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Summer Bucket List for Toddlers

I am so excited to be done teaching for the summer (love my munchkins, but I really am), especially because I have unlimited time to spend with Hannah and to start our summer adventures.

On the top of my priority list is morning cuddles in the big bed, something I never get to do during the hectic school year. She loves to snuggle up and hide under the covers because a “bear” (read: Daddy) is coming to get us. It is so nice to start the day with giggling and kisses instead of rushing out the door to work and daycare.

Once snuggles are over, however, Hannah has become quite a little TV addict (exclusively Paw Patrol ATM… I think I know every episode by heart!) and I am hoping to curb that habit and spend most of our days outside, having adventures.

To keep us inspired and motivated (and because they’re so darn cute!), we/I created a summer bucket list of indoor and outdoor activities we hope to enjoy this summer. Hannah is at such a fun age where she can participate in so many things and really understands and enjoys what is going on. I love seeing her face light up when she tries something new

Here is Hannah’s summer bucket list. I hope you can find some inspiration from it and I hope your days are Paw Patrol and boredom free!

Activities for toddlers

What do you plan on doing with your little ones over the summer months? I would love to hear from you!


11 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List for Toddlers

  1. What a great list for the holiday. I will be for sure doing these activities with my little Witches when the holidays start next week. I can not wait for a lazy morning x Great Post xx

  2. We did something like this, although I feel like summer is just flying by this year. There’s already a couple of things we’ve missed out on. And to be honest, it’s been way too hot to sit on a beach all day.

    1. I agree, summer is flying by! You must live down south. Here in Canada, July and August are the only months that it’s warm enough for the beach!

  3. I loved this idea. I was just thinking where to catch those frogs? I’ll make something like this for my kids. I wish your bucket list up there is available for printing.

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