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What to Pack: Toddler Day At The Beach

Everyone loves a summer road trip, right? Especially when it involves a beach. But as a mom, sometimes you need a vacation from packing for your vacation, am I right?

We recently took a road trip to our lakeside cottage. This is definitely my happy place, but now that I am a mom, the insane amount of packing I do the night before/morning of our trip has me exhausted before we even get there. I am running around like a crazy person (while my husband sits on the couch, wondering why we never leave on time) and I find I always forget something crucial (often my own bathing suit).

The first trip I took to the lake with Hannah was when she was six months old. True to form, I tore around the house packing, but somehow managed to forget to pack A SINGLE DIAPER. Did I mention the cottage is 30 minutes away from the nearest convenience store? You can imagine what ended up happening. It was not pretty!

Water view
The view from the cottage to the lake
cottage with water view
The side view from our cottage


Over the years, my packing skills have become a bit more organized and streamlined. My secret? An organized list to ensures I do not forget the essentials. Guess what’s on it? Diapers!!

Water shoes
Water shoes for Hannah, Mommy and Daddy

Here is my go-to packing list for a beach trip. I hope this gives you some peace of mind and starts off your vacation a little more relaxed than mine used to be!

what to take for the beach with a toddler
My go-to packing list for a day at the beach. Graphics courtesy of


What special items are must haves on your vacation packing list? Any epic packing failures like me? Please comment below!


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9 thoughts on “What to Pack: Toddler Day At The Beach

  1. What an awesome list. We forgot diapers yesterday for a trip into the city. Luckily we were not far so it wasnt a big issue.

    One thing we always take to the beach, or a lake is bug spray. Its a must for us.

    1. I agree! I used to be able to get away with one bag for just myself, but now it seems like we fill up the whole trunk for just one other tiny person!

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