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How to Get Rid of Diaper Rash for GOOD

Are you scratching your head wondering how to get rid of diaper rash? Read on for diaper rash treatments and learn the best thing for diaper rash.

Fail-proof Tips for How to Get Rid of Diaper Rash

Get Rid of Diaper Rash

Diaper Rash Treatment Depends on the Kind of Rash

The first thing you should do when treating diaper rash is to determine which kind of rash it is. Most diaper rash is caused by irritation from a wet environment, poop, chafing or even the chemicals in the diapers you are using.

However, your baby may also have a yeast diaper rash, which requires a different diaper rash treatment altogether. This kind of diaper rash is caused by the same kind of fungal infection as athlete’s foot or a yeast infection. It requires anti-fungal cream from the pharmacy, but is generally easy to clear up once you have the correct treatment.

It’s also possible your baby has a bacterial infection. Bacterial diaper rash treatment requires antibiotics to be prescribed by a doctor.

Read about the four main kinds of diaper rash here.

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The Best Thing for Diaper Rash is… No Diaper Time!

The best thing for diaper rash is air circulation. Let your baby spend some time without a diaper on to let your baby’s bum air out. Lay down a towel, or these great prefolds, and do some floor time without a diaper (this is a great opportunity to do some tummy time and kill two birds with one stone)!

Keep Baby Dry

Ok, so obviously you won’t be able to leave your babe diaper-free forever. But keeping the rash area as dry as possible is an important when treating diaper rash. Here are some ways to keep baby’s bottom as dry as possible while still having a diaper on.

Frequent Changes

This goes without saying. Changing your baby’s diaper often will help keep their bottom dry.


Use a hair dryer to ensure your baby’s bottom is totally dry after a diaper change. change. Make sure your hair dryer is set on cool or warm, NOT hot. Gently blow your baby’s bottom dry from a distance.


Get Rid of Diaper Rash by Making a Change

Cloth Diapers for the Win!

Here is another shameless plug for cloth diapers. Because they are much more breathable than disposables, babies who use cloth are much less likely to have diaper rash. The only time my first daughter had a diaper rash was when she was teething. Otherwise, it was clear sailing for us.

Does cloth sound good to you? Here are nine more reasons using cloth diapers is the BEST! If you need help wrapping your head around different kind of cloth diapers, read this!

Switch Diaper Brands

If you aren’t sold on using cloth diapers (read this if you are still on the fence), you might consider changing diaper brands. Some brands of disposable diapers irritate the skin of babies. This is totally dependent on your baby and their unique chemistry, so you may need to try out a few different brands (or switch to cloth and avoid the chemicals in disposables all together!).

Wipes Change-up

If you suspect that wipes are causing or irritating your baby’s bottom, switch to cloth wipes, face clothes, or even paper towels and water.  These cloth wipes have just the right texture for  diaper changes and are hands-down more effective for cleaning up poop.

You can also find recipes to make your own wipe solution, which are natural and gentle on your baby’s bottom.

More Diaper Rash Treatments

Use the Right Kind of Cream

The best diaper rash cream is up for debate. You should make sure that the diaper rash cream you choose is a barrier cream. It should have plenty of zinc oxide or other moisture-blocking ingredient (coconut oil is NOT a barrier cream).

This cream has 40% zinc oxide, which is the highest I’ve been able to find. This one has also always worked for us, as has Burt’s Bees, which is a great more natural alternative.

The brand doesn’t matter as much as the percentage of zinc oxide, so check the label of your diaper rash cream carefully!

Note you should only use diaper rash creams with disposable diapers. If you’re using cloth, you will need a diaper liner (these ones are great or just cut up an old t-shirt or piece of fleece) to protect your diapers. Moisture repelling diaper rash creams will also make your diapers repel moisture instead of absorbing it!

If you cloth diaper, you may find that a layer of fleece will wick away moisture quickly, keeping baby’s bum drier!

Oatmeal Baths

An oatmeal bath might soothe your babe’s skin. Just be sure to dry thoroughly afterwards!

Put a Little Breast Milk on it!

Breast milk seems like the cure for just about everything and diaper rash is no different. The amazing healing properties of breast milk are said to aid in healing diaper rash. Can’t hurt to try!

Baby Powder… NOT a Good Diaper Rash Treatment

Another diaper rash treatment that was often used back in the day was baby powder, which would absorb extra moisture around the diaper area.

This is a friendly reminder that baby powder is NOT a good diaper rash treatment. Studies have shown that it is a possible carcinogen and should be avoided!

If you really want to use a powder, try using cornstarch  or burnt flour (spread flour out on a pan and put it in the oven for a few minutes until it turns golden brown). Either of these choices are safe and effective.

Get Rid of Diaper Rash for Good

After you have gotten rid of your baby’s diaper rash, you will definitely want to make sure it doesn’t return. Continuing to give baby diaper-free time, keep the diaper area as dry as possible and reduce the use of irritating chemicals will keep diaper rash away from your precious babe for good!

Get Rid of Diaper Rash

Do you have other tips on how to get rid of diaper rash? Share by commenting below!


Get Rid of Diaper Rash

Get Rid of Diaper Rash

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