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Hot Boy Names for 2021

Searching for a baby name that isn’t about to be overdone? It can be tricky to figure out which baby names are on the rise and which are about to be overused. This list of trendy baby names can help you find the perfect up and coming baby name for your new baby boy.

Hot Trending Baby Names for 2020

So, how can we tell which baby names will be exploding in popularity in 2021? Well, of course it’s impossible to predict the future, but there are some key signs that certain names are growing in popularity, while the popularity of other names are waning.

The Social Security website provides amazing data on baby names. It provides not only name rankings, but also allows you to see changes in the popularity of every baby name from year to year. 

So, I’ve done the legwork for you and have rounded up the top baby names that have significantly jumped up in popularity over the past year or two. These baby names have been on the rise for several years. You can bet that most of these names will continue to rise this year, making them very popular for 2021. 

I’ve chosen popular boy names that have made major leaps in the rankings (some by hundreds of spots!), or popular names that have risen steadily for several years.

This list is perfect if you’re interested in naming your son a trending baby name right now. It also could be helpful if you want to avoid naming your child something that is too common (if you want to avoid having 4 Liam’s in the same class, for example).

Either way, I hope this list of popular and trending boy names helps you find your perfect baby name.

Top Trending Boy Names This Year

So, without further ado, here are with top trending boy names for boys for 2021.


Means ‘the highest rank’ in English, Ace moved up from spot 255 to 224 this year on the baby name charts. 


Adrian is a form of Hadrian, which means ‘from Hadria’ in Latin. It jumped from 62 to 56 this year on the charts.


Adriel is a Hebrew name meaning ‘flock of God’. It rose from 230 to 185 on the name charts this year.


Originally a surname meaning ‘bowman’. It originally came from Old French. It jumped from 239 to 207 on the charts this year.


The meaning of the name Arthur is unknown, but is perhaps from the Celtic meaning ‘bear’ and ‘man’ or ‘king’. Arthur is the mythic king of Britain renown in legend. It rose from 229 to 178 this year.


Atlas is a Greek name meaning ‘to carry’. In Greek mythological, Atlas was a Titan who carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. Last year it rose a whopping 63 spots from 226 to 289 on the charts!


Axel is the Danish form of Absalom, a Hebrew name which means ‘my father is peace’. In the Bible, Absalom is the son of King David. Last year, Axel made a big jump on the Social Security charts, from spot 104 to 94 and rose again this year to 83. Axel is a really unique boy name. Click here for more unique names for boys! 


Meaning handsome in French, Beau rose from 151 from 132 this year. Beau is a simple, one syllable name (see more one syllable names for boys here).


Beckett was originally an English surname which could possibly mean ‘brook’. Beckett rose from  228 to 215 this year.


Beckham was originally a British surname meaning ‘Becca’s homestead’. It is the last name of famous soccer star, David Beckham. This year Beckham rose from 295 to 295.


Bennett is the medieval form of Benedict and is also a surname. Bennett rose from 120 to 108 this year.


Brooks literally means ‘dweller by a brook’. It was originally used as a surname before becoming a popular given name. Brooks is moving up the charts at a rapid pace. Just last year, it jumped up an unheard of 43 spots in a single year from 204 to 161 and again this year to 109!


Colt is an English name that is mainly used in the United States. It originally referred to a young male horse. It can also be a nickname for the name, Colton. It rose from 236 to 210 in the charts this year.


Colton is an English baby name meaning ‘charcoal settlement’. It increased nearly ten spots on the charts this year, from 68 to 59.


Crew can come from the Latin word for ‘chariot’ or from a Welsh surname which comes from a town called Crewe. It rose a whopping 236 spots on the charts, from 575 to 339 this year.


Declan is the Anglicized form of the Irish name, Deaglan. Its popularity has grown steadily since the year 2000. Last year it rose 14 spots on the Social Security charts from 115 to 101 and rose again this year to 95. 


Elias is a form of Elijah used in the Greek New Testament, among other places. It comes from Hebrew and means ‘my God is Yahweh’. Elias has been steadily growing in popularity, and jumped last year from position 78 to 67 and again this year to 60.


Emiliano means rival. It is the Spanish and Italian form of the Roman name, Aemilianus. It’s been on the rise since the year 200 and reached its highest point, and broke into the top 200 last year, rising from 208 to 190. and again this year to 175.


Emmett was originally an English surname. It’s risen steadily on the charts since the early 2000’s. Last year it reached its highest place ever on the charts at 114 and again this year from 114 to 105


Enzo is an Italian name that means ‘winner’. It rose from 277 to 218 on the chart this year.


Ezekiel is a Hebrew baby name meaning ‘God’s strength’. It’s a great old fashioned baby name that rose from 87 to 71 last year.


This name comes from the Hebrew word for ‘help’.  Last year, it rose a whopping ten spots on the Social Security charts, from 69 to 59 and again this year to spot 49. Click here to see more cute four letter names for boys.


In Latin, Felix means ‘lucky’ or ‘successful’. Felix rose from  244 to 231 this year.


Originally from the Greek for ‘farmer’, George rose from 127 to 119.


Hayes was originally a surname, which was originally a place name, referring to an enclosure or fence. It jumped from 343 to 296 this year.


After the famous rock star, Jimi Hendrix (if you want to read more rock star-inspired names, click here) It can also be variation of the Dutch last name, Hendrick. This year it rose from 322 to 303 on the charts.


Jack is a nickname for John, which means ‘God is gracious. It is now more popular as a name of its own. Jack rose to its highest spot ever last year, jumping 7 places from 35 to 28 and again this year to spot 19. Jack is one of my favorite one syllable boy names. Click here for over 100 more one syllable names!


Jameson was originally an English surname, literally meaning ‘son of James. As a given name, Jameson has been shooting up the charts and jumped from 100 to 91 last year and rose again to spot 77 this year.


From the Hebrew, meaning ‘treasure’. In the Bible, Jasper was one of the three wise men, or magi, who visited baby Jesus. Jasper has been on the rise since the mid 2000s. Last year it jumped from 184 to 154 and this year it peaked at spot 136.


Josiah is a Hebrew name and means ‘Jehovah has healed’. It jumped from 53 to 45 on the charts this year.


Judah is a Hebrew name that means ‘praised’. It rose from from 202 to 190 on the charts this year.


Julian originally stems from the Roman name, Julius, meaning either ‘downy-bearded’ or related to the Roman God, Jupiter. It jumped 5 spots this year from 36 to 31.


Kai means ‘sea’ in Hawaiian, or ‘victory’ in Chinese. It’s been steadily on the rise since the year 2000, moving from spot 126 to 113 last year and again this year to spot 100. 


Cairo is a name inspired by the capital city of Egypt. It means ‘victorious’ in Arabic and is a unisex name. Cairo rose from 521 to 344 on the charts. Its alternate spelling, Kairo, actually is slightly more popular, rising this year from 483 to 307.


Originally an English surname which refers to someone who drove a cart. Using the K is a creative way to freshen up this name. It rose from 176 to 164 this year.


Originally a surname made popular by singer, Johnny Cash. this alternate spelling makes the name seem more original. This year it rose from 321 to 290.


Kyler is a newer name, perhaps a blend of Kyle, meaning ‘strait’ or ‘channel’ and Tyler, which comes from a surname referring to a tiler of roofs. It rose from 303 to 236 on the charts this year.


Originally a surname referring to a person who lived near a lane or path. It made a huge leap from 591 to 258 on the charts last year.


Legend is an English name and made a big leap on the charts this year, from 218 to 150.


Meaning ‘place of the elms’, this name was originally a surname. Lennox rose nearly 40 spots this year, from 371 to 332.


In Hebrew, Levi means ‘joined’ or ‘attached’. Levi was a very popular name last year, at spot number 33 on the charts, but jumped 8 spots to number 25 this year.


Leo is a two syllable baby name meaning ‘lion’ in Latin. Leo is a great three letter boy name! Last year it rose from 61 to 50, making it into the top 50 for the first time. This year it rose again to number 40.


Leon comes for the Greek word for Lion. Leon rose nearly thirty spots on the charts this year from 238 to 209.


Leonardo is the Italian, Portuguese and Spanish form of Leonard, which means ‘brave lion’. Leonardo da Vinci was the most famous bearer of this name, but Leonardo DiCaprio is a more recent celebrity bearer. Although Leonardo has been in the top 100 since the year 2000, it has slowly been creeping up the charts. It has only made the top 100 names in the past three years. Last year it rose to position 92 and peaked this year at spot 86.


Lorenzo is the Spanish and Italian version of the name Laurence, which originally referred to someone from the Roman city of Laurentum. Lorenzo has risen on the charts steadily since 2012, making a giant leap last year alone, from 197 to 174 then again this year to spot 146.


The French form of Ludwig, meaning ‘famous warrior’. Louis is a classic boy name which rose from 260 to 248 this year.


Luca is a form of Lucas in Italian and Romanian, meaning ‘from Lucania’. Luca is a name rising in popularity each year. Last year it jumped from position 130 to 106 and this year broke through the Top 100 this year reaching spot 87. It’s less common spelling, Luka, also rose in the charts from 320 to 219 this year.


Latin form of Loukas, meaning ‘from Lucania’. Lucas rose from 232 to 214 on the charts this year.


Malakai means ‘my messenger’ or ‘my angel’. In the Bible, Malachi was one of the twelve minor prophets. This alternate spelling rose in popularity this year, from 383 to 313 on the charts.


Mateo is a Spanish form of Matthew, which means ‘devoted to God’ or ‘gift of God’. Mateo reached highest position on chart last year since entering in the year 2000. Last year it jumped from 42 to 37 and again this year to 26. Its less common spelling, Matteo rose from 196 to 179 this year as well.


Maverick comes from the English word, which means ‘independent’. It’s risen in popularity in the recent years as a given name. It broke into the top 100 only two years ago, and rose from 85 to 73 last year and again to 58 this year.


Milo is one of my favorite trending boy names.  It is an Old Germanic name, meaning ‘gracious’. It’s made a great leap in popularity each and every year, reaching its highest position ever last year, jumping nearly 50 spots on the Social Security charts, from 224 to 178 and again this year to 162.


The meaning of the name Miles is unknown, but may refer to the Latin for soldier. Miles may also come from the name, Milo, a German name, meaning ‘gracious’. Miles has been quite popular over the past ten years, but last year it broke into the top 100 for the first time, leaping from 110 to 98 and to 75 this year. Its alternate spelling, Myles, also saw a big rise last year, from 212 to 195 and again to 144 this year.


Nicholas is a Greek baby name, meaning ‘victory of the people’. Its alernate spelling, Nicolas, rose 13 spots this year, from 195 to 182.


Remington is a surname that was originally a place name. It recently became popular as a given name and means ‘raven’ and ‘settlement’. It rose from 245 to 227 last year.


Roman has slowly been creeping up the charts. It has only made the top 100 names in the past three years; last year it rose to spot 85 and again this year to its highest place at 73.


Ronan is an Irish name and means ‘little seal’. It rose from from 294 to 269 this year.


The name Rowan honours the rowan tree. Rowan has become increasingly popular over the past ten years and is now edging closer to the Top 100 boy names. Last year it jumped from 140 to 129 and again to 118 this year, and it’s sure to rise again next year.


Ryder comes from an occupation surname, originally meaning ‘mounted warrior’. Ryder rose from 131 to 116 this year on the charts.


Santiago is a Spanish baby name, meaning ‘Saint James’, the patron saint of Spain. It broke into the top 100 only two years ago, and rose from 93 to 81 last year and again to 69.


Theo is short for Theodore, which means ‘gift of god’. It can also stand as a name on its own. Theo rose almost 50 spots from 243 to 195 this year.


Over the past ten years, Theodore has becoming more and more popular. It jumped from position 62 to 44 last year and again to 36 this year, marking the highest spot in the top 1000 it’s had in years. 


Thiago is a Portuguese boy name meaning ‘supplanter’. Thiago only entered the Top 1000 chart in 2012. It’s has an meteoric rise ever since, breaking through to the Top 200 last year. It continued its rise this year, landing at spot 184. This trending boy name is one to watch!


Walker is an occupational surname which referred to a walker or fuller, who worked on wool. Walker rose from 266 to 230 on the charts this year.


A variation of Wayland, Waylon was popularized by musician, Waylon Jennings. Waylon re-entered the Top 1000 charts in 2002 and has been rising steadily, reaching 142 last year and 113 this year.


Wesley originally means ‘west meadow’ and was a surname before gaining popularity as a given name. After hovering close to spot 200 on the charts for a decade, Wesley has shot up in recent years, jumping from 111 to 105 last year and reaching spot 99 this year. 


The biblical term for the promised land. Zion has grown in popularity over the past five years in particular. It rose from 199 to 183 last year and reached its highest point this year when it reached spot 154.


Well, I hope that helps you find the perfect name for your baby boy! Happy name hunting!

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