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Enchanting Names Similar to Aurora

Do you love the name Aurora, but are looking for something just a bit different? This list of beautiful girl names like Aurora will help you find the perfect name!

Why Choose a Name Like Aurora?

Aurora means ‘dawn’ and has its origins in Latin. Aurora was the Roman goddess of the sunrise. It was also the name of the princess in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, making it a sentimental favorite among princess fans. 

Aurora is a really lovely girl name. It’s a whimsical name that pays homage to one of the original Disney princesses. Aurora is a name that is currently very popular. In 2018, rose to the 44th most popular baby name in the US (according to Social Security). 

But you may not want to name your child Aurora for any number of reasons. You may already have a friend or family member use this name, or maybe your husband is not a fan. Perhaps you’re looking for a similarly beautiful, but slightly different name. 

Well, I’m here to help with this list of names that are similar to Aurora. Check out the list of names like Aurora below!

Names Similar to Aurora

People generally like the name Aurora for one of three main reasons.

First, you might like the name Aurora because its connection to Sleeping Beauty. I’ve included several other Disney princess names and from several other Sleeping Beauty characters. 

You may like Aurora because of its connection to nature. If you like nature names, see my posts on Beautiful Nature Names for Girls, Uncommon Flower Names for Girls, or Celestial-Inspired Names for Girls.

Third, you may like Aurora because it’s a vintage name that is not overused today. Aurora was a fairly popular name in the early 20th century. After the movie Sleeping Beauty came out, Aurora’s popularity declined for roughly thirty years, then began rebounding in the late eighties and early nineties, until reaching its peak popularity last year.

I’ve included names that fall under all three categories, to help you choose the perfect baby name that is similar to Aurora. 

So without further ado, here is my list of beautiful girl names like Aurora:


This is the English version of the Germane name Adalhedis. This name means ‘noble’ or ‘nobility’. Addie would make a great nickname for Adelaide.


Giving your name a floral-inspired name is another option to honour nature. Amaryllis is a more unique option than Rose or Lily, and the nickname Lyss gives it just a bit of edge. 


Amelia is a variant of Amalia, a Germanic name meaning ‘work’, ‘industrious’, or ‘striving’. It was made popular by the daughters of George II and III, as well as the aviation icon, Amelia Earhart. 


Anastasia is a Russian baby name which means ‘resurrection’. Although not a Disney princess, Anastasia was a 1997 movie by 20th Century Fox reminiscent of the Disney princess genre. 


Anna is a derivative of Hannah, a Hebrew name that means ‘grace’. Anna is a subtle way to honour a Disney princess (Princess Anna from Frozen) that is still a common name.


Annalise is a Scandinavian baby name that combines two names, Anna (full of grace) and Liese (God is my oath). Annalise is a beautiful and delicate name, just like Aurora, and hasn’t been overused since the trend of vintage girls names started.


Ariel means ‘Lion of God’ and comes from Hebrew. It is a unisex name, although since the Little Mermaid was released, it is more often associated with girls. Like Aurora, it’s another cute Disney princess name.


Beatrice is a beautiful French/Italian baby name, stemming from the Latin name Beatrix, which means ‘she who makes happy’. 


Belle is another Disney princess name. It comes from the French word for beautiful, which is belle


Briella are shortened versions of Gabriella, meaning ‘woman of God’, but it is now being used as an independent given name. It’s more unique than Aurora, but it’s a lovely, delicate name.


Camilla is a Spanish and Portuguese name which originally comes from the Roman name, Camillus. It means ‘ceremonial attendant’ and increased in popularity from 23 to 18 last year, making it the most popular name on our list and will likely stay on trend for next year.


Cassia is another more unique vintage name, which comes from the Greek and means cinnamon. Cassie or even simpler, Cass would work for a nickname.


Cecily is a female version of the name Cecil, a founder of a sect of Christianity. It literally means ‘blind’. Cecily is a lovely spin on the name Cecilia. It’s one of those lovely and not so well know vintage names and is one of my personal favorites!


Clementine is another super frilly vintage name that I LOVE. 


One of the most gorgeous large perennial flowers, Dahlia is an uncommon, but not unheard of name for girls.


Della is the feminine form of the name Dell, and refers to a dell, or small valley. Della was quite popular in the 19th century. It’s a lovely vintage name that hasn’t regained popularity as quickly as many others. 


Dora is a shortened form of Dorothy (meaning ‘gift’ in Greek). It was very popular in Victorian times. One of the main characters in Dicken’s David Copperfield was named Dora. Dora is a fun alternative to Cora, Flora, Nora, etc.

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Eleanor stems from the old French name, Alienor. Eleanor of Aquitaine, the 12th century queen, made the name well known. Eleanor, like Aurora, has a connection to royalty, while not being overused. 


Ella is originally a Greek name. In Greek mythology Ella was the daughter of Athamas and Nephelle. Ella can also be a nickname for longer names like Isabella, or even Cinderella. If you love Disney princess names, this is a nice nod to Cinderella.


Elena is a Greek baby name meaning ‘bright light’. Elena is a Disney princess who is the main character of the Disney Junior show, Elena of Avalor. 


