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Vintage Boy Names with Nicknames You’ll Love!

Are you looking for a vintage boy name that can be shortened to something super cute? Many parents want to name their child a timeless, more formal name, but use a cute nickname for everyday use. This list of old fashioned boy names with cute nicknames will help you find the perfect name for your new son!
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Vintage Names for Boy

Many parents want to choose a formal name for their child, but don’t want to have their baby bogged down with a long moniker for day-to-day use.

Choosing a name that has a cute nickname that you like is a good idea. If you give your child a long name, someone will inevitably give them a nickname, whether it’s a family member, or a kid at school. It’s a good plan to choose a name that already has a nickname you like.

This list of vintage boy names with nicknames that are absolutely adorable will help you find the perfect name for your new son.

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Old Fashioned Boy Names & Nicknames

Ok, so let’s get to the the list of vintage boy names and nicknames!

Abraham-Abe, Brahm

This Hebrew name means ‘father of many’. Abraham was a biblical figure in the Old Testament.

Albert-Al, Bert, Bertie

Meaning ‘noble’ and ‘bright’, Albert is a Germanic name that became especially popular in the Victorian era, as Queen Victoria’s husband was named Albert. 

Alexander-Al, Alec, Alex, Xander, Lex

Alexander is a Greek baby name which means ‘defender of men’ Alexander the Great was a famous Greek king. Alexander is a common name of numerous monarchs and popes.

Alfred-Al, Fred, Alfie

Alfred is an English baby name stemming from the old English Aelfraed. It means ‘elf and counsel’.


Allen is a Celtic name meaning ‘noble’ or ‘fair.

Alonzo-Lonnie, Zo

Alonzo is a super unique boy name from the 1800s. It’s an Italian and Spanish variant of the Germanic name, Alfonso. Alfonso means ‘noble’ and ‘ready’.

Alvin-Al, Vin, Vinnie

Alvin is an English name meaning ‘wise friend’.

Alistair-Alec, Ali, Al

Anglicized version of Alasdair, Scottish form of Alexander, which is from the Greek for ‘defending men’.

Ambrose-Brose, Brody

Ambrose stems from a medieval English names and means ‘immortal’. St. Ambrose was one of four Latin Fathers of the Church, making Ambrose a popular name in the Middle Ages.

Andrew-Andy, Drew

Andrew is the English form of a Greek name, meaning ‘manly’ or ‘masculine’.

Anthony-Tony, Nino

Anthony comes from the Roman family name, Antonius. 


Anton is an English boy name which means ‘highly praiseworthy’.


Archibald means ‘genuine’ and ‘bold’. Archie is a super cute Scottish boy name.

Arthur-Art, Artie

The meaning of the name Arthur is unknown, but is perhaps from Celtic language, meaning ‘bear’ and ‘man’ or ‘king’. Arthur is the mythic king of Britain renown in legend.

Augustus-Gus, August, Gusto, Augie

August comes from Latin and literally means ‘to increase’. As a name, it means ‘venerable’ or ‘esteemed’ and was given to emperors.


Bernard comes from Germanic and combines the elements ‘bear’ and ‘brave’.

Benjamin-Ben, Benny, Benji

Benjamin comes from a Hebrew name meaning ‘son of the south’.

Calvin-Cal, Vinnie

Calvin comes from the French surname Cauvin.

Cameron-Cam, Cammy

Cameron was originally a Scottish surname meaning ‘crooked mouth’.

Charles-Carl, Charlie, Chaz

Charles is a derivative of the Germanic name, Carl, which means ‘man’.

Christopher-Chris, Topher, Kit, Christo

Christopher comes from a Greek name, meaning ‘bearing Christ’.

Clarence-Larry, Clancy, Clay

Clarence was derived from a Latin title for members of the British family.


Clayton was originally a surname meaning ‘clay settlement’ in Old English.


Cleveland is a name that originated as a surname, loosley translating from ‘clif lane’. 

Clifford-Cliff, Kip, Ford

Clifford was originally a surname and means ‘a ford near a slope’.


Clinton is a name that originated as an English surname. It means a settlement on a hill.

Cornelius-Corey, Nelly

Cornelius originally means ‘horn’. It is a Latin baby name. 


