13 Amazing Gifts for Expectant Dads

Are you looking for a gift for an expectant dad in your life? Whether it’s his birthday, first Father’s Day, or simply a gift to commemorate this exciting chapter of life, a special gift for an expectant dad is a wonderful gesture. Read below for some amazing gift ideas for the expectant dad in your life!

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Including Dads-to-be in Pregnancy Celebrations

It goes without saying that pregnancy is a really special time for a couple. Especially your first pregnancy. Both members of the couple are becoming parents for the first time. There’s nothing quite like the special transition from two to three!

Pregnant moms are often pampered and catered to (and rightly so!). There will be baby showers, maternity photos and maybe even a babymoon. People will go out of their way to show extra kindness to an expectant mom.

While becoming a mother is often celebrated, expectant dads should get some recognition too. Becoming a father is also a major milestone in a man’s life. Men can sometimes feel left out of all the preparations for the coming baby. Even if your guy appears not to mind, celebrating his role of becoming a new father can make him feel included in the celebrations.



Gifts for Expectant Dads

It’s really nice to commemorate the exciting change of becoming a dad with a gift. There’s a lot to celebrate when a new baby is coming. Including dad in the journey is a touching gesture.

Alternately, you may want to get the expectant father a gift for Father’s Day, his birthday, or simply a ‘thanks for being there’ present.

The only problem? Dads are notoriously hard to shop for! If your husband (or partner) is like mine, he doesn’t want a lot and what he does want, he goes out and buys for himself instead of putting it on a wishlist (insert eye roll here).

Well, I’ve done the hard work for you. I’ve compiled a post of great gifts for expectant dads.

These gifts run from the funny to practical to touching. There will surely be a gift for the new dad in your life!

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Gifts for Expectant Fathers

Funny Shirt

There’s nothing cuter than a proud new dad sporting a t-shirt that celebrates his newfound dad status.

Even better, get some matching father and son/daughter gear!


Fridaballs Undies

I die everytime I look this product! Any baby-wearing dad knows the pain of being kicked in an unfortunate spot by his unknowing offspring. Now dads can have protection where he needs it most! A hilarious, but practical gift for the new dad in your life.

Funny or Informational Book

A book on pregnancy/fatherhood can be a great gift for a new dad. Try an informational book to help dad prepare for his new role in life (you’ll definitely want him to be as prepared as possible).


Or choose a funny book about pregnancy or fatherhood to lighten up what can seem like a daunting responsibility.


Personalized Coffee Mug

Your man will likely be drinking a lot of coffee, thanks to the late night wake up calls! A new dad coffee mug will be perfect for him.


Hiking Backpack

This is the perfect ‘daddy and me’ gift. Dad can bring his little sidekick along for all kinds of outdoor adventures!

Baby Clothes with Favorite Sports Team

Most dads have a preferred sports team and with baby sports gear, you can start a fan club for dad and baby.


Sure, most people have a smartphone with picture-taking capabilities, but a good quality camera can capture beautiful moments in your new baby’s life. 

Picture Frame

You can add a picture of the sonogram for now and replace it with a baby picture in the future.


A Gag Gift

Get a few laughs from a gag gift for your expectant dad. Here’s a few good ones:


A Story Book

You’ll probably be receiving lots of books for your new baby (check out my list of best board books for new babies here). My husband is sometimes annoyed because we have so many ‘mommy and me’ books around the house. He likes to change the words ‘daddy and me’.

Make sure this doesn’t happen in your house by gifting the expectant dad in your life some ‘daddy and me’ books. He’ll have lots of materials when it’s his turn for bedtime stories!


Alternately, there are some funny ‘joke’ books that new dads enjoy that you definitely won’t want to read to your kids. The adults will get a kick out of them though! Here’s a cute one:

Well, those are my top ideas for gifts for an expectant dad. Happy shopping!

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Awesome gift ideas for expectant fathers



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