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What To Put In Baby’s Easter Basket: 50 Fun Ideas

Baby’s first Easter is such an exciting time, especially for the proud parents. Although baby likely won’t be participating in an egg hunt this year, he or she can certainly share in the joy of their very first Easter basket. But what to put in baby’s Easter basket? Below you’ll find adorable and practical ideas to make baby’s first Easter a special one!What to put in baby's Easter basket

What to Put in Baby’s Easter Basket

As a child, you probably had an Easter basket full of chocolate eggs, marshmallow-y treats and of course, a solid chocolate Easter bunny. While that sounds delicious, it’s probably not what you had in mind for your baby’s first Easter. So what to put in baby’s first Easter basket?

There’s nothing wrong with filling your baby’s Easter basket with non-food goodies. Your baby is not going to know the difference!

I think a good Easter basket is a mix of practical things that your baby will need in the upcoming months and some just-for-fun cute Easter things. Bonus if the items are practical AND on point with the Easter theme (which is easy to do thanks to Amazon!).

Since Easter marks the coming of spring and nicer weather, it’s a great idea to include some outdoor items as well, as you’ll be needing them in the months to come!

Below I’ve listed a ton of my favorite Easter basket ideas for babies.

Easter Basket Ideas for Babies

I’ve broken my Easter basket ideas for babies into five categories: clothes/accessories, toys/books, practical/feeding gear, mementos and bigger toys that might not fit in your basket, but make great gifts! And don’t forget the adorable Easter accessories!

But before I answer the question what to put in baby’s Easter basket, you’re first going to need a basket. Here are a few of my favs:

What to Put in Baby’s Easter Basket: Clothes

Babies grow so quickly; new clothes are a perfect Easter gift that is both practical and cute. Whether you choose Easter-themed clothing, dressy outfits to wear on Easter day, or some outdoor clothing so baby can enjoy the nice weather in the months to come, clothing makes a great Easter basket filler!

Easter Themed Clothes

If you’re wondering what to put in baby’s Easter basket for clothes, an outfit for your baby to wear on Easter morning is a perfect idea.

If you have a fancy Easter breakfast, or go to church, these formal outfits for boys and girls are to die for. Both outfits come in a variety of colours, so you can even colour coordinate with your outfit!

If you’re not going anywhere formal, there are soooo many adorable casual options. This newborn set legit makes me want to have another baby!

This set is super sweet as well!

I wholeheartedly support the idea that every baby should be dressed as a bunny rabbit for Easter (and really, every day!).

You’ll definitely want a bunny sleeper as well!


In addition to a Easter outfit, you might want some cute accessories to jazz up your baby’s ensemble.

Hair Bows

A bow (or headband if your baby doesn’t have much hair yet) is a must for Easter day!


For a little man, a bowtie can complete an Easter emsemble.


Who doesn’t like to break out their best shoes for Easter morning?


If the weather isn’t warm enough, you may need some tights under your little one’s Easter dress.


Because drool stains on your Easter best just aren’t cool.


Bunny socks are soooo adorable!


Is it even legal to have a baby hat without animal ears?

Outdoor Clothes

Another option is to put some seasonal clothes in your baby’s Easter Basket. Easter generally marks the change of the seasons, so it’s a great way to get some outdoor gear your baby will need, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors over the spring and summer.

Here are some ideas:

  • Rain jacket (this chicky one is so sweet)
  • Rubber boots (They might not be walking yet, but these are soooo adorable)
  • Sun hat (this one has a back flap to protect the neck, UV protection and comes in a ton of colours)
  • UV shirt
  • Sunglasses (with UV protection)
  • Bathing Suit (this one comes in so many great patterns and has excellent UV protection! It starts at 6-12 months)
  • Reusable Swim Diaper (this is the brand we use and couldn’t be more happy with!)