Curtis is an English baby name which originally came from Norman French. It means ‘courteous’.

vintage names for boys from the 1800's

Daniel-Dan, Danny

Daniel is a Hebrew baby name and means ‘God is my judge’.

David-Dave, Davy, Dav

David is a Hebrew name meaning ‘beloved’ or ‘uncle’.

Declan-Dec, Dex

Declan is the Anglicized form of the Irish name, Deaglan.


Dennis is the medieval French form of Dionysius, a common name for early saints in the Bible.

Edmund-Ed, Eddy, Ned, Ted

Edmund can be a given name or surname. It comes from Old English and means ‘prosperous’.

Edward-Ed, Eddy, Ned, Ted

Edward means ‘rich guard’ and was the name of many kings. 

Edwin-Ed, Eddy, Ned, Ted

Edwin means ‘rich friend’ and comes from Old English.


Elijah is a Hebrew name (the Latin form is Elias). It means ‘God is my Yahweh’.

Elliot-Ellio, Eli, Leo

Elliot in an English baby name and means ‘God on high’.

Emmanuel-Manuel, Manny

Emmanuel comes from the Hebrew name, Immanuel, which means ‘God with us’.


Emil comes from the Latin and means ‘excellent’. It’s a super unique vintage boy name.


Emmett was originally an English surname. This is one of my favorite old fashioned boy names!


Ernest from from the Germanic name and means ‘serious’.


Eugene means ‘well born’. It is the English version of an old Greek name. 


Everett was a surname, coming from the given name Everard. If you’re looking for a rugged, yet vintage, boy name, this is it! For more boy names with a rustic feel, click here!


Originally from the Latin name, Franciscus, this name means ‘Frenchman’. Frank refers to a Germanic tribe, the Franks. Frank is one of many strong one syllable boy names you might just fall in love with.


Franklin means ‘landowner’. It’s an old English name.

Frederick-Fred, Eric, Rick, Freddie

Frederick is the English version of a German name meaning ‘peaceful ruler’.

George-Georgie, Geordie

George is originally from the Greek and means ‘farmer’.

Gilbert-Gil, Bert, Bertie

Gilbert comes from the Germanic and means ‘bright pledge’.

Gordon- Gord, Donny, Don 

Gordon is a Scottish surname, stemming from Berwiskshire, Scotland. It may originate from the Welsh words for ‘spacious’ and ‘fort’

boy names from the 1800's


Gideon-Gid, Ian, Deon

Gideon is a Hebrew name that means ‘great warrior’.

Gabriel-Abe, Gabe, Gil

Gabriel is from Hebrew and means ‘strong man’.


Gerald is an English baby name and means ‘ruling spear’.

Hadrian-Adrian, Ian, Had

Hadrian literally means ‘from Hadria’.

Harold-Harry, Hank, Hal

Harold is an English name coming from Germanic elements meaning ‘power’ or ‘ruler’.

Harrison-Harris, Harry, Sonny

Harrison is a surname meaning ‘son of Harry’, meaning ‘home ruler’.


Harvey is an English baby name that stems from an old Breton name meaning ‘blazing’.

Henry-Hank, Harry, Hal

A Germanic name meaning ‘home ruler’. Henry was brought to England by the Normans and was the name of many English kings.

Herbert-Herbie, Bert, Berry

Herbert was originally a German baby name, which means ‘illustrious army’.


Hiram is a Hebrew baby name which literally means ‘my brother is exalted’. Hiram is a very underused boy name from the 1800s, so if you’re looking for a unique name, this could be it. Hi is the traditional nickname for this vintage name that is cute and unique!


Horace is an English baby name, meaning ‘timekeeper’. Ace makes a unique nickname for this vintage boy name


Howard is an English baby name, that comes from Normandy. It means ‘brave heart’.

Hubert-Hugh, Bert, Bertie

Hubert is a German name, meaning ‘bright heart’.


Meaning ‘green water’, this was originally a surname.

Issac-Ike, Izzy

Issac is a Hebrew name meaning ‘he will laugh, he will rejoice’. Ike is a retro nickname that is due for a comeback!

old fashioned names for boys

Isaiah-Ike, Zaiah

Isaiah is a Hebrew name that means ‘God is salvation’.


Jacob is a Hebrew name from the Old Testament. It would mean ‘supplanter’ or may God protect’.

