stroller is like mine, it simply does not provide enough protection from the sun. 

Remember that drapping a blanket over your stroller is NOT safe. Even the lightest blanket blocks air circulation and cause temperatures under the blanket to rise dramatically. 

Instead of draping a blanket, a sun shield is the perfect way to protect your baby without blocking airflow. 

This sun shield provides a ton of coverage and is compatible with most strollers. It’s UV 50 certified, so you know your baby is protected.

Portable Playpen with Shade


A portable outdoor playpen is a perfect place to contain mobile babies who want to explore and keep them shaded. You’ll be able to do your yardwork or gardening while knowing your baby is safely contained and out of the sun.

Sun Tent 


Sun tents are a mom’s best friend at the beach! When my first was little, we used a beach umbrella, but everytime the wind blew, it was a disaster. I wish we had had a shade tent! 

When shopping for a shade tent, be sure to find one that has zip-down mesh panels like the one above. That way the wind won’t uproot your tent.



Once your baby is six months old, you can start using sunscreen. Before this it’s best to keep them out of the sun completely. 

You should look for a mineral sunscreen to minimize questionable chemical exposure for your little one (and our waterways). This brand is my favorite!

Be sure to buy a face stick as well as body sunscreen. Sticks make sunscreen soo much easier to apply to baby’s face. We use this one and love it. 



It goes without saying that you baby needs a good hat to wear in order to have adequate sun protection for their heads.

These awesome hats have flaps to protect your baby’s neck as well as their head. They also have a drawstring so baby can’t take it off the minute you put it on!

Baby Sunglasses


It’s also super important to protect baby’s eyes from UV rays. UV rays can do permenant damage to your eyes, so sunglasses are a must for everyone in our family, even baby.

These baby sunglasses are super adorable and the strap will ensure they stay on baby’s face.

Sheer Muslin Blankets


Although muslin blankets should not be used to drape over your carseat or stroller, they are great in a pinch when you need some quick sun protection. 

For instance, I would often loosely wrap a muslin blanket around my daughter while walking from out cottage to our sun tent on the beach. It was enough to keep her delicate skin out of the bright sun for the very short trip to the shaded tent area.

Please note that muslin blankets do allow some UV rays due to their thin nature. Don’t rely on them to provide shade for long periods of time. However, they’re perfect for giving cover for a few short minutes in the sun.

Other Items to Protect Baby from Summer Weather and Elements

In addition to the sun, you’re probably worried about keeping baby cool, safe from bugs, and contained in the outdoors. These items will help baby stay safe!



A stroller fan is another great idea to make sure baby’s getting adequate sun protection while still staying cool.

This one is super versatile. It has recharagable batteries and a USB adapter. It operates silently, oscillates and it’s easy to adjust the angle of the fan.

It also has a sponge you can soak in essential oils or bug spray instead of applying oils or spray directly on your child. 

Travel Bassinet


A travel bassinet is a lifesaver for a little one who naps frequently.  Remember napping in the carseat is not optimal and can block your baby’s airway. Don’t rely on your carseat for napping when you are not in the car.

Instead, the flat surface of the travel bassinet and the mesh sides are perfect for napping safely.

I often used my portable bassinet for a safe pace for my infant to play and relax while awake during the summer and fall. She loved to lay under the trees and watch and listen to the leaves rustle. Nature is so entertaining for babies and relaxing for mamas too!

Bug Net


If you’re out during mosquito season, a bug net is a must-have for your baby.

It’s not reccomended that babies under one use bug spray.

Netting will allow your baby to safely enjoy the outdoors without worrying about bug bites. This net can be used to cover a stroller, carseat, bassinet or playpen. Don’t let bugs keep you from getting outside with baby!



A baby carrier is another great piece of baby outdoor gear for moms who love to be outside. Carriers are incredibly convenient and so beneficial for babies!

Even moms who prefer the stroller can benefit from a baby carrier. You can babywear places where your stroller simply can’t go, such as a sandy beach, rough terrain or even in the water! 

If you’re looking for a soft structured carrier that won’t get too hot, check out this carrier, which has zip panels mesh. This wrap is perfect for using both in and out of the water!

Water Shoes


Keep your little walker’s (or crawler’s) teeny feet protected with a pair of lightweight water shoes. These ones are stretchy, like socks, and have a rubber bottom to protect those little toesies!

Travel High Chair


An outdoor high chair or booster is such a blessing during a barbecue or outdoor party. You can contain your little one while eating, so you can also sit and eat your meal, without having to balance your baby on your lap.

Outdoor Baby Gate


If you’re like me, you love to spend a lot of time outside on the patio. My little crawler is loves to be on the deck with me, but as soon as I put her down, she makes a beeline for the stairs! An outdoor baby gate makes patio time so much more relaxing. 

Outdoor Must-Have Toys

Of course, if baby’s hanging outside with you, he or she will probably need some entertainment! Help amp up your little one’s outdoor time with these great outoor toys for babies.

Water Table


A water table is the perfect toy for a baby who can stand while holding on to something. They will be so happy to splash around in the water. Bonus: this toy will last for years to come. Toddlers and preschoolers love water play too!

Baby Pool


A baby pool is a great way to cool your baby down if they are able to sit up independently. Be sure to fill the pool up only a couple inches and supervise baby at all times!

This pool is so cute and provides shade for your little one while he or she is splashing. It even has a little sprinkler for extra fun!

Blow-up Splash Mat


For babies who aren’t very sturdy sitting up, there are mini-splash mat with a blow-up seat so baby can still enjoy the water.

Older babies and toddlers will love this inflatable play center complete with mini water slide!

Pool Floatie


If you have a pool or plan on visiting a lake with your baby, you can let them enjoy the water with a floatie made especially for babies. I love this one which has a sunshade for extra sun protection, but also has mesh panels (other floaties without mesh panels can wind up acting like a sail if its windy!).


If you love spending time in the backyard, the swing is the perfect way to enjoy time with your baby. This one has a T-bar for additional stability. It’s perfect for babies who are not yet sturdy sitters, but still enjoy the movement of a swing. 

If you don’t have a suitable tree in your backyard, this mini swingset is perfect for babies and toddlers to enjoy. It also folds up for easy transport and storage!

Bubble Blower


Let’s face it, there’s very few things in this world more mesmerizing than watching bubbles, except maybe popping them! This bubble blower will give you a break from doing the blowing and your little one can enjoy watching bubbles float overhead. This is another toy that will grow with your child as they become a toddler who loves to chase the bubbles!

4-in-One Trike


We just got one of these 4-in-one trikes for G’s first birthday, but it’s suitable for children as young as 9 months. We love going for bike rides and her older sister is so thrilled that now G has her own bike too! 

I love this trike because it will grow as G becomes more indpendent an will carry her through until she’s ready for her own bicycle. 


Well mamas, those are my must-have baby outdoor gear and items to make spending time outside with a baby more enjoyable! Hope you have a wonderful summer and full of lots of fresh air and sunshine!

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