Dead Simple Ways to Earn Money for Christmas

Ahhh, the holidays. There is just something magical in the air, isn’t there? Peace and goodwill are all around and the excitement of children (and certain adults) is tangible. It’s enough to bring a tear to your eye, isn’t it? Actually, there’s something else that is almost as likely to bring a tear to your eye: the cost of paying for Christmas! As moms, we know all that Christmas magic costs major bucks. This can be stressful and certainly can impact your own enjoyment of the season. So why not get started now earning a little extra money in time for the Christmas season? I want to share with you some simple ways to earn money for Christmas. Start now and you’ll have a tidy sum by the Christmas season.

Surefire Ways to Earn Money For Christmas

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Be Smart When You Make Money

I think the most important thing to remember is that when you use any of the tips below, you need to designate the money you are making for Christmas ONLY. I know if I have cash laying around, I am likely to spend it. Whenever I make money I want to use for Christmas, I stash it in a hiding spot. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Sell Something

Once or twice I year, I try to purge any unnecessary items in our house. This is a great way to get rid of clutter, as well as make some extra money. I list anything of value on Kijiji (Canadian Craig’s List) and sell what I can before donating the rest. Even items that sell for five or ten dollars can add up. Go through your kids’ clothing to see if they’ve outgrown anything. Look through old decor items and outdoor toys or equipment.

Grocery Apps

Using grocery apps are my favorite ways to earn money for Christmas because you basically do nothing! Aside from grocery shopping, the only thing you need to do is download a few apps and scan your receipts!

Checkout 51 or Snap by Groupon

Checkout 51 or Snap by Groupon are both super simple apps. Just buy the groceries you need and scan your receipts. You can also browse their feature deals for more savings. The trick to using these app is to make sure you are buying things you already need anyway. Don’t get carried away and go out of your way to buy something you don’t need, just because there is a deal on. I usually stick to toilet paper and frozen pizzas. They often have diapers on quite often if you use disposables (or start using cloth diapers! Read my post on the benefits of using cloth and REALLY save some cash!).

Grocery Store Points App

The easiest app of all! My grocery store (Real Atlantic Superstore) has their own app to collect points which you can later redeem. You earn points on your grocery items. Literally the only thing you need to do when using this app is to remember to have the cashier scan it at the checkout. You can shop their special offers, or just use your regular list and you will still earn lots of points (100 points are equal to $1.00). Your grocery store may have a similar system, or may use Airmiles, or another incentive. If one is available, I would strongly encourage you to use it (I didn’t sign up at first and regret it so much! Why wouldn’t you want free money back?) Just keep saving your points (don’t be tempted to spend ten dollars here or there) and cash them in at Christmas.

Side Hustle

Choose something you are specialized in and offer your services for a bit of cash. For me, it’s tutoring or editing/proof-reading term papers for college students. Even tasks like house-cleaning and babysitting can bring in some extra cash just when you need it. Offer your services to friends and neighbours, or post on Kijiji or Craigslist.

Survey Apps

This is another easy way to earn money when you only have a few minutes here and there. Companies will pay you to fill our surveys on a whole range of topics (this varies from grocery purchases to banking, to politics). I complete a survey every day or two either during naptime, or waiting in line or for an appointment. The points add up quickly and you can trade them in for Amazon gift cards or Paypal cash, among other things. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can also donate your points to charity!

Global Test Market

In my experience, Global Test Market is the best survey company to get started with. They have a lot of surveys and it’s pretty easy to qualify for them. I find my points always seem to rack up quite quickly and it’s easy to cash in your points.


Another very similar company. This one seems to be a little more difficult to qualify for surveys, but is fun, and has a nice, user-friendly layout.


This one is another dead simple idea that will help you earn money for Christmas by doing almost nothing. Sign up for Ebates and get a percentage (usually between 2% and 15%) of what you spend back into your EBates account. You also get a $5.00 bonus just for signing up!  This is amazing if you do a lot of shopping online. You can sign into Ebates, do your Christmas shopping, then spend the cash you save! What could be easier?

Shop with a Cash Back Credit Card

What if I told you using your credit card MORE can actually help you earn money for Christmas? My credit card is a cash-back card, meaning I get a percentage of what I spend back in my pocket. I use my credit card to pay for all my Christmas presents, as well as most of our day-to-day purchases. This way, I earn the cash back. If you do this, be sure you are not overspending and can pay your balance off every month (if you can’t manage the temptation, this strategy will end up costing you money, not making it!). If you are diligent with your finances, you can definitely earn money for Christmas by using your credit card!

Combine for More Spending

My last tip will really help your maximize you ability to earn money for Christmas. None of the above methods will completely pay for your Christmas budget, but if you combine a few (or all) these methods, you can definitely make a large dent in your spending. Just think: Order your gifts online through Ebates and use the Paypal/Amazon gift cards you’ve earned from Global Test Market to pay for the gifts. Then use a cash-back credit card to pay any remainder. Pay off the card with the money you’ve earned from purging and selling, grocery apps and your side hustle. Pay for your Christmas dinner using your grocery store loyalty app. It’s easy to make a dent in your Christmas spending!

Do you have any other tips to earn money for Christmas time? Share them below!


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Earn money for Christmas

Earn money for Christmas

Earn money for Christmas

21 thoughts on “Dead Simple Ways to Earn Money for Christmas

  1. I love Ebates but hadn’t heard of a lot of these. Love all the suggestions. I love purging and it has the added benefit of making room for the new things you’re bringing in! Pinning this for later 😊

  2. These are great ideas! I am SO LAZY. When I purge, I purge. I don’t have the patience to sell things online. I used to do it, prebaby, and I know it’s worth it. I like these other ideas. Thanks!

    1. Haha it definitely takes more effort, but it’s so great having a stash to spend at Christmas! Worth the effort for me, and far easier than a yard sale!

  3. These are good tips. Sometimes some of these things seem too overwhelming. And I’ve given up any hope of making any money from the “survey” side. It never works for a decent amount, and I just get spam mail too much.

  4. These are great ideas. We’re moving in two weeks so I’m trying to work up some motivation to sell things — now I’m thinking I need to look at the grander picture and consider it a side hustle in general, haha. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. These are great ideas. We are moving in two weeks so I’m trying to work up the motivation to sell things. Your post is making me think I need to look at the grander picture though and consider it from a side hustle angle, haha. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I find the best way to for cresit card if you have one, if just to pay your bills with it, and like you said, pay it off after that to maximize cash back :-).

  7. Love these ideas! Thanks for sharing! I definitely like Ibotta and earning money back for stuff I’m already buying. Gonna come back and write some of these ideas down. Thanks!

  8. Walmart App is great too if you tend to go there for everything, simply scan your receipt within 7 days and they will “search” for lower prices in surrounding stores and you get the difference to use towards your next Walmart trip. A friend at work found a Walmart receipt leaving the store, scanned it and got $15 back! It adds up, and hey who doesn’t do some sort of Christmas shopping there amiright?

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