Fillers for Baby’s Easter Baskets: Toys

Teething Toys

Even if your little one is not teething yet, you never know when they’ll start! These Easter-themed teethers are so sweet.

Easter-themed Teethers

These toothbrush teethers are also great. My daughter loooooves this raspberry one!

Generic Baby Toys

Oball-this is a great little ball. It’s easy for even very young babies to grasp. Later on, you can roll  it to each other.

Manhattan Skiwsh

This is another favorite in our house. The bright colours and slightly hypnotic sound makes this toy a winner. Even adults can’t help but fidget with it.

Crinkle Book

Babies love the sound of crinkling paper. This garden book is perfect for spring!


These are the cutest soothers on the market! Bonus, they’re easy for baby to maneuver and get back in their mouth if it falls out at night!

Easter Books

No explanation needed, books are the perfect gift, no matter what the occasion. These three choices are interactive, which all babies love!

Fillers for Baby’s Easter Baskets: Other Gear


Peter Rabbit Original Set

You probably had a Peter Rabbit dish set when you were little (at least if you were like me). This is a cute throwback to your childhood and will probably make your mom tear up a little when she sees it!

Personalized Sippy Cup

A perfect cup for babies who are ready to eat and drink like a big kid!

Bunny Silicone Plate

Silicone plate are such a great idea for messy eaters (and what baby isn’t?). They stick to the high chair tray (no plate flipping) and are so friggin adorable!

Bunny Cutlery

Eat your Easter dinner in style with this sweet spoon and fork!

Bath Time

Bunny Hooded Towel

Every baby must have a hooded bath towel. It’s just not a well-rounded childhood without one. Plus they make for the most darling pictures!

Easter Face Cloths

Another sweet Easter basket filler and something you’ll use every day for bath time!

Other Care Items:

Don’t forget to include a few bath products, since you’ll have to restock on baby soap and shampoo anyway. Sunscreen is another great idea if your baby is over 6 months old (or will be turning 6 months in the spring or summer).


Baby’s First Easter Picture Frame

What a sweet way to commemorate baby’s first Easter!

Easter Egg Hand print/Footprint Memento

This is such a sweet memento and will make a perfect Easter decoration you can use for months to come! Soon you’ll be looking back wondering how those hand and footprints were ever that small!

Big Easter Gifts

Of course, it’s hard to resist throwing in one or two bigger Easter gifts, especially when it’s baby’s first one! These gifts may not fit in your Easter basket, but they’ll certainly look great beside the basket.

I’m a big fan of outdoor toys for Easter, so I’ve included some gear that will help baby spend some time outside with you.

Playard (Screened in and UV protection)

This playpen is screned in and has UV protection, so won’t have to worry about bugs or the sun while you’re enjoying the fresh air together. I’m considering getting this for gardening this summer.

Outdoor Swing

Babies just love swinging and a backyard swing is perfect for baby giggles! If you don’t have a suitable tree, you can grab one with supports.

Baby Splash Mat

This is perfect for a baby who is not quite ready for a big kiddie pool (because let’s face it, you don’t really want to have to spend the whole summer in the pool with them).


Outdoor Bassinet

If your babe will still be too small for a playpen this summer, a portable bassinet is a perfect alternative. I love that this one has a mobile attached to keep your little one entertained. It’s perfect for naptime during daytrips to the beach, or playing in while out in the backyard.

Outdoor High Chair

Who doesn’t love a backyad BBQ? This little highchair will let your baby partake in all the fun! It’s foldable, so it can come with you on your road trips this summer!

UV Tent

This will give your little one shelter at the beach or park when there’s not much shade. A must-have if you’re a beach family like us!

Pool Floatie

It might still be a few months before you can use pool toys, but the baby won’t know, and you’ll be ready to go when pool season hits!

I hope I’ve answered the question “what to put in baby’s Easter basket. Hopefully this helps you in your quest to create the perfect basket! Good luck, mamas. From my family to yours, happy Easter!

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