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Stunning Middle Names for Mia

Have you chosen Mia for your baby name, but are now searching for a middle name that goes well with Mia ? This is a list of names that go perfectly with Mia, to will help you find the perfect middle name for your baby girl!


Mia is a perfectly beautiful baby name. Mia is name found in Italian and Spanish emtymology, as well as the Slavic language. In Italian and Spanish, ‘mia’ is a word that means ‘mine. In Slavic, Mia is a variation of Mila, which means ‘dear’ or ‘darling. Mia can also have Scandinavian roots and means bitter.

In addition, Mia can be a shortened for f Maria, or other names ending ith -1a, including Amelia and Emilia. 

For the past decade, Mia has hovered in the top ten most popular games according to the Social Security baby name charts. Mia is likely to remain in the top ten for the next several years. 

If you’ve chosen Mia for a baby name, you’ve made a great choice! your next step is to choose a middle name that goes nicely with Mia. 

To do this, I’m here to help. I’ve selected nearly 50 middle names that go perfectly with Mia . I hope this helps you in the search for the perfect baby name!

Middle Names for Mia 

So without further ado, here are my favorite middle names for Mia !

Mia Abigail

Abigail means ‘My father is joy’ and has Hebrew origins. Popular in England in the 16th and 17th centuries, its popularity was revived in the 20th century. Mia and Abigail are both very pretty names and have similar sounds.

Mia Addison

Addison comes from English or Scottish and was a surname meaning ‘Adam’s son’. It has since become a unisex name, made more common with females after Grey’s Anatomy became popular 15 years ago. 

Mia Aislynn

Aislynn is a variation of the Irish name, Aislinn, which means ‘dream’.

Mia Aydan

A Turkish name, meaning ‘from the moon’. This name is unisex and super cute for either a boy or a girl!

Mia Azalea

Azaleas are flowering shrubs related to rhododendrons. Iggy Azalea made this name famous, but using Azalea as a middle name is a great choice when you’re looking for less common, romantic middle name for Mia.

Mia Beatrice

Beatrice is a beautiful French/Italian baby name, stemming from the Latin word Beatrix, which means ‘she who makes happy’. Beatrice is a really lovely vintage match for Mia. 

Mia Blythe

Originally a surname meaning cheerful. Mia Blythe s a beautiful name/middle name combination.

Mia Camille

Camille is the French version of the name Camilla. It originally comes from the old Latin/Roman surname, Camillus, which referred to a boy who helped priests during Mass.

Mia Claire

French version of Clara, meaning ‘clear’ or ‘bright’. Claire is a classic middle name, but isn’t as common as Rose or Leigh.

Mia Dawn

Dawn refers to sunrise. Mia Dawn is a short, but beautiful name/middle name combination.

Mia Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a classic name that has been used by royalty for hundred of years and still is popular today. It means ‘God is my oath’. As a four syllable name, Elizabeth brings some balance to the short and sweet Mia.

Mia Ellis

Ellis is another name that was originally a boy’s name, but is becoming quite popular as a girl’s name. It means ‘benevolent’ in English and Welsh. It’s a nice modern pairing for Mia.

Mia Emersyn

Alternate spelling to Emerson, which literally means ‘Emery’s son’. It can also mean ‘brave’.

Mia Emilia

Emilia is an Italian girl’s name meaning ‘rival’. Emilia is featured in Shakespeare’s Othello. 

Mia Evangeline

Evangeline is an elegant vintage girl name which stems from the Greek. Meaning ‘bringer of good news’, Evangeline is a lovely choice for your daughter. This name is synonymous with Longfellow’s infamous poem of the same name.

Mia Evelyn

Evelyn is a just plain lovely name that means ‘wished for child’.

Mia Frances

Frances held the 41st place for popular names in the 1880’s. Frances is the female version of Frances. It comes from the Latin word for France, or ‘free one’. 

Mia Grey

An English surname. Grey pairs nicely with Mia and sounds very modern. 

Mia Hayden

From the English surname meaning ‘hay valley’.

Mia Imogen

A character in the Shakespeare play, Cymbeline, meaning maiden.

Mia Jade

After the green, precious stone.

Mia Juliet

Juliet is the English spelling of the name Juliette (also very cute!). It is the feminine form of Julius, which refers to a Roman family name.

Mia Juniper

A type of tree, symbolizing good health or healing.

Mia Josephine

One of my all-time favorite names, Josephine has a great vintage feel without being overused like Olivia and Sophia. The very short Mia pairs nicel ywith the long and fancy Josephine.

Mia Lark

This beautiful middle name refers to the songbird. This name pair is short, sweet and just a little dramatic. 

Mia Lilac

Named after the fragrant purple shrub, Lilac is another great alternative to Lily.

Mia Love

From the English word.

Mia Oaklynn

Oaklynn combines the name Oakley and the name Lynn to create a pretty nature-inspired girl’s name. It appeared on the top 1000 name charts in 2017. Last year its position rose from  888 to 452 on the Social Security charts. 

Mia Olivia

Olivia is the feminine form of Oliver. It honours the olive tree and is Latin in origin.

Mia Rowan

This stylish boho girls name refers to the rowan tree, which symbolizes courage, wisdom and protection.

Mia Ruby

Ruby is a Victorian girl name after the gemstone of the same name, which means ‘red’ in Latin. Ruby’s popularity peaked around the turn of the century, but is starting to re-emerge as a popular name.

Mia Sienna

Sienna is a fairly modern baby name. It refers to the colour sienna, which is an reddish orange-brown. It moved from 222 to 186 last year.

Mia Sloane

Anglicized version of the Irish surname.

Mia Vale

English term for ‘wide river valley’.


Well parents, those are my top name/middle name pairings for Mia. I hope you find the perfect middle name for Mia! 

Happy Name Hunting!

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Name meanings sourced from Behind the Name.


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