Elsa is an English baby name that means ‘My God is bountiful’. Elsa is not a common name, but has been present on the Top 1000 baby names for the past 120 years. Elsa is another beautiful Disney princess name.


Meaning ‘whole’ or ‘universal’. Emma has been quite popular for the past few decades and was in the Victorian times as well.


Etta is the shortened form of Henrietta (meaning ‘estate owner’). It’s often associated with Etta James (whose given name was actually Jamesetta), the matriarch of soul, which gives it a cool, retro vibe!


Evangeline is an elegant vintage girl name which stems from the Greek. Meaning ‘bringer of good news’, Evangeline is a lovely choice for your daughter. This name is synonymous with Longfellow’s infamous poem of the same name.


This lovely old fashioned name originates from the British surname, Aveline, and is associated with peace and harmony.


Felicity is a beautiful vintage name meaning either ‘happiness’ or ‘good fortune’. Either meaning is as lovely as the name is!


A beautiful flower associated with truth, friendship and innocence.


Small very cute wide-eyed smiling baby girl lying on her tummy on a white background in the Studio, next to the tulips


Florence is a name derived from Saint Florentia, a Roman martyr. Florence means ‘blossoming’ in Latin.


Georgia is a particularly lovely vintage girl name that I personally adore. The feminized form of George, Georgia means ‘farmer’ or ’tiller of the soil’. Although certainly not as popular today as it was in the 19th century, Georgia is on the rise and is a common vintage name today.


Gloria is a pretty old fashioned girls name meaning ‘glory to God’.


Imogene was first recorded in Shakespeare’s play, Cymbeline. It’s thought to stem from the Gaelic word inghean, meaning ‘maiden’.


Isadora is a great alternative to the more common Isabelle. It stems from Greek and Latin and means ‘gift of Isis’ (Isis was the principal goddess of Egypt). Izzy or Dora would both make cute nicknames!


Isla, pronounced eye-la, is a baby name originating in Scotland. There is a Scottish island called Islay, or it may be derived from the Gaelic word for ‘rocky place’. Isla is also the Spanish word for island. It’s one of my favorite boho names for girls. It entered the top 1000 in 2008 and moved from 103 to 82 last year. 


Jasmine is another Disney princess name. It is derived from the flower of the same name. 


Josephine is the feminized form of Joseph and means ‘God increases’. The wife of Napolean, was a notable Josephine. Josephine’s popularity peaked around 1910, but is making a comeback. It’s a great choice for those looking for a vintage name that has not been overused, but isn’t uncommon.


Juliet is the English spelling of the name Juliette (also very cute!). It is the feminine form of Julius, which refers to a Roman family name.


Kamila is an Arabic baby name with means ‘perfect’. It entered the charts in 2003, and has risen steadily. Last year it rose from 292 to 267 on the charts.


For the fragrant purple flower, Lavender is another one of those names that is recognizable, but it’s uncommon enough you won’t likely have another Lavender in your social circle.


Shortened for of Elenora. Also the princess in ‘The Balloon Tree’ by Phoebe Gilman.


This Irish name refers to the warrior queen of Ireland and means ‘the cause of great joy’ or ‘she who intoxicates’.


Magnolia is a beautiful vintage name that evokes the South (made popular by the novel and musical, Showboat). The Magnolia flower is named after Pierre Magnol. The name Magnolia was quite popular between 1880 and 1940, and is now making a comeback.


Matilda is a German name meaning ‘battle-might’. I love that this frilly sounding name has such a strong meaning behind it!


Merida is the name of a Spanish city. It can also be the anglicized version of the Celtic name, Mairead. Merida is another Disney princess name that is very cute!


Peonies are the large perennial flowers that herald the start of summer. Peony flowers are striking, just as the name Peony will be if you choose it for your daughter.


Pippa has been rising in popularity since Kate Middleton’s wedding. Philippa is the perfect more formal version that pairs well with this trendy nickname.


Naming your daughter Poppy honours the poppy flower, which symbolizes ‘peace’.


A Shakespeare heroine, meaning ‘beautiful rose’.


Influenced by the word, rose, the Normans brought this name to England.


This beautiful vintage baby name means ‘dew of the sea’, after the herb, rosemary. It can also be a combination of Rose and Mary. Rosemary is yet another alternative to the traditional name, Rose. Rosemary has a vintage Hollywood feel, as several famous Old Hollywood actresses, such as Rosemary Clooney, had this name.


Sopfia originally is a Greek baby name which means ‘knowledge’. Sofia is the name of the main character of the Disney Jr. show, Sofia the First.


Tabitha means ‘gazelle’ in Aramaic. Tabitha was the daughter on the classic television show, Bewitched. Tabatha is an alternate spelling. 


Another very cute Disney princess name, Tiana comes from the Slavic language and means ‘fairy queen’. A perfect name for someone who loves Disney princesses!


The name Violet comes from the purple colour, or the small purple flower. It’s been popular in Scotland since the 16th century and in England since the 19th century.


Vivian means life and comes from the Latin. It’s the perfect old fashioned name that is uncommon, but very recognizable. You have several different spelling options, the conventional English Vivian, or the French Vivianne. 


Well, those are my favorite girl names that are similar to Aurora. I hope this helps you on your search to find your baby’s name.

Name meanings sourced from Behind the Name.

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