James-Jim, Jimmy, Jay, Jamie

English form of the Latin name, Iacomus and the name of two apostles from the New Testament.

Jason-Jay, Jase, Sonny

Jason is a Greek name, meaning ‘to heal’. Jason was the leader of the Argonauts in Greek mythology.

Jasper-Jazz, Jay

From the Hebrew, meaning ‘treasure’. Jasper was one of the three wise men, or magi, who visited baby Jesus in the bible.

Jeremiah-Jem,Jeremy, Jay, Remy

Jeremiah is a Hebrew name that means ‘God will rise’.

John-Johnny, Jonnie, Jack, Jackie, Jock

Meaning ‘God is gracious’, two important figures in the New Testament are names John.

Joseph-Joe, Joey, Joss, Jody

Joseph is a Biblical name which means ‘he will add’.

Josiah-Joe, Joss

Josiah is a Hebrew name and means ‘Jehovah has healed’.

Joshua-Josh, Jo

Joshua is a Herbew name meaning’Yahweh is salvation’.


Julius is a Roman name meaning either ‘downy-bearded’ or related to the Roman God, Jupiter. 

Julian-Jules, Jude

Julian originally stems from the Roman name, Julius, meaning either ‘downy-bearded’ or related to the Roman God, Jupiter. 

Jackson-Jack, Jax

An English name, meaning ‘son of Jack’.

Keaton-Kaet, Key

An English surname which was originally a place name meaning ‘shed town’.

Lawrence-Larry, Rory

This two syllable name means ‘from Laurentum’ (a city in the Roman Empire) in Latin. Lawrence is the Anglicized spelling of the name. 


Leonard is a Germanic name meaning ‘brave lion’.


This French name means ‘the king’ which is its literal translation (le roi).


Leon is a French baby name that means ‘lion’.


Lester is an English baby name meaning ‘fortified place’.

Landon-Lanny, Don, Andy

Meaning ‘long hill’, Landon was originally a surname from Old English.

Louis/Lewis-Lou, Louie

Lewis is the English spelling, Louis is the French. Both mean ‘famous warrior’. Both were popular boy names in the 1800’s.

Luther-Luke, Lou

Luther is most commonly associated with the German surname. It can also be an English surname meaning ‘lute player’.

Malcom-Cole, Mac, Mal

Meaning ‘a discliple of Saint Columba’, this was the name of several kings of Scotland.


Originally coming from the Latin name, Marcus, it was originally derived from the Roman god, Mars, who was the god of war. It means ‘male’.


Martin is originally from the Roman name, Martinus, which honoured the Roman god of war, Mars.

baby boy names







Marvin-Marv, Vin, Vinnie

Marvin is a Welsh name which means ‘sea hill’.

Marshall-Marsh, Mars

Marshall is an Old French baby name meaning ‘a person who tends to horses’.

Matthew-Matt, Matty, Mats, Matho

Matthew was a Hebrew name meaning ‘gift of Yahweh’.

Maurice-Mo, Maury, Maurie, Morrie

Maurice is a Latin baby name which originally was a word that referred to a Moor.

Maxwell-Max, Wellington, Wellie

Maxwell is a Scottish surname meaning Mac’s stream.

Melvin-Mel, Vin, Vinnie

Melvin is a Gaelic name that was originally a surname. It means ‘gentle chieftan’.

Michael-Mike, Micah, Micky, Mitch, Mitt

Michael comes from a Hebrew name meaning ‘who is like God?’. It’s a classic name that you can’t go wrong with, and has many cute nickname options!

Mitchell-Mitch, Mick

Mitchell is a surname, or can be derived from Michael.

Nathaniel-Nathan, Nate, Nath, Nae

Nathaniel is a Hebrew name, meaning ‘he gave’.

Nicholas-Nick, Nico, Nicky

Nicholas is a Greek baby name, meaning ‘victory of the people’.

Oliver-Oli, Ollie, Levi

Oliver is a baby name associated with the olive tree, which represents peace. If you like the name Oliver, you can see more names similar to Oliver here.

Oscar-Ossy, Ozzie, Oz

Oscar is derived from Gaelic and means ‘dear friend’.


The Anglicized version of Irish and Welsh name for Eugene, meaning wealth.

Patrick-Pat, Patty, Rick

Patrick originally comes from the Latin and means ‘nobleman’.

vintage boy names

Percival-Percy, Perce

Percival comes from French and means ‘Pierce Valley’.

Peter-Pete, Piers

Peter comes from the Greek word, petros, meaning ‘stone’.

Philip-Phil, Lip, Pip

Philip comes from the Greek and means ‘friend to horses’. Philip is a classic vintage boy name that still holds up today. Phil is the classic nickname for Philip, while Lip is a more modern twist on a nickname.

Raymond-Ray, Raymodo

Meaning ‘advice’ and ‘protector’, Raymond has Germanic roots.

Richard-Rich, Rick, Ricky, Rico, Dick

Richard is a popular traditional English baby name, originally meaning ‘brave power’ and has Germanic roots. It’s been the name of a number of kings of England.

Robert-Rob, Robbie, Bert, Bobby, Rab

Robert is a very common traditional name meaning ‘bright fame’. Robert is another classic, vintage name that has many cute nicknames.


Roscoe is a Norse baby name. It means ‘deer forest.’ Roscoe is a very underused vintage boy name that could be perfect if you’re looking for an uncommon boy name with a more common nickname.

Ruben-Ru, Ben, Benny

Ruben is Hebrew boy name that means ‘behold, a son’.


Although Rudolph is commonly associated with a flying reindeer, it was a popular old fashioned name. It comes from the Germanic and means ‘fame’ and ‘wolf’. Rudi is a cute, more common nickname.

Samuel-Sam, Sammy

Samuel is derived from a Hebrew name meaning ‘name of God’ or ‘God has heard’. Samuel was a biblical figure from the Old Testament. Sammy is one of the cutest nicknames for a baby boy, in my opinion!

Sebastian-Seb, Bas, Ash, 

Sebastian is a Latin baby name and means ‘venerable’. Sebastian has had a huge popularity leap in the last few years and is one of the most popular boys names today. There are plenty of fresh options for nicknames for this vintage name.


Sidney was originally an English surname.


Silas is either a form of Silvanus, or a Greek version of the name Saul.

old fashioned boy names

Simon-Sye, Si

Simon is the Greek form of a Hebrew name meaning ‘he has heard’.


Spencer was originally a surname meaning ‘dispenser of provisions’.


Stanley was originally a surname meaning ‘stone clearing’.


Stephen comes from the Greek and means ‘crown’.


Sylvester is a Latin baby name and means ‘wooded’ or ‘wild’.

Terrance-Terry, Trace

Terrance comes from the Roman surname, Terentius. Trace is a particularly unique old fashioned nickname for Terrance.


Thatcher is an occupational surname name. A thatcher was a person who covered roofs in straw in the Middle Ages.

Theodore-Theo, Ted, Teddy, Teo

Theodore is a Greek baby name meaning ‘God-given’. If you like the name Theodore, check out this list of boy names like Theodore.

Thomas-Tom, Tommy, Tam

Thomas originally is Greek and means ‘twin’. Thomas was an apostle in the Bible.

Timothy-Tim, Timmy

Timothy comes from the Greek and means ‘honouring God’.


Tobais is a Greek version of the Hebrew name meaning ‘the goodness of Yahweh’.


Vernon was originally a surname that comes from the Gaulish word for alder.


Victor is a Roman name, referring a victory or conquering. 

Vincent-Vince, Vin, Vinnie

Vincent originally comes from the Roman, meaning ‘to conquer’.


A Scottish or English surname, originally meaning ‘Welsh’ or ‘foreigner’. William Wallace was a 13th century Scottish hero who is a symbol of Scottish freedom and whose story was featured in the movie, Braveheart. Wally makes a very cute nickname for this vintage baby name.


Walter means ‘ruler of an army’ and comes from the Germanic.

Wesley-Wes, Les

Wesley originally means ‘west meadow’ and was a surname before gaining popularity as a given name.


Wilbur was originally a surname which means ‘wild boar’.I love this vintage boy name with a nickname that is more common, but still cute!

William-Will, Willie, Liam

William originally comes from Old German and means ‘resolute protector’.

Well mamas, those are my favorite vintage boy names with nicknames that are super cute! I hope this helps you find the perfect old fashioned name for your son! 

Name meanings sources from Behind the Name.

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vintage boy names with adorable nicknames

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