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Healthy Snack Alert: Clean Eating Raspberry Popsicle Recipe

Now that we’re on summer vacation, I have been looking for ways to keep Hannah outside on the deck with me. She is turning into an inside girl (terrified of bugs… she got a horsefly bite yesterday and I’ve never heard her scream so loud!). One snack she loved when she was a baby was popsicles, so I wanted to make some no sugar-added treats for her to enjoy outside.

These were super easy to make. She has been going through berries in stages (loves one or two kinds of berries, but refuses the rest and changes her mind about every three days). As a result, I had some raspberries about to go bad. I lightly smushed (technical term?) the berries and filled each popsicle with half raspberries and half coconut water. They froze perfectly in my Dollarama popsicle molds.

End result? She loves them! Now to teach her you can’t leave the popsicle on the floor of the deck and come back to eat it five minutes later!

Popsicle instructions:


  • Raspberries (or any other kind of berries)
  • Coconut water
  • Popsicle moulds
  • Freezer 🙂


  • Gently smush raspberries until mushy
  • Spoon in a couple spoonfuls of raspberry into each mould
  • Fill moulds to top with coconut water
  • Put on lids and gently shake (this will disperse the berries through the popsicle rather than having one big clump).
  • Freeze for several hours or overnight.

These were a hit with Hannah! I’m looking forward to experimenting with different berries and maybe mangoes and kiwis as well!

Tell me, what treats do you share with your little ones?

Sugar Free Popsicle

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