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Beautiful Middle Names for Grace

Are you looking for a middle name that goes with Grace? This list of beautiful middle names will help you find a perfect middle name for Grace.

Grace: A Gorgeous Baby Name

If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably chosen the perfect name for your new baby, Grace. Congratulations! Grace is a beautiful baby name!

Grace is an English name that has been popular for decades. It can mean ‘God’s grace’, ‘charm’, ‘goodness’ or ‘generosity’.

Grace is one of the most popular virtue names. Grace is a vintage name that was popular in the early 20th century and has come back in style. It has hovered somewhere in the top 30 names (according to Social Security) for the past 20+ years. 

Middle Names for Grace

Grace is a name with one syllable, you may want a slightly longer middle name to pair with it. Personally, I think a three syllable middle name sounds lovely with a shorter first name. 

Because Grace has both a harsh and soft consonant sounds, it pairs beautifully with a large variety of names.

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Below you’ll find my best suggestions for a middle name to go with Grace. I hope this gives you lots of ideas on middle name combinations.

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What Middle Names Go Best With Grace?

Here are my top suggestions for middle names that go with Grace:

Grace Ann

Ann is a derivative of Hannah, which means actually means ‘grace’. A perfect name combination!

Grace Abigail

From Hebrew, meaning ‘My father is joy’. Popular in England in the 16th and 17th centuries, its popularity was revived in the 20th century.

Grace Adelaide

Meaning noble and kind. Saint Adelaide was the wife of Holy Roman Emperor Otto the Great. A city in Australia bears the name Adelaide.

Grace Alice

A variant of Adelaide, popularized in the 12th century and again when Lewis Carrol published Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

Grace Allison

Variation of Alice.

Grace Amelia

Variant of Amalia (another gorgeous name), meaning ‘work’.

Grace Audrey

Name of a 7th century saint and movie icon Audrey Hepburn.

Grace Catherine

Meaning pure, a popular name in both French and English, several queens and empresses have borne this name.

Grace Caroline

Feminized form of Carl.


Grace Cecelia

A 2nd/3rd century martyr, brought to England by the Normans. This name is beautiful and sophisticated.

Grace Celeste

Feminized form of Caelestis, meaning ‘heavenly’.

Grace Charlotte

Meaning ‘petite’, this French name is the feminized form of Charles. Charlotte is the name of several queens and princesses, as well as Charlotte York from Sex and the City.

Grace Claire

The French form of Clara is another simple, elegant name.

Grace Cora

Comes from ancient Greek, meaning ‘goddess’.

Grace Coraline

Debated origin, likely a form of Cora, or coined by Adolphe Adam for his opera, Le toreador.

Grace Elenor

An elegant variant of Eleanor.

Grace Eliza

Shortened form of Elizabeth.

Grace Elizabeth

A popular name among queens and royals, coming from a Greek form of Hebrew, meaning ‘my God is an oath’.

Grace Elise

Shortened form of Elizabeth, Elise is a sophisticated choice that is classic but underused.

Grace Eloise

From Heloise, Saint Eloise was a 12th century saint. Eloise of children’s book fame is a lovely choice.

Grace Emma

Meaning ‘whole’ or ‘universal’. Emma has been quite popular for the past few decades.

Grace Estella

Form of Estelle or Stella, meaning star.

Grace Evelyn

From an English surname, Aveline. This classic name is so feminine and lovely.

Grace Evangeline

From Greek, meaning ‘good news’, and made popular by Longfellow’s famous poem of the same name.

Grace Felicity

Meaning happiness or good luck, it was popular among Puritans in the 17th century

Grace Imogen

A character in the Shakespeare play, Cymbeline, meaning maiden.

Grace Isabel

A form of Elizabeth, popular in Spain.

Grace Josephine

Feminized form of Joseph, meaning ‘may God add’ or ‘may Good increase’.

Grace Lenora

Shortened for of Elenora. Also the princess in ‘The Balloon Tree’ by Phoebe Gilman

Grace Lillian

From the Latin for Lily, or a shortened form of Elizabeth.

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Grace Louise

Feminized form of Louis, from the French ‘renowned warrior’.

Grace Lydia

Meaning ‘from Lydia’ and area in Greece.

Grace Madeline

Form of Magdalene, from Mary Magdelene. The main character in the books of the same name by Ludwig Bemelmans.

Grace Maeve

From the Gaelic word for ‘intoxicating’. Maeve was a warrior queen of Conanacht in legend.

Grace Margaret

From Margarita, meaning ‘pearl’. Margaret was the name of several queens and authors, including Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone with the Wind and Margaret Atwood, who wrote the Handmaiden’s Tale, among other works.

Grace Marlena

Variant of Marlene, which is a combination of Mary and Magdalene, made famous by actress Marlene Dietrich.

Grace Marie

French or Czech form of Maria, Marie was made famous by Marie Antoinette.

Grace Norah

Shortened form of Eleanor or Honora.

Grace Olivia

This beautiful name was first used in the Shakespeare play, Twelfth Night, may have been based on Oliver or Oliva.

Grace Ophelia

From the Greek word for ‘help’, Shakespeare also used this name in Hamlet.

Grace Rosalind

A Shakespeare heroine, meaning ‘beautiful rose’.

Grace Rosemary

Combination of Rose and Mary, or for the herb of the same name. Rosemary Clooney was a famous actress in the 1950’s.

Grace Scarlett

From a surname referring to one who made or sold clothes in a scarlett hue. Popularized by Margaret Mitchell’s the main character in Gone with the Wind.

Grace Sophia

Meaning ‘wisdom’ in Greek. Sophia Loren was a famous actress of the past.

Grace Victoria

Roman goddess of victory. Queen Victoria popularized this name in the 19th century.


Well, those are my favorite middle names for Grace. I hope this helps you on your search for the perfect baby name! Happy name hunting!

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*information on name origins from Beyond the Name